Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith - Chapter 692 - Li’er, wait for me!

Chapter 692 - Li’er, wait for me!

Chapter 692: Li’er, wait for me!


Misty Cloud Translations


Misty Cloud Translations

“M…. Master…..”

When Mo Yi heard this voice, he was so overjoyed that he almost cried!

After experiencing so much setbacks and obstructions, he finally met Li Moying himself!

Upon hearing Mo Yi’s voice, Li Moying went into a blank momentarily and immediately following that, the thunder field disappeared and Li Moying’s silhouette appeared in a flash, right in front of Mo Yi.

“Why are you here? Where’s Li’er? Did she come back to the Sect with you?”

“No…. Master…”

The sweat on Mo Yi’s head swooshed down all at once as he knelt down and sprawled onto the ground, not daring to lift his head up.

“Master, I…. deserve to die a thousand times… I’ve fallen into someone’s scheme….. Third Miss.. her whereabouts is unknown…..”

“WHAT??” Li Moying’s eyes turned extremely wide as his gaze was like electricity as it shot towards Mo Yi, seemingly piecing through him!

“What’s going on? What exactly happened? Didn’t I tell you to stay by her side, and not to leave her for even one step?”

“I, I have been foolish and had been tricked by others…..”

Even though Mo Yi was crouching on the ground, he could feel the piercing and emotionless pressurizing look as his body uncontrollably trembled.

He hurriedly related the entire story, from the forged letter to how he hurried back to the Sect, and how he met with different obstacles and was unable to meet Li Moying in the process.

“…. this is what had happened. It had been six to seven days since I left Third Miss and if someone had ill intentions towards her, they would probably have carried out their evil scheme…..”

Before Mo Yi finished his sentence, he heard a loud “Bam” sound as a bolt of lightning flashed past and a part of the mountain cliff was split apart by Li Moying on the spot!

Numerous stray rocks started tumbling downwards and many of it hit against Mo Yi directly but he didn’t dare to move, nor could he move! Because it was indeed due to his negligence which caused Huang Yueli to meet with danger so he absolutely deserved to die!

Li Moying spoke in a downcast and anguished voice, “I remember that I had once told you that you’re alive because Third Miss is alive. If Third Miss were to die, you also don’t need to live anymore! Now, what do you have to say??”

“I…. have no face to see Master and Third Miss and I only beg for death…..” Mo Yi already had no intentions to live after he realised that he had been tricked.

The crime of causing his future Mistress to die, in any of the great powerhouses, was absolute death penalty!

He whipped out his sword and brought it to his neck but Li Moying sent the sword flying away.

“Humph, not that easy! Gather all the Shadow Guards and follow me to South Yue Kingdom to save Li’er immediately! If Li’er manage to escape this calamity, then you’ll be at her mercy! But if anything unfortunate happened to her…..”

The minute he said the word “unfortunate”, Li Moying’s heart felt a surge of heartache, to painful that his entire heart started to contract.

“…. If anything unfortunate happened, I will personally kill you in front of Li’er’s tomb!”


Li Moying didn’t want to waste any more time and without taking another look at Mo Yi, his figure moved and had already flashed several hundred meters apart, travelling at tremendous speed down the mountain!

At this point of time, his heart was soaked in turmoil as it was tormented acutely.

Every single minute and second felt like it was as slow as a year!

He only had one thought in his mind, and that was his Li’er was in danger! Even if there’s just one in ten thousand chance, he must go and rescue her! He didn’t believe that crafty and black-bellied little fox would easily be done in by others!

She… must be waiting for him to save her!