Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith - Chapter 3907 - 3907 Too Big A Blow (7)

Chapter 3907 - 3907 Too Big A Blow (7)

Chapter 3907 - 3907 Too Big A Blow (7)

3907 Too Big A Blow (7)

She had waited for so long, just to see with her own eyes how miserable that d.a.m.n girl was, and she absolutely couldnt just give up like this!

Thinking of this, Li Zijun spoke again, I just forgot it for a moment, but now it came back to me. Anyway, rules are rules, do you still want to deny it?

The surrounding cultivators looked at each other, and felt that what Li Zijun said was too shameless.

Its really rare to talk back and speak so confidently in such an embarra.s.sing situation!

Li Zijun also noticed the strange gazes of the cultivators around her, which embarra.s.sed her who had always kept a good face.

However, she had already made up her mind that this time, even if she risked shaming herself, she would drag that d.a.m.n girl into the water with her. If Huang Yueli insisted on reneging on her debt, she would also stalk her and force her to enter the Illusion Array.

But who knows, Huang Yueli did not follow her routine at all.

Hearing Li Zijuns shameless remarks, she actually nodded her head with a very understanding expression.

Well, what Young Miss Zijun said is very true. A person who turns one back on what one says will indeed make people look down upon that person. No matter how talented or powerful one is, ones character will still be despised. Moying, am I right?

Her big watery eyes sparkled as she looked at the man beside her.

Li Moying had been staring at his little fox all the time, without averting his gaze. Seeing her looking at him in such a coy manner, he nodded quickly, Well, whatever my wife says is right.

Huang Yueli smiled so sweetly that even her little canine teeth were exposed.

Li Zijun was so angry at Huang Yuelis implicitly sarcastic words that she felt her chest tighten, and then seeing her showing affection with the Young Master, ahe almost vomited blood!

The Young Master actually allowed her calling him by his first name, and even proclaimed that she was his wife!


Li Zijuns face turned green.

However, Huang Yueli didnt seem to see her ugly expression and smiled very softly, Well, since Moying also said so, then I have to keep my promise. I will go to the Illusion Array to try it myself.

Li Moying raised his eyebrows in surprise, Are you planning to go in now?

Huang Yueli nodded obediently, Thats right, I have to enter the Illusion Array in front of everyone to prove my strength. Otherwise, its fine for me to be ridiculed, how can I let people talk about you? Dont worry, I will be careful and there will be no problem.

Li Moying looked at his little fox who still had a smile on her face.

The reason he finds it strange is

Just as the two were talking in a low voice, suddenly, a golden light flashed across the crowd.

This kind of light was very familiar to all the cultivators present.

It was the light emitted by the teleportation array when someone was teleported out due to insufficient training time.

Everyone was no longer surprised.

Hey, who was this? Its so unlucky? Im about to see Divine Doctor Li enter the Illusion Array, and this good show is about to reach its climax, and this person doesnt have enough time? Hahahaha, isnt it too funny?

Its really too unlucky! Divine Doctor Lis cultivation base is not high and she looks so delicate. She probably wont be able to stay in the illusion for a long time, at most a dozen breaths, and this person doesnt have enough time! Its too miserable, really. Its too miserable!

I dont know which guy was so unlucky? This joke was enough for me to laugh for a year!

Everyone looked around, trying to see who this unlucky person was.