Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser - Chapter 1598 - 1598 Something Strange About Yuan Yuan

Chapter 1598 - 1598 Something Strange About Yuan Yuan

Chapter 1598 - 1598 Something Strange About Yuan Yuan

1598 Something Strange About Yuan Yuan

In the end, Jiang Mingguang repeatedly insisted on looking for Yang Ji and w.a.n.g Jinyang. Not only was Huang Chong unable to dissuade them, he was also convinced. In addition, he didnt dare stay on his own at all, so even if he was unwilling, he followed Jiang Mingguang and the others out.

Before going out, Huang Chong suggested letting Chai Qing know.

Li Xiaoyan rejected Huang Chongs suggestion. Ever since this woman latched onto Yuan Yuans thigh, she had become more ambitious. She usually didnt think much of them at all, nor did she think much of any other Master. She was afraid of offending Yuan Yuan, and only believed her. That woman most likely wouldnt agree.

Moreover, Li Xiaoyan didnt forget that Chai Qing had offended that Master.

Jiang Mingguang thought for a while. Li Xiaoyans words made sense, but as a big man, he couldnt leave Chai Qing alone. In the end, he simply said to Huang Chong, Call Chai Qing and ask her if she wants to come with us to look for another Master.

Huang Chong immediately called Chai Qing, and the situation was as Li Xiaoyan had expected. Not only was Chai Qing unwilling to go, when she heard that they were going to find another Master, she scolded them and said that they already had Sister Yuan, so why would they go find another Master?

Moreover, most of the self-proclaimed Masters in the world nowadays were most likely swindlers.

She even accused them of not taking Sister Yuan seriously.

At this point, Jiang Mingguang could only cheerfully help a conflicted Huang Chong end the call, with Chai Qing still scolding them on the other end.

After cursing for a while, she saw that the other party had hung up on her. She flew into a rage out of humiliation and immediately dialed Yuan Yuans number to complain and fawn on her. Sister Yuan, Huang Chong and the others said that they plan to look for another Master!

On the other side, Yuan Yuan, who had picked up the call, frowned when she heard Chai Qings complaint. It was a rare opportunity for Chai Qing to put on a show, so she naturally belittled Huang Chong and the others. She even said that they were ungrateful, and told Yuan Yuan not to worry about them.

Sister, dont worry. Even if they doubt you, I believe you. Who can compare with you?

Hearing Chai Qings flattering words, Yuan Yuans frown relaxed a little. At the same time, she felt that even if Jiang Mingguang and the others really went to find a Master, it was most likely a swindler. Even if the Master they found was capable, she didnt think the other party could protect their lives.

Thinking this, a vicious and cold light flashed in Yuan Yuans eyes. She felt that she had been too good to them recently.

They werent Mingcheng. Speaking of which, what did their life and death have to do with her?

Yuan Yuan made up her mind that unless they really came to her door in the future and kowtowed to her, she didnt care if they lived or died. Thinking of how they would come one day and kowtow to her non-stop, Yuan Yuan felt carefree, especially since she hadnt forgotten that Jiang Mingguang, Yi Junzhong and Li Xiaoyan had defended Yan Liling and looked down on Yuan Yuan a lot in the past.

Thinking this, Yuan Yuan increasingly felt that their lives had nothing to do with her. She would only be happy if something really happened to them. Of course, before something happened to them, they had to lower their heads to her and beg her a few times first before they died.

Thinking this, Yuan Yuans lips curled into a disdainful and gloating smile as she said coldly, Leave them be!

After hanging up, Yuan Yuan thought of how Jiang Mingguang and the others might come knocking on her door to kowtow and beg her. She felt especially carefree and happy. Looking at herself in the mirror, she clearly saw her smile grow wider and wider. The corners of her lips were stretched exaggeratedly to the back of her ears, and her smile appeared a little strange and evil no matter how she looked at it.

Yuan Yuan stared fixedly at the woman in the mirror in a daze. The woman suddenly raised her hand and scratched her face. A few b.l.o.o.d.y scratches suddenly appeared on her fair face. Seeing that her face was bleeding, Yuan Yuan became even more agitated at that moment. She kept scratching her face, as if she wanted to tear off the skin bit by bit. After a while, a voice outside the washroom interrupted Yuan Yuan.

When she came back to her senses, Yuan Yuan stared blankly at the woman in the mirror, her scalp numb with horror. She immediately stopped smiling and didnt dare look in the mirror again.

On the other side, Jiang Mingguang and the others still didnt know that Chai Qing had instantly sold them out and even badmouthed them behind their backs.

At that moment, they followed the address Yang Ji had sent to them and rushed to the police station.

When they saw Yang Ji and w.a.n.g Jinyang playing cards in the holding cell, they looked at each other, and Huang Chong was the first to step back.

He didnt want to be stuck in the holding cell the entire time. What was wrong with Yang Ji and Jinyangs heads, for them to suddenly think of this bizarre idea?

In the end, Yang Ji fooled them and said that there were many people here day and night, not to mention that this was the police station, which was filled with yang energy and righteousness; perhaps the thing they had provoked didnt dare go near the police station.

The group was really swayed by Yang Jis bluff; even Huang Chong immediately said that he wanted to stay with them in the holding cell for a few days.

On top of that, the police station was filled with men, so the yang energy was naturally exuberant. In addition, there were many people guarding the place day and night, and the sound of the police outside could be heard from the holding cell, which made them feel very safe. What they lacked the most now was a sense of security.

Even though they were living together now, most of the time, everyone would still be scared. It was better to stay in the holding cell.

That was especially the case for the cowardly Li Xiaoyan and Huang Chong.

It was inconvenient for a girl like Li Xiaoyan to stay with a group of men, but Li Xiaoyan didnt want to be alone no matter what, so they could only arrange for her to stay with them.

So, Feng Yuanlin received a call from his subordinate, who reported that several people wanted to stay in the holding cell tonight.

The police were unable to drive them away.

Feng Yuanlin pondered for a moment before he said, Okay, let them! It just so happens that I want to get some more information out of them.

Yes, Director Feng!