Refining the Mountains and Rivers - Chapter 1613 – Devouring Heart Bug

Chapter 1613 – Devouring Heart Bug

The feeling of being watched continued to appear and disappear a few times during their journey. However, the other party seemed to fear Prajna and did not take action for a long time, choosing to remain hidden away. 

This happened repeatedly. After ten days or so, the group entered the territory of the Green Willow Tribe. Qin Yu had announced in the past that he would set up camp in the Green Willow Tribe when he returned to the Barbarian Clan territory in the future. 

As human beings, he should abide by his words unless he had no other choice. 

However, it was obvious that the atmosphere in the Green Willow Tribe was not right. 

Prajna had turned down Qin Yu’s invitation to enter the horse carriage and he sat on horseback. He frowned slightly and his expression turned serious. 

Very quickly, there was the sound of booms in the distance and a black line appeared on the horizon. There was a team of barbarians coming over here on horseback. 

The team stopped and took up defensive positions. Master Prajna stared at them and his expression lightened, “They are from the Willow Tribe.” 

The old Tribe Leader was among them but he was a distance away. The Green Willow Tribe men stopped and the Tribe Leader hopped off his horse and quickly walked over. He bowed respectfully, “The Green Willow Tribe welcomes Marquis Chongwu!” 

“Greetings Marquis!” The men on horseback got off their horses and bowed to express their utmost respect.

The door of the carriage opened and Qin Yu walked out, “Tribe Leader, at ease.” 

The old Tribe Leader stood up and smiled brightly. In the short time since they had last met, his appearance had grown much more youthful and he seemed more lively as well. 

“Marquis, you keep to your promises! I brought my subordinates here today to escort you back to the Green Willow Tribe personally. Please rest in your carriage as the ride ahead might be bumpy. If you trust me, don’t bother with anything and wait until we reach the tribe.” 

Qin Yu was silent for a while before he said, “Old Tribe Leader, you don’t have to do this. The Green Willow Tribe has a long history and it is unable to attain its peak performance in a short period. If there is any inconvenience, I will change my campgrounds.” 

“Marquis!” The old Tribe Leader shouted and his eyes bulged wide open as he stepped forward eagerly, “My Green Willow Tribe does not have any regard for what other people think. If you didn’t help us, everyone in my tribe would be dead by now. Therefore, your campgrounds can only be in my Green Willow Tribe. Anyone who dares to oppose this will have my subordinates to answer to!” 



The Green Willow Tribesmen roared and chanted with a vigorous aura and a strong fighting intent. 

Qin Yu thought about it before he smiled and waved his hand, “If that is the case, I will have to trouble you.” 

He was direct and to the point. Qin Yu turned and returned to the horse carriage. Since the Green Willow tribesmen had already made their decision, what did he have to fear? 

The different opinions within the Barbarian Tribe were normal and he ought to take the chance to see who was stirring up the storm. 

Prajna smiled and he bowed with his palms placed together, “Tribe Leader, I will go with you to make way for Marquis Chongwu.” 

The old Tribe Leader burst into laughter, “I see. Thank you Master.” 

He bowed respectfully but did not pass the responsibility to Prajna. This was also the reason why he was very confident. 

The Holy Land was silent for many years and it hardly interfered with internal affairs of the barbarian tribes. It seems like many had forgotten how terrifying the Holy Land could be. 

The Green Willow tribesmen turned their horses around and trod slowly across their land. The noise of horse hooves clamoring against the ground sounded like deep roars of thunder in the distance. There was a strong aura in the air that circulated around the area and it made people look on at the team in jealousy. 

The feeling of being watched appeared again. This time, it was much stronger than before. Evidently, the other party had reached the maximum of his tolerance. 

Finally, right before they reached the Green Willow Tribe, the Green Willow tribesmen who were leading the team suddenly stopped. There were shouts in the distance. 

The war horses seemed to have sensed the incoming battle and they started to get jittery as they plodded with their hooves. The atmosphere became increasingly nervous. 

A general of a Barbarian Clan assumed an attacking position as he blocked the road ahead. 

The old Tribe Leader urged his horse forward. His face was fuming with anger as he threatened, “Don’t forget that this is still the territory of the Green Willow Tribe. By blocking our way to return to camp, are you trying to instigate a war with us?” 

He raised his hand and his voice bombed like thunder, “My fellow tribesmen, hold onto your horses and raise your swords. Use our flesh, blood, and lives to preserve the honor of the Green Willow Tribe! Everyone in front of us shall be treated as an enemy!’ 

Shoosh – 

Shoosh – 

Shoosh – 

The sounds of swords being unsheathed split through the sky and numerous bright sword flashes reflected an ice-cold aura from the sun. The Barbarian Clan army in front of them jumped into action and the men at the frontlines instantly frowned as their eyes burned with anger. 

The old man from the Green Willow Tribe was truly a stone in a pit. He was really smelly and stubborn! A few barbarian clans had allied together and they were not afraid of the Green Willow Tribe, as they were a tribe who had barely escaped the grave and had yet to regain their peak strength. 

Although this was the case, the barbarian clans did not take the Green Willow Tribe lightly. Otherwise, they would need to pay a price in battle even if they won. 

More importantly, there might be hidden dangers in doing this. 

They gritted their teeth and tolerated the Desolate Area men. Taking the perspective of the barbarian clans, they were in a good position. This was why the Holy Land did not take action. 

However, if they crossed any boundaries and an internal battle ensued where the Holy Land interfered…they were fearful of that! 

