Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser - Chapter 1735 - 1735 Losing Control

Chapter 1735 - 1735 Losing Control

Chapter 1735 - 1735 Losing Control

1735 Losing Control

In the end, Chi Shuyan tactfully moved aside to avoid the awkwardness between them.

Who knew whether or not it was because of her dinner with Jing Hengran, but she felt that the atmosphere in the bedroom was too strange or that this mans temper was a little volatile.

Moreover, she knew very well that Qi Zhenbai was usually a very taciturn and cold man. He never revealed his emotions. She just wanted to explain the matter properly, but the atmosphere was too strange and she didnt know where to start.

Chi Shuyan coughed softly and planned to explain the misunderstanding to the man. Before she could speak, the man came out of the bathroom and said indifferently in a deep voice, Im going to the balcony to smoke!

His tone was as commanding and irrefutable as ever, making Chi Shuyan choke. She swallowed the words she was about to say and inexplicably felt suffocated. She could only watch the man go out to the balcony.

Chi Shuyan clearly sensed that he didnt want her to follow him as he went out to the balcony and closed the door with a bang.

She wasnt a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t why was she in a hurry to be abused? She could only let a certain man calm down on his own on the balcony. It would be best if the cold wind could really calm him down.

Looking away, Chi Shuyan held her aching forehead and planned to take a shower too. However, she didnt forget how Qi Hao had added fuel to the fire. Afraid that this kid had a death wish and would spout all sorts of nonsense to make Qi Zhenbai even angrier, she hurriedly sent him a threat: Before you tattletale to your brother, think about how well I treated you in the past. Haozi, remember that. Otherwise, if you look for me when you need something in the future, all I will do is laugh in your face. I advise you to be a good person!

After sending this WeChat message, Chi Shuyan went into the bathroom to take a shower.

She usually didnt take long to shower. However, she had something on her mind tonight, and she spent more than half an hour in the bathtub before coming out.

It was just that when she came out in her pajamas, the bedroom was still empty and lifeless. A certain man was probably still on the balcony in the cold wind. Chi Shuyan was helpless and stumped.

She was warm now. In addition, the weather was getting colder. Although she could use spiritual energy to protect her from the cold, winter was the best time to sleep.

She was already sleepy, so she simply crawled into bed and went to sleep first. In any case, this man would still come back to sleep after thinking it through.

It was impossible for this man to sleep elsewhere because of such a small matter.

Maybe the other party would automatically forget about this small matter after tonight.

Of course, Chi Shuyan also felt wronged tonight; all she did was have dinner with Jing Hengran. The one thing she regretted was hiding it from this man.

Chi Shuyan felt that this should be the main reason why the other party was angry.

As Chi Shuyan mulled over this, she fell asleep not long after. She slept especially comfortably under the warm blanket.

On the balcony, the man stubbed out his cigarette and pushed the door open. He saw a lump on the big bed. The mans cold gaze subconsciously softened, and so did his cold and hard face.

It was just that a moment later, when he thought of the man surnamed Jing, who had looked at his wife so gently, the mans soft expression immediately disappeared and was replaced with a murderous and vicious aura.

There was a crisp crack. Qi Zhenbai looked down at the Buddhist prayer beads on his left wrist. Seeing that the black qi in the prayer beads had increased a little, the mans face became more and more uncertain at that moment. His eyes flashed red and ruthlessness surged in his chest, causing him to almost lose control. He strode over and raised his foot to kick the table and chair. The table and chair hit the wall and fell to the floor, shattering into pieces with a loud bang.

One could imagine the mans strength.

Not only did the loud bang sound especially abrupt in the quiet night, Chi Shuyan, who was sound asleep, was also scared awake.

She hurriedly propped herself up and looked around blankly as she subconsciously called out, Qi Zhenbai? Husband?

The womans uncertain tone immediately pulled the man back; it was like he had MPD. His previous ruthlessness disappeared, and his cold and hard face softened before he knew it. He immediately strode to the bed and patted the womans back gently. Good girl! Its fine, go back to sleep!

Although Chi Shuyan was awake, she didnt sense any danger, and she was still sleepy. Listening to the man coax her, she nodded obediently and lay back down to go back to sleep.

After the woman fell asleep, Qi Zhenbai heaved a sigh of relief. He wasnt in a hurry to get into bed, but went to the study first.

After the man went out, Chi Shuyan woke up not long after. The more she thought about it, the more she felt that something was wrong.


Chi Shuyan reached out and suddenly sensed a trace of baleful aura in the bedroom. Who knew what she was thinking, but her face didnt look good. Her gaze swept over the broken table and chair, and she suddenly paused. Looking in the direction of the bedroom door, her eyes grew darker and darker.