Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith - Chapter 997 - Shooting herself in the foot (5)

Chapter 997 - Shooting herself in the foot (5)

Chapter 997: Shooting herself in the foot (5)


Misty Cloud Translations


Misty Cloud Translations

President Hu who had gained slightly more knowledge than him said, “Actually low levelled Profound Armament set, although rare, but were still able to be refined by some….”

Saying this, he paused.

President Gong’s curiosity was aroused as he kept asking, “Really? Which Grandmaster in Soaring Heavens Continent had actually managed to research the method to refine a set of low levelled Profound Armament? Quick, tell me, perhaps this Bai Ruoli is that Master’s disciple!”

President Hu heaved a sigh as he continued, “This person exists as a G.o.ddess in every Armament Master’s heart and a G.o.d of armament refining, forever unable to be surpa.s.sed! Unfortunately, she had pa.s.sed away many years already…”

President Hu’s words were put in an obscured way but there was only one person who was as what he described!

All the Armament Masters who heard his words immediately reflected the well-known name!

“… Huang Yueli! You’re talking about the ninth tiered Armament Grandmaster Master Huang!” President Gong’s eyes grew wide.

“Isn’t that so?” President Hu sighed with emotion, “I’d been over to Soaring Heavens Continent more than a decade ago and had heard that Master Huang had researched a way to refine a set of low levelled Profound Armament!”

“So it was Master Huang’s works, no wonder…. But Master Huang had pa.s.sed on for so many years now so Bai Ruoli’s armament refining skills obviously couldn’t have been taught by her. Can she be a genius who is comparable to Master Huang?”

President Hu shook his head, “This shouldn’t be. Master Huang had previously conducted lectures in Soaring Heavens Continent so I believe quite a number of high levelled Armament Masters had learnt from her. It’s not just a legend, the current Armament Guild Headquarters President is her disciple isn’t it? Bai Ruoli’s Master should be some reputable Master in Soaring Heavens Continent who taught her these!”

This was the most logical reasoning and President Gong nodded in acknowledgement.

The two of them were not too far away and originally Li Moying was concentrated on watching his little fox’s performance but when he heard the three words “Huang Yueli”, he subconsciously turned around to look at them.

Not knowing why, this name….. gave him a strange feeling.

Of course, Soaring Heavens Continent’s former number one Armament Master Huang Yueli, this renowned peerless talent, it was definitely not his first time hearing her name.

But this time what made him especially uncomfortable was similar to his brain being smashed by someone, feeling a strange swelling kind of pain.

Some images seemed to flash by his eyes, but suddenly seemed like nothing at all…..

In his mind, confused and messy….

Amidst everyone’s discussion and gasps of admiration, Huang Yueli had already completed both sections of the a.s.sessment.

Tang Jinhua received a set of three Profound Artifacts from her hands and used his palm to hold it up.

Such exquisite products was something that he had never heard of! To be able to see this personally with his own eyes, he hurriedly treated it as a treasure protecting it, worried that just a little knock would damage it!

Huang Yueli, on the other hand, didn’t mind so much, “Master Tang, don’t be so anxious. It’s just merely a first tier Profound Armament and not worth anything much!”

Li Xue’er humpfed as she glanced sideways at Huang Yueli, sneering in her heart.

She was after all only am Armament apprentice and hadn’t seen much of the world so she had not realised that the Profound Armament set which Huang Yueli had refined was so rare and so precious!

At this moment, Li Xue’er only had one thought in mind and that was…..

Huang Yueli’s Profound Armament had successfully formed it’s shape and taken out of the furnace!

This meant that the scheme she came out with to deal with Huang Yueli had already succeeded!

She will let this wretched la.s.s remain complacent for a little while more.