Reincarnated! My Parents and Brothers Beg for My Forgiveness - Chapter 730: Godly Thief Sect

Chapter 730: Godly Thief Sect

Chapter 730: G.o.dly Thief Sect

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Who are you?

Seeing that Yu Su and the others had arrived, one of the old Daoists with triangular eyes said coldly, There are two factions fighting here. If you dont want to die, get lost!

This person was the sect master of Tianxu Sect, Hong Xuan.

Yu Su recognized the symbol on this persons robe and looked at the other group.

The person opposite him was from the shameless G.o.dly Thief Sect.

The people of the G.o.dly Thief Sect would have a golden hook tied to their right hand. They were also known as the Golden Hand Sect. They were best at stealing and transporting goods.

In order to destroy the stolen goods, the people from the G.o.dly Thief Sect had developed tens of millions of routes in the country. They could transfer the stolen goods from any place overseas to rich places.

Tianxu Sect versus G.o.dly Thief Sect.


The corners of Yu Sus lips curled up as she smiled and said, Were the masters of this place. Why cant we come?

What bullsh*t master! This place belongs to our G.o.dly Thief Sect now. If you know whats good for you, leave quickly. Otherwise, you wont be able to leave later. The Sect Master of the G.o.dly Thief Sect, Guo Fei, said.

Guo Fei had a fat head and big ears, and his figure was very bloated.

The few patrolmen beside Yu Su all clenched their fists, their faces filled with anger.

This was the Hu familys development area. How did the doc.u.ments approved by the government become the work of the G.o.dly Thief Sect?

Just by hearing their name, one could tell that the G.o.dly Thief Sect was obviously not a good thing!

Zhang Zheng was experienced and knowledgeable. Realizing that the person in front of him might be a cultivator, he was shocked. He quickly walked up to Yu Su and said softly, Ms. Yu, we cant afford to provoke these people. We patrolmen have high martial strength, but we cant beat cultivators. Why dont we go back first and think about it at length?

He was not afraid.

If he was alone here, it would be nothing.

But now, he had so many brothers and President Hus niece.

If anything happened, he could not bear the responsibility.

Yu Su did not say anything.

Hong Xuan of the Tianxu Sect looked at Yu Sus beautiful face with a ferocious gaze. You can leave if you want. Leave this woman behind. I like her.

As he spoke, he revealed a lecherous gaze.

He was only 50 years old this year and was in his prime. He was also the sect master of a sect. Such a beautiful woman was only worthy of accompanying him for one night.

Guo Fei from the G.o.dly Thief Sect gritted his teeth and said, Old man Hong Xuan, how old are you? Youre almost old enough to be someones grandfather. Arent you ashamed? Arent you going to s.n.a.t.c.h the spirit stone mine from me? Lets fight again.

Guo Fei had a younger sister who was about the same age as Yu Su. He could not bear to see Yu Su being ravaged.

I really want this woman today! Hong Xuan walked towards Yu Su with a wretched smile on his face.

The people of Tianxu Sect also laughed out loud.

Zhang Zheng stood in front of Yu Su. Were from the Hu family in the capital. If you dare to touch our Miss, the Hu family wont let you off.

Hong Xuan chuckled. The Hu family? Who do you think you are!

Didnt the aristocratic families in the capital just have more money?

Unlike them, who were rich and had cultivation. Of course, ordinary families could not compare to them.

However, Yu Sus gaze was fixed on a young child.

The child was held hostage by the people of Tianxu Sect. His clothes were in tatters, and he held an instrument in his hand. The instrument even made some strange sounds.

The boys eyes were big and bright. His cheeks were pink, and blood was flowing from the corner of his mouth.

His eyes were puzzled, as if he was thinking about something.

Seeing Yu Su look over, he blurted out, Youre Yu Su!

As soon as she finished speaking, the people from the two factions were shocked and looked at Yu Su.

Hong Xuan narrowed his eyes and looked at Yu Su, saying coldly, Youre Yu Su?

Youre actually Yu Su? Guo Feis eyes lit up as he asked.

His younger sister, Guo Zhen, had been watching those variety shows on the tablet and kept talking about Yu Su all day long. She even said that she wanted to be a metaphysical master like Yu Su.

If Guo Zhen knew that he had seen Yu Su today, she would definitely regret not coming.

Yu Su took out her identification card and said coldly to everyone, Im Yu Su from the Metaphysics Management Office. Im here to investigate the spirit stone mine today. The spirit stone mine has already been handed over to the country by the Hu family. If anyone has designs on the spirit stone mine, dont blame me for being rude!

As soon as she finished speaking, the surroundings fell silent.

Hong Xuan took a deep look at Yu Su, still feeling indignant.

Half a year ago, when he heard that Yu Su had a treasure on her, his senior brother, Hong Qiang, brought a group of people to block Yu Su outside Chinatown..