Rebirth Of The Best Businesswoman At School - Chapter 1279 - 1279 Good Relationship

Chapter 1279 - 1279 Good Relationship

Chapter 1279 - 1279 Good Relations.h.i.+p

1279 Good Relations.h.i.+p

These are all your advantages, but theyre not just advantages. In this industry, if someone wants to pull another person down from the altar overnight, as long as he dares to, there are a hundred ways to do it.

Youre still young and havent experienced the viciousness of society and the human heart. You entered this circle rashly. Its important to be careful with your words and actions in the future.

Your honesty and frankness are excellent qualities in real life, but in the entertainment circle, they might bring you endless trouble, especially when you are envied. You cant imagine how many eyes are watching you in the dark!

When Xia Qinghuan heard this, she couldnt help but say, But arent there many outspoken people in the entertainment circle? I think they dare to say and do it. Theyre not afraid of others judgment at all.

When Du Wei heard Xia Qinghuans words, she couldnt help but smile and shake her head. Qinghuan, youre still too young. You always have to remember that what you see might not be the complete truth, let alone what you see through the television screen, newspapers, and magazines!

These people seem to be straightforward, but everything they say has been repeatedly thought through in their hearts. Showing a straightforward personality without causing trouble for themselves is a huge foundation for these people to gain a foothold in the entertainment circle. This is too difficult. Some people are born to eat this bowl of rice, but some people cant do it but still want to imitate it. They often shoot themselves in the foot!

At this moment, Du Wei could not find a professional noun to give Xia Qinghuan a simplified explanation. In fact, the meaning of her words could be summarized in a word in the future.

That was the commonly used professional term in the entertainment circle: persona!

Since it was a persona, it was an artificial illusion. Take Jian Yiyi as an example. A pure, harmless, kind, and cute persona was the persona she had built for herself.

The people in the entertainment circle that Xia Qinghuan mentioned were almost all building a persona for themselves. Every persona had a fixed audience and could attract many fans for celebrities!

This included foodie personas, adorable personas, tomboy personas, and so on. They were all the same formula. What was needed was the teams accuracy when choosing the persona!

This was because in the future, some celebrities chose the wrong direction to build their personas, and there were countless examples of their personas collapsing.

This was also why Du Wei said that Jian Yiyi was more suitable for the entertainment circle. It was because she had her own persona and could quickly blind the publics vision from the beginning.

Xia Qinghuan thought about Du Weis words for a long time before slowly absorbing them. At least she felt that Sister Du Wei would not harm her.

Moreover, she was the daughter of the Xia Group. Her father would occasionally inadvertently mention some scandals that had happened in the entertainment circle. However, she was still young at that time and could not completely understand the twists and turns.

But now, she was already in the entertainment circle. Although she had experienced nothing bad, she knew that this might have something to do with her drama not being broadcasted yet.

When she steps into the public eye one day, her life would change drastically!

With this thought in mind, Xia Qinghuan couldnt help but look at Du Wei and say, Sister Wei, Ill remember what you said.

Du Wei smiled and patted Xia Qinghuans shoulder gently. Dont think that Sister Wei is exaggerating. Sister Wei has been through this before!

Du Weis words were exceptionally meaningful. The words been through this before seemed to imply something. However, Xia Qinghuan did not catch the meaning behind Du Weis words.

She looked up and saw that Jian Yiyi was still talking and laughing with w.a.n.g Mingxiao. The way Xia Qinghuan looked at Jian Yiyi had changed slightly.

Perhaps it was as Du Wei had said. It was easier for a person like Jian Yiyi to be like a fish in water in the entertainment circle because she could pretend to be an angel to anyone.

Xia Qinghuan knew she could not do it, at least not now.

She couldnt help but want to laugh. Would she really die in this circle before Jian Yiyi?

The next morning, Jian Ai went to school with Lin Yi and the rest after her morning exercise at the martial arts school.

As soon as she entered the cla.s.sroom, Shen Xiaohua called out to her.

Jian Ai, someone came to look for you!

Shen Xiaohua was sitting at the door. As soon as Jian Ai entered, she spoke without standing up. However, her voice was a little loud, and the entire cla.s.s heard her.

Some students who came early also knew that someone had come to look for Jian Ai. However, they immediately looked at Jian Ai strangely, which stunned Jian Ai.

Who came to look for her? Why did these people look at her like that?

Shen Xiaohua was usually loud, and she didnt mean to shout just now. Seeing that she had attracted everyones attention, she couldnt help but shrink her neck apologetically. Then, she quickly stood up and walked to Jian Ais table. Im sorry. I didnt mean to.

Jian Ai smiled and said indifferently, Its fine. You said someone was looking for me? Who is it?

The most handsome boy in Year One, our junior, Jian Yichen! Shen Xiaohua said and raised her eyebrows. Didnt he go to the capital with you to take part in the speech compet.i.tion back then?


Jian Ai revealed a look of understanding. However, ever since Jian Yichen returned the game console she had lent to him last time, the two of them had not seen each other for a long time.

They had each others phone numbers, but they had never contacted each other.

Jian Ai often applied for leave during this period, so it was difficult for the two of them to see each other.

Why did he suddenly look for her?

Do you know why hes looking for me? Jian Ai asked Shen Xiaohua.

Shen Xiaohua pursed her lips. No, I even told him kindly that you werent here yet, and if theres anything, he can tell me and Ill help him pa.s.s the message. In the end, he left without saying anything!

Are all handsome men so arrogant? He was expressionless the entire time! If I didnt see that he was good-looking, I would have been angry, Shen Xiaohua complained.

Jian Ai couldnt help but laugh. Jian Yichen was ten times more mature than Gao Yang. She could imagine Jian Yichens cold appearance at that time. It was indeed his style.

Lin Yi took advantage of Xia Qinghuans absence to sit at the same table as Jian Ai. When Shen Xiaohua left, he frowned and asked, Jian Ai, is Jian Yichen very close to you?

Jian Ai nodded. Yes, we have a good relations.h.i.+p.

She did not deny her liking for Jian Yichen just because he was Jian Changshengs son. Of course, Jian Ai knew she had a brother complex. Her liking for Jian Yichen was a sisters liking for a little boy from the beginning. It was basically the same as her feelings for Yao Jiachi.

Although their relations.h.i.+p had changed drastically, from Jian Ai treating him as a brother to Jian Yichen actually becoming her brother.

Jian Ai was a little conflicted, but on second thought, this had nothing to do with Jian Yichen.