Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser - Chapter 1501 - 1501 The Commotion Caused by the Spirit Tea

Chapter 1501 - 1501 The Commotion Caused by the Spirit Tea

Chapter 1501 - 1501 The Commotion Caused by the Spirit Tea

1501 The Commotion Caused by the Spirit Tea

After her spirit tea was auctioned off, Chi Shuyan wasnt interested in watching the rest of the auction, mainly because no one had wanted her spirit tea, which was a blow to her.

Chi Shuyan waited for Qian Zhengde at the front desk. The auction was probably already coming to an end; she didnt have to wait long before people came out of the hall one after another. A small number of people were in a good mood after picking up something, while most of the people who hadnt gotten what they wanted discussed the next auction as they left the Jing Auction House.

A group of young people caught Chi Shuyans attention. She knew that the young man in the lead was the rich person who had won not only the Golden Lotus, but also her spirit tea. All of them had eye-catching looks, but their expressions were stiff and ugly at the moment, except for one young man in the middle who wore a confident expression.

At that moment, she vaguely heard one young man speaking earnestly to the young man in the lead. His tone was filled with dissatisfaction and complaint. Cousin, why did you spend so much money on that spirit tea just now? Even if our family has the money, we dont waste it like this. If you buy so much knockoff spirit tea at one go, you might as well save up to buy the Jing familys spirit tea. The Jing familys spirit tea is the most famous and most authentic. Or, you could also have bought some other herbs. If Uncle finds out that youve wasted money like this, hell definitely teach you a lesson later!

Chi Shuyans five senses had become very sharp after she started cultivating. When she heard someone belittle her spirit tea, the corners of her mouth twitched fiercely.

The person who had spoken was called Fan Xi. He was from the Fan family, which was an ancient martial family. Fan Xi had a fairly good relations.h.i.+p with his cousin, but it was also because of this that he wanted to vomit blood when he recalled how this big spender had spent 1.1 million yuan on the first jar of that knockoff spirit tea just now, and even more on the next few jars of knockoff spirit tea after that once again, he confirmed that his cousin was indeed unreliable and stupid.

Speaking of which, this wasnt the first time his cousin had been scammed. In the past, he had spent a lot of money to buy a lot of rubbish after being conned; he had no idea where his cousins confidence came from.

His cousin hadnt learned from his previous experiences, and had been duped again this time.

For example, Fan Xi had been able to see Manager Qians guilt and lack of confidence when auctioning the spirit tea, as if he had itched to immediately get rid of it. Fan Xi felt that he wasnt the only one who had been able to tell; otherwise, why hadnt anyone else bid for it?

Who knew where this cousin of his got his confidence from; when his cousin heard Manager Qian say that the spirit tea was refined by a very powerful alchemist, he really believed it. He even had a confident expression on his face, as if to say that if he didnt grab this steal now, he wouldnt be able to later. After that, many people laughed at them and even tried raising the price; he didnt expect his cousin to buy the rest of the spirit tea at an even higher price.

After that, Fan Xi was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood and almost choked to death. He was so angry at his cousins naivety and stupidity that he wanted to laugh. This was also the first time he understood why Fan Ping and the others, who didnt see eye to eye with his cousin, would be angered to the point of vomiting blood every time they went to the auction house with his cousin. It was also why they were dissatisfied with Ah Yin as the heir of the Fan family. Not to mention Fan Ping and the rest, Fan Xi himself was very worried about the future of their Fan family.

He was really afraid that the Fan family would be ruined after Ah Yin inherited it.

The more Fan Xi thought about it, the darker his face became. When the other Fan family members listened to them, their faces darkened at a visible speed.

Fan Yin didnt care about the others. He had been pampered and flattered since he was young, and he had been raised to be carefree. He didnt notice the black faces of the others at all. Instead, he said to Fan Xi with a serious expression, Cousin, dont worry. This time, I have a very strong intuition. Im sure I picked up a steal. Why didnt I buy the Jing familys spirit tea? Let me tell you, when I first saw this spirit tea, I felt that I had a special affinity for it. Its definitely a good thing. It might even be better than the Jing familys spirit tea. Hehe, didnt you hear Manager Qian say that this spirit tea was refined by a very famous and powerful alchemist? If I dont buy it this time, well definitely regret it in the future! No, I have to tell my parents this good news and make them happy!

When Fan Yin spoke, Fan Xi and the rest of the Fan family were speechless. When they thought about how this person in front of them was their family heir, they suddenly felt that the future of the Fan family was dark. Coincidentally, Fan Ping, who had refused to sit with Fan Yin, brought a few people out at that moment. When they heard Fan Yins words, they immediately looked disgusted.

Fan Ping snorted coldly and suddenly walked up to Fan Yin. Brother Yin, Ive already told Uncle and Aunt about the auction. Uncle and Aunt want you to go back right away!

Fan Yin didnt get along with Fan Ping. Just because he wasnt very clever didnt mean that he didnt know that Fan Ping had never thought well of him. Every time they saw each other, they would argue or even directly come to blows. When Fan Yin saw Fan Ping, this disgusting person, he remembered that the other party had often tricked him in the past. He had even treated Fan Ping as a good person back then. Thinking of this, Fan Yin was disgusted. He also thought of how this dog had probably complained to his parents again and called him a good-for-nothing. He snorted coldly and retorted, Oh, so its Brother Ping. Im really grateful to you for always shaking your head and wagging your tail at my parents like a dog! After saying that, he deliberately mocked Fan Xi. Some only know how to be dogs and not good people!

As soon as Fan Yin said that, the expressions of Fan Ping and the others changed. Fan Pings face in particular turned ashen. He glared at Fan Yin with fire in his eyes, wanting to swallow him whole. Just as Fan Yin thought that the other party would make a move, he saw the other party suddenly reveal a fake smile as contempt flashed in his eyes. Brother Yin, dont misunderstand. I didnt deliberately complain about you; I just told the truth. You spent a lot of money again to buy a lot of tras.h.!.+

Who the f*ck are you talking about? Just say it if youre jealous of me! Fan Yin was angry and agitated. Fan Ping and the others stopped them, afraid that the two of them would start fighting inside the Jing Auction House.

After hearing the words of this idiotic trash in front of him, Fan Ping glanced at the spirit tea in his hands and looked at him with disdain. He mocked, Brother Yins eyes are really as good as ever. Only Brother Yin would treat something like treasure when everyone sees it as trash. I admire your vision!

Fan Yin could hear Fan Pings sarcasm, and fire surged up in his heart. Just as he was about to punch Fan Ping in the face when Fan Xi wasnt paying attention, a very pleasant voice suddenly came from behind him. The things in the Jing Auction House are all first-rate treasures. How can you call them trash? Are you saying that this Mr. Fan doesnt believe in what the Jing Auction House sells? Moreover, I think this Young Master Yin has very good taste. I guarantee that this spirit tea is good stuff, and no less inferior to the Jing familys spirit tea!