Prajna urged his men forward. His calm voice was enhanced by his powerful cultivation and his voice boomed through the land, “Are you sure that you want to use the swords and knives in your hand to kill an ascetic? My teacher is the one and only Great Shaman Menshan in the black temple of the Traverse Mountains!” 

There was another violent movement as the troops of the allied barbarian clans grew fearful. The Great Shaman was the highest title awarded to an individual in the Barbarian Clan. The black temple among the white snow of Traverse Mountain was the Holy Land in every barbarian’s heart. 

Offending the Holy Land and killing the disciple of Great Shaman Mengshan, a powerful and respected ascetic…this thought alone could make people tremble in fear. 

On the battlefield, the leaders of the tribes exchanged looks. They knew that starting a war here would be an unacceptable outcome that no one wanted. One person hopped off his horse and bowed, “Oh high and mighty Master Prajna, we unintentionally offended you and your teacher, Great Shaman Mengshan. However, there is deep hatred between the Desolate Area men and us barbarians. I suspect that Marquis Chongwu, Ning Qin, must have done something terrible that endangers all Barbarian Clan tribes.” 

He tilted his head and spread his arms out, “As such, the four barbarian tribes, Black Pagoda, Heavy Mountain, Long River, and Purple Forest have allied together to come here. I hope that Master Prajna can represent the Holy Land and give us a believable answer. If facts prove that Marquis Chongwu is truly innocent, us four tribes are willing to express our apologies with the most valuable treasures. We will take our troops and leave the territory of the Green Willow Tribe. If not, even if we have to start a war, and even if blood flows like a river or an internal battle and massacre starts within the barbarian tribes, we will not back down!”

The other three Tribe Leaders simultaneously stepped forward and bowed, “Master Prajna, please represent the Holy Land and give us an answer. Otherwise, we will not back down!” 

The atmosphere was heavy. 

The old Tribe Leader of the Green Willow Tribe had eyes that were as cold as ice. He raised his hand and the gaze of the Green Willow Tribe warriors behind him turned intense and violent. 

Prajna suddenly sighed and he stopped them with his arm, “Tribe Leader, we cannot allow an internal conflict to start between the barbarian tribes again. I will explain this to Marquis Chongwu. I believe that he will definitely be able to understand our choice.”

Behind him, a calm voice came, “I understand it.” 

Qin Yu directed a look towards the two of them, signaling that they did not have to worry. He walked to the front of the military formation and faced the four tribes opposite him. His expression was calm, “There is indeed some grounds for your worries. As such, regardless of what you guys think, I am willing to cooperate with you and give you a chance to confirm things.” 

He raised his head and looked at the nine dazzling suns hanging in the sky. His eyes narrowed, “Therefore, tell me what you guys want to do.”

The Tribe Leader of the Black Pagoda Tribe was wearing a black piece of armor. He was a tall and burly man and his eyes flashed. He gave a thumbs up, “Desolate Area man, Marquis Chongwu. Regardless of whether you harbor evil intentions towards the barbarian tribes, I admire your decision as a man today.” 

Qin Yu was expressionless, “I do not need your admiration.” 

The Black Pagoda Tribe Leader scoffed. He flipped his hand over and a wooden box with black mist covering it appeared. He said in a loud voice, “This is a Devouring Heart Bug that a powerful black barbarian shaman sacrificed his life to refine. Master Prajna you can test it. Marquis Chongwu, do you dare to swear a blood vow that you have not done anything to harm the Barbarian Clan after you entered the Barbarian Clan territory?” 

Qin Yu shook his head, “No.” He looked at the Tribe Leader of the Black Pagoda Tribe like he was looking at an idiot and said, “I am the leader of the smuggling group of the Desolate Area men. I take items from you barbarians, and although I am not sure what is going to be done with these items, I can confirm that a portion of them will be used on the battlefield. As such, your words are meaningless.” 

“You…” The Black Pagoda Tribe Leader was furious. He gritted his teeth and inhaled sharply. “Alright, you can also make a blood vow and swear that you have not harmed the basis of the Barbarian Clan.” 

Qin Yu turned to look at Prajna. He did not trust the barbarians opposite him and he had to confirm it with Prajna. 

Of course, Qin Yu did not dare to completely believe Prajna’s examination. As such, he turned to look at the horse carriage. 

A few moments later, Rourou’s voice sounded in his head, “There is nothing wrong.” 

At this moment, Prajna had also taken a look at the wooden box in the Black Pagoda Tribe Leader’s hand. He nodded slowly, “It is the Devouring Heart Bug and it is a high grade. Even a Great Shaman would not be able to lie after consuming it.” 

The Black Pagoda Tribe Leader raised his head and his cold eyes locked onto Qin Yu, “Marquis Chongwu, now, are you willing to agree to the terms?” 

Qin Yu’s expression was calm. “Thank you for the trouble Master Prajna. Please tell me how to use the Devouring Heart Bug.” 

After a moment of hesitation, Prajna looked at him. 

Qin Yu was smiling. 

Prajna walked over and muttered a few sentences in a low voice. He briefed Qin Yu about the essentials. 

In fact, it was very easy to use it. After making a vow, feed a drop of your blood to the Devouring Heart Bug. 

A drop of blood dripped off Qin Yu’s finger and he lifted his hand and swore. “If I did anything to harm the basis of the barbarian tribes ever since I entered the barbarian territory, I will suffer the hatred of the world and my soul will be destroyed.” 

Buzz – 

The drop of blood vibrated slightly, signifying that the blood vow was complete with the Devouring Heart Bug as a witness. 

The wooden box opened and a strange cry came from within it. The blood vow was sucked into it in a flash.