Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith - Chapter 1371 - Unable to back down (1)

Chapter 1371 - Unable to back down (1)

Chapter 1371: Unable to back down (1)


Misty Cloud Translations


Misty Cloud Translations

Why was it that within a blink of an eye, Fang Shaoning had changed into another person with a sudden increase in ability??

Murong De who was on the viewing platform seemed extremely shocked as he couldn’t help but jerked up from his seat.

“This…. Fang Shaoning this is….. Berserk State?”

Cui Yuan Shan looked at his flabbergasted look as he stroked his beard while chuckling, “Indeed Sect Master Murong, your sight is so impeccable that you can even tell from one look! That’s right, this is Berserk State!”

“This…. how could this be possible? Although I had once read about it in the ancient books, during the ancient times, some pract.i.tioners with a special kind of bloodline could upgrade their own ability by a large notch for a short span of time through mastering special cultivation methods and with the combination of medicinal pills to enter into the State of Maniacization. But…. wasn’t it said that this special cultivation method had gone missing?”

Murong De simply didn’t dared to believe his own eyes!

Cui Yuan Shan’s smile became even more complacent, “Once, this cultivation method was indeed missing but several years ago, Sky Emperor City’s Leng family found this cultivation method in some other mystic region by accident. Not only was the Maniacization cultivation method’s conditions harsh, it also required a naturally powerful meridians and skeletal structure and also to have a combination of Earth, Wood and Metal tri attributes pract.i.tioner. There was no one in the Leng family who could cultivate this at all. Luckily this disciple of mine has this kind of innate talent so I paid a huge price for this to exchange the cultivation method for him to master!”

“This…..” Murong De had not expected such a thing to happen as shock and fury could not describe his feelings by now!

“But, last time when you were here for the tournament in Celestial Light Sect, Fang Shaoning obviously did not display such ability? If he had the ability to go into maniacization, then why didn’t he show it that time??”

Cui Yuan Shan said, “Why should I let him show this skill, Brother Murong, do you think I’ve gone silly? Anyway my eldest disciple Leng Yi Feng’s ability had long surpa.s.sed Fang Shaoning’s maniac state’s ability so whether he went into maniac state or not, it had no influence towards the result so why should I let him reveal it? Hiding his real ability, perhaps he might be able to show it in other occasions where there would be an accidental surprise, don’t you think so, Brother Murong?”

Saying that, Cui Yuan Shan burst out into another peal of laughter as his self-congratulatory feeling was shown all over his face.

Murong De almost fainted from anger!

Apparently, Cui Yuan Shan’s “accidental surprise” was referring to the arena tournament where he had exceeded everyone’s expectations to defeat Celestial Light Sect’s disciples!

Relating back to the beginning, not allowing pract.i.tioners who were above eighteen years old to take part in the arena tournament was simply a set-up which Green Cloud Sect had designed, specially to make them fall into their trap!

Whereas he actually still jumped in foolishly, even Li Moying had not seen through their plot!

No wonder Cui Yuan Shan acted so magnanimously, automatically clarifying that Leng Yi Feng also couldn’t take part in the arena tournament. He thought that this Cui fellow finally found his conscience, so…. this was the real truth!

Murong De’s intestines started to turn green from regret.

But nothing they said now were of any help!

On the other hand, Huang Yueli had also noticed Fang Shaoning’s current situation on the first look.

“Heavens…. Fang Shaoning now is in…. State of Maniacization?”

Li Moying nodded, “Should be correct. I had not expected that this Fang Shaoning’s innate talent is quite good that he could even master the Maniacization cultivation method!”

Compared to Murong De, the both of them weren’t that shocked.

Although this cultivation method was rather rare, it wasn’t like what the rumours said to have completely lost.