Regressor Instruction Manual - Chapter 157. Hypocrite (1)

Chapter 157. Hypocrite (1)

“Hahaha. It seems like you understand me better than I thought,” I said.

“I feel the same way, sub guild master,” Song Jung-Wook said in agreement.

“We’ll probably have more business meetings in the future and of course, it could be a bit more advantageous for the Small Stone Guild. I’m talking about something that’ll benefit the both of us,” I told him.

“I see…”

“Ah… and I’ve also heard some interesting things today, especially about Miss Hye-Jin,” I said to him.

“I see. I was a bit surprised that she joined the Blue Guild and as I explained earlier, she’s not that great of a person. Some people call her the apostle of justice, but… tsk. I’m sure it’s because of a personal grudge. Our guild was actually cleared of all charges,” he explained.

“Oh! Got it,” I commented.

“I personally clashed with her a lot. At first, I thought she was the obedient type, but as soon as she got promoted to a key position, she started meddling in every single situation. I wasn’t sure if she wanted a raise or if there was something else she wanted, but it happened constantly which made it difficult for me,” he added.

“What were you charged with?” I asked.


“If it’s difficult for you to say, I have a way of finding out on my own, Mr. Song Jung-Wook,” I told him.

“Ha… haha. Of course, I can tell you since we have been cleared of the charges. It was monster trading,” he answered.


“There were also tax issues… there was an issue with how the guild staff members were being treated, but the main lawsuit was the illegal trading of monsters,” he added.

“I see…” I said, nodding.

“It wasn’t a serious issue, but Jo Hye-Jin made a big deal about it and she’s not very flexible as well. She was also problematic in dungeons and in other places. She also caused trouble with the other guilds,” he explained.

“I agree that she does seem that way; she’s also a very stubborn person,” I commented.

“She’s a problematic person in many different ways. Oh! You should have some too, Miss Ha-Yan,” Song Jung-Wook offered.

“Oh, no… I’m okay, Mr. Song Jung-Wook.” Jung Ha-Yan declined.

“I guess Miss Ha-Yan doesn’t like alcohol,” he remarked.

‘He’s more obedient than I thought.’

It was as if the arrogant attitude he had shown earlier never happened. The way he was trying to please me reminded me of myself. The way he flattered me made me feel superior.

‘Of course, I don’t know if he’s being genuine about it or not…’

Considering his unique habit, it was likely that he wasn’t being genuine and I was certain that he was either trying to backstab me or trying to use me until I was no longer of use to him.

‘That’s why it’s more fun…’

The way he was talking badly about Jo Hye-Jin to me was a sight to see. I was sure I had to filter half of what he was saying, but I had an idea about Jo Hye-Jin’s position. Song Jung-Wook probably used the press to spread bad rumors about her.

‘She’s not a good person’ or ‘She’s kind of strange’ were probably the things he said to isolate her. People would trust the words of those with power and it wouldn’t take that long to isolate a woman like Jo Hye-Jin.

When I remained quiet for a while, Song Jung-Wook quickly started talking.

“Since it’s already late, why not spend the night here, Mr. Lee Ki-Young?” he offered.

“Oh! Look at the time. I appreciate the offer, but I think it’ll be best if we return since Lady Marilyn will be worried, haha,” I replied.


He wasn’t happy with my reply, and I saw him slightly frown for a moment. I expected that kind of reaction from him.

“We’ll get going now since we drank a lot… we’ll talk more next time. By the way… could I leave you in charge of the request I made earlier?” I asked.

“Of course. I’ll contact all the other guilds within Castle Rock and get started on the contract,” he answered.

“Thank you very much. You’re more competent than I thought… Master,” I commented.

“Thank you. Ahem… It’s pretty late, so how about an escort…”

“Ah, I appreciate it, but no thank you. Haha. I understand why you’re worried, but I’m safe,” I said, rejecting his offer.

“Excuse me?” he asked.

“I guess I didn’t mention it earlier. Regarding the Lindel terrorist attack, I’m not sure if you remember, but I’ve become a bit sensitive when it comes to safety. I’ve been sensitive, but my Hee-Ra noona has been taking care of me a lot… the Red Mercenary Guild’s shadow members have been guarding me,” I explained.


“Naturally, after I arrived in Castle Rock, the knights of the lord’s castle and the Vatican’s heresy inquisitors have been helping me as well. I’m not an important person, but I guess I’m loved by many people. Hahaha. I’m saying this as a joke, but if the master of the Small Stone Guild tries to harm me, it’ll complicate the situation,” I said, warning him.

“I-I see,” he said, stuttering.

There was cold sweat on his face, so I guess he had other thoughts.

“I’m sure that won’t happen though. I’ll get going now. Let’s go, Ha-Yan.”

“Okay, oppa!”

When we exited, it was nighttime in Castle Rock. We saw the same scenery in the afternoon, but this sight wasn’t bad either. The medieval city that was a bit unpolished was very charming in my eyes. I guess I drank a lot more than I thought because I was having useless thoughts. The drink the Small Stone Guild prepared must’ve been much stronger than I thought. When I started walking while quietly holding Jung Ha-Yan’s arm, I noticed her trying to support me.

“Y-You can lean on me,” Jung Ha-Yan said.

“Thanks. I’m feeling drunk all of a sudden,” I said.

“Are you having a hard time walking?” she asked, concerned.

“No, I can take care of my own body. More than that, thanks for everything today, Ha-Yan,” I told her.

