Princess Medical Doctor - Chapter 743: Precautions, whereabouts (2)

Chapter 743: Precautions, whereabouts (2)

Chapter 743: Precautions, whereabouts (2)

Therefore, when the black armored guards caught up with Lin Chujiu, the guards still had the strength to stop him.

"w.a.n.gfei, hurry up!" The guard blocked the attack of the black armored guard and turned to Lin Chujiu.

"Liu Qi, hurry up take w.a.n.gfei away." The other two guards stopped the other black armored guards and roared at Lin Chujiu before the black armored guard swung down his sword.

"Let's go." Lin Chujiu didn't hesitate, just glanced at the guard when she turned around, hoping to remember the appearance of the guard.

She thanked those who sacrificed their lives to protect her.

Except for Liu Qi, the other guards stayed behind to block the black armored guards, and Lin Chujiu took Liu Qi and continued to run into the forest.

In order not to leave obvious traces, the two tried their best to squeeze into the weeds, and then messed up the gra.s.s around them, to cause some trouble for the black armored guards.

In this way, a lot of time will inevitably be wasted, but at the same time, it will also increase the difficulty for the black armored guards to find them.

"w.a.n.gfei, hurry up this way." Liu Qi walked ahead and opened the way for Lin Chujiu. When he saw a river, Liu Qi was overjoyed.

Water can erase all traces. If they walked along the water, black armored guards wouldn't find a trace even if they tried to find it.

Lin Chujiu naturally knew this, so she tore off the skirt without hesitation and walked into the water like Liu Qi.

The footprints disappeared when they reached the water's edge. Lin Chujiu and Liu Qi walked in the water for a long time. When they saw a weed on the sh.o.r.e, Liu Qi said, "w.a.n.gfei, shall we go ash.o.r.e first?"

If the black armored guards saw their footprints and disappeared on the sh.o.r.e, they would follow.

"Okay, go for a walk on the opposite side first." Walking in the water was very difficult, and the water was getting deeper and deeper, so Lin Chujiu didn't dare to continue.

Although she can swim, she has an injury to her abdomen, so she definitely can't stay in the water for a long time.

Liu Qi nodded his head, ran quickly to the other side of the river, and then made a row of traces on the bank. Yes, it was the traces, not the footprints, because he was the only one left to guard. If he left footprints, the black armored guard can see them at a glance.

After leaving a trace, Liu Qi ran through the water again, came to the other side, and walked forward along Lin Chujiu's footprints, erasing the footprints at the same time, leaving only some traces.

Just as Lin Chujiu and Liu Qi finished doing all these, the black armored guards finished taking care of the guards. They followed the traces left by Lin Chujiu all the way and quickly chased to the water's edge.

Seeing the footprints disappearing on the sh.o.r.e, the black armored guard said without even thinking, "They're in the water, chase after them!"

The black armored guards didn't all go into the water, one was in the water, and the other went down along the water.

The black armored guards were well-trained soldiers. Lin Chujiu was a weak woman. Although her physical fitness was not bad, she really can't be compared with them. The black armored guards soon found the traces left by Lin Chujiu and Liu Qi, but on the left and right sides, the black armor guards were not sure where Lin Chujiu ran, so in order not to waste time, the black armor guards had to move separately.

In this way, there was only one black armored guard who can catch up with Lin Chujiu, and it was far easier to kill one person than two. Lin Chujiu and Liu Qi were already prepared for the black armor to catch up, sothey set a trap halfway along the way!

The small steel wire, according to the black armored guard's height, was wrapped around the two trees and hidden in the gra.s.s. The injured wild boar was trapped by Liu Qi with vines, and it was very violent

In addition, Lin Chujiu also asked Liu Qi to dig up a lot of moss and spread it on the road they pa.s.sed, covering it with dead leaves, just waiting for the black armor to come over.

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