Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/Destroyer - Chapter 1682: Sculptor

Chapter 1682: Sculptor

Chapter 1682: Sculptor

The meeting was over within a few minutes.

A few messages flew out of the clan and reached people that are near the Clan4 and Clan5.

The tasks for that night are few.

One of them is to target a city that is right in between the Clan 4 and Clan 3.

The city is very small and it was solely constructed to monetize on a very special patch of forest adjacent to it. It could be said to be in joint control of the both clans as both clans combined together hired some people to run the city.

Of course, they sent their own youngsters to increase their influence over there. No matter how clean the partners.h.i.+p is, these clans that are so used to trying to one up on another, cannot just live there peacefully.

And this obviously sparked some intense rivalry.

So, in this one particular city, there are two women, both of same age, with almost same level of beauty and familial status. They are like the absolute counterparts in the clans. Their authority, power, influence and even wealth is almost same.

Neither of them has one up against the other for years. They tried, but it was just impossible because as soon as one of them got one win over the other, even before it could be digested, the other party evened it without any problem that too within a day or two.

The rivalry didn't just begin with this generation. For generations that this place existed, every single time, the rivalry stagnated there but it was extremely volatile and resulted in many fights between the clans.

So, Sam thought of a way to utilize the rivalry to his own advantage.

The first thing they did that night is to start a small fight between the two parties. With the troops they had, the bars are extremely active. And then a bar fight started.

The most obvious way. Even though they are extremely normal instance to happen, this time, with Sam's proper guidance, things are a bit more volatile than usual.

After some initial bland fight, the Sura clan people just went straight ahead and secretly attacked both the groups leading them to each other.

They ignited the fight too much to the point by the dawn next day, a few people died and a lot more are injured.

They kept on fighting one another.

Meanwhile, Sam worked for a few hours in the night while prepared a set of instructions for the next step of the plan.

And in this step, he needs to do something really crazy. He got his hands on one of the most precious gemstones that are in the size of twice the human being and started sculpting it with his sword. He sculpted a beautiful woman. It is one of the two targets they had.

Apart from sculpting her in a very profound and poetic way, he also carved a few lines of poetry on the back of it.

The next morning, by dawn, in the middle of the city, the statue that was sculpted by Sam appeared along with the carved poetry.

The statue belonged to the lady from Clan 3. Along with the statue laid a dozen or so troops of lady from Clan4.

They all died in the same way. A knife through the heart and even the knife wound is a bit unique. Sam made sure that they look like sculptor knife wounds.

There are clear instructions on how they should be done.

Along with those bodies, there was a scroll left behind with a few words.

"These guys tried to harm my heart which is you. So I harmed theirs."

He didn't even bother to put up much effort into that. It is a cheesy, stupid and completely meaningless line, but he still threw it to her face.

The lady from Clan 3 came to see this at sunrise and was shocked. Her face turned in embarra.s.sment as she read the poem behind the statue. The clean and perfectly sculpted statue also of course made her go crazy.

She felt some tingling feelings in her head as she looked at it again and again. She was smitten instantly.

Meanwhile, the lady from clan 4 got jealous. Because while this looked like a message to lady from Clan 3, this is also a message to her. A message that is telling her to stay away from her rival.

This is of course something she couldn't swallow. The loss of troops is incentive enough for her to deal with this in an extreme way. With utmost retaliation that she could possibly muster.

The fact that these dead troops served as some kind of love message from some hidden guy to the one woman she hates more than anything in this world, just added a s.h.i.+t load of fuel to an already

She decided to retaliate and called the troops that are available to her. Most of them are spread out in the surrounding forest and made their way there.

While gathering the troops, she already sent people to destroy the stupid statue.

"I don't care what you do. But the statue shouldn't exist. Destroy it now. No matter how you do it, I don't care. All I want is that statue to be gone completely."

The orders were easy to give, but the execution became a big pain in the a.s.s for the subordinates. The Clan 3 lady seemed to have expected this reaction and sent her core team to guard the statue.

Which made it impossible for the Clan4 lady's team.

After the first failure to even attempt, the Clan4 lady also sent her core team. This caused a small-scale war in the middle of the streets.

The clash didn't go for long. They pulled back and the statue was left safely.

The battles went on for late afternoon as the ladies started gathering troops like crazy demons that are trying to invade the land of the weak and dying.