“It was nothing. All I did was support you like this. Hehehe. But I’m a bit surprised,” she said.

“About what?”

“About Miss Hye-Jin…” she answered.


Now that I think about it, this was Jung Ha-Yan’s first time hearing about Jo Hye-Jin. Unlike me who knew what Jo Hye-Jin had gone through, this was Jung Ha-Yan’s chance to listen to the kind of person she was so I was sure she enjoyed it.

“I didn’t think she was that kind of person…” she commented.

“Ah, it’s not a bad thing and we’ve only heard the story from the Small Stone Guild’s side. Shouldn’t we listen to Miss Jo Hye-Jin’s side as well?” I asked.

“Yes! Of course, we should listen to her side!” she answered energetically.

“But hearing the information earlier does put us in an uncomfortable situation and even though I don’t want to admit it, having a whistleblower makes me feel a bit uneasy,” I explained.

“Yes, you’re right. It’s uncomfortable, Oppa,” she nodded, agreeing with me.

“But it’s not easy to act based on your conscience…” I added.

“Of course! Y-You should follow your conscience!” she exclaimed in agreement.

I couldn’t help but laugh because Jung Ha-Yan had turned into a parrot that agreed with everything I said and even though I was curious about her actual opinion, I was certain that she didn’t really care because it wasn’t like Jung Ha-Yan to really think about other people. She probably thought agreeing to my every word was the right thing to do right now.

The information we heard from Song Jung-Wook about Jo Hye-Jin was simple and it wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought. If Song Jung-Wook didn’t exaggerate anything, then the story would be boring.

‘Of course, I don’t think he told me everything.’

Anyway, the most interesting part was that the majority of the people who joined the Small Stone Guild had been in the tutorial dungeon with Jo Hye-Jin, so the guild was made up of her relatives and acquaintances. It was basically like the current Blue Guild. If I had to give an example, it was like Jung Ha-Yan suddenly exposing all of my secrets, so it was understandable for the guild members to think of her as a backstabber.

‘Illegal monster trading...’

Even though they had been cleared of all charges, Jo Hye-Jin must have told the truth.

‘I’m sure of it...’

The Small Stone Guild had a lot to hide and even though there wasn’t any solid evidence, based on their nature and habit, the villain and the righteous one were clear. The Small Stone Guild was trading monsters illegally in a way I didn’t know about. It was possible that a few people from the lord’s castle were involved, as well as the other guilds and clans.

‘He’s an expert.’

If possible, I wanted to hear Jo Hye-Jin’s side as well and before I knew it, we were passing by the square.

“Are you really drunk?” Jung Ha-Yan asked.

“I’m feeling a bit dizzy, but I’m okay,” I answered.

“You look really tired,” she said.

“I’m fine, Ha-Yan.”

“Maybe it would’ve been best if we rested there,” she remarked.

“I told you I’m fine. We’re almost there,” I told her.

“I-I’m a bit tired too,” she mumbled.

When I followed Jung Ha-Yan’s gaze, I saw a luxurious inn. Even though she didn’t say much, I immediately realized what Jung Ha-Yan meant and her eyes were filled with indescribable, desperate determination.

‘Oh jeez…’

“L-Let’s rest for a bit,” she suggested.

I guess she must have somewhat planned this. When we took the long way, I thought it was because she wanted to spend more time with me, but I guess this was her real goal. It felt like she was trying to pull me toward that place.

“You seem exhausted; no, I’m sure you’re exhausted,” she said.

She was even forcefully turning me into a tired person, but what was even more surprising was that I agreed with her. Since we had fun in the afternoon, I couldn’t help but think about spending more time with her.



Just when I was about to make a decision…

“There you are.”


I heard a voice in front of us. Jung Ha-Yan puffed her cheeks because of the unwelcome guest and I couldn’t help but look at them embarrassingly because the location Jung Ha-Yan and I were standing was kind of an awkward spot.

“Miss Hye-Jin, what brings you out here?” I asked.

“I came to find you and Miss Ha-Yan,” she answered.

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“I guess you could say that I came out here as a guard since it’s dark outside. Castle Rock is more dangerous than Lindel and there are bad people in the narrow alleys. I’m sure nothing will happen since you have Miss Ha-Yan with you, but as a guard, doing this will put me at ease,” Jo Hye-Jin explained.

“There are knights at the castle too,” I told her.

“I’m not sure if you heard, but the guild master left me in charge to protect you at times like these. I think he’s worried about the Lindel terrorist attack,” she said.


I realized once again that our regressor really cherished me.

“Since it’s late, I thought coming out to find you was the right thing to do and I felt uneasy as well… Let’s head back,” she suggested.

“Okay, thank you for coming out to find me. Hm… now that I think about it, I don’t think we had a long conversation before,” I told her.


“How about it?” I asked her.


“How about spending time with me?” I asked.

I thought it wasn’t a bad idea since I had to have an honest conversation with her at least once. This was the perfect time since I had just come back from talking to the Small Stone Guild. Even though Jung Ha-Yan was pouting, I thought it would be a good idea to have a drink or two with her at a nearby pub. I expected her to accept my invitation, but her reaction was different from what I expected. Not only was she glaring at me, but she was shaking.

“Y-You’re being rude,” Jo Hye-Jin said.

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“I didn’t think you were that kind of person. Were you always this rude?!” she yelled.

Something completely unexpected happened…

‘What kind of bullshit is this?’