Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day - Chapter 741 - 1 Happy Chinese Valentines, Give Me Dog Food

Chapter 741 - 1 Happy Chinese Valentines, Give Me Dog Food

Chapter 741 Happy Chinese Valentines, Give Me Dog Food

The helicopter brought the two of them to the highest building in the city center. Jun s.h.i.+ling held Xia Wanyuans hand and entered the room.

The room was filled with the fragrantless flowers that Xia Wanyuan liked. On all sides were French windows that could look down on the entire city. At this moment, the sky had darkened, and the sea of lights outside the window was connected to one another, s.h.i.+ning

Happy Valentines Day. Jun s.h.i.+ling hugged her from behind.

Valentines Day? Xia Wanyuan reacted. She had been busy with the compet.i.tion these few days and had forgotten that today was Chinas traditional Valentines Day.

In her previous life, she had only celebrated the Double Seventh Festival[1] when her mother was still alive. Later on, she did not have the mood to celebrate such a feminine festival.

Mm. Jun s.h.i.+ling carried her to the dining table. Are you hungry? Eat first.

No wonder you werent around today. Did you make all this? Xia Wanyuan looked at the food on the table in surprise.

Braised pork ribs, corn chicken, cuc.u.mber prawns, cola chicken wings, they were all her favorites. However, the color looked average, so Xia Wanyuan concluded that it was not made by a chef.

Dont mind it. This is the first time Ive cooked these dishes. Jun s.h.i.+ling had only cooked a few times, and they were all pepper shredded noodles. It was still very unfamiliar to him to enter the kitchen to cook.

Ah, feed me. Xia Wanyuans heart skipped a beat and she acted coquettishly towards Jun s.h.i.+ling. Okay. An indulgent smile appeared in Jun s.h.i.+lings eyes. He picked her up, picked up some food, and fed it to Xia Wanyuan. Is it okay?

Its delicious. Its the most delicious dish Ive ever eaten. Xia Wanyuans eyes curved into crescents.

Madam, youre so kind. Jun s.h.i.+ling could not suppress the smile on his face.

Xia Wanyuans appet.i.te was abnormally good today. She ate two bowls of rice for the first time, making Jun s.h.i.+lings heart ache.

To people who gave gifts, the happiest thing was that their intentions had been confirmed. Xia Wanyuans actions were undoubtedly the greatest affirmation of his intentions.

Happy holidays. This is a gift for you. After Xia Wanyuan finished eating, Jun s.h.i.+ling handed her a box.

Xia Wanyuan opened it and saw a watch that had gathered a sea of stars lying quietly in the box.

I learned these from others and a.s.sembled them myself. Jun s.h.i.+ling took the watch and introduced the dial and the needle to Xia Wanyuan.

ia Wanyuan looked at the watch that was embedded with countless diamonds. Although she did not know the craft of modern watches, she knew how much effort it would take to make such an exquisite instrument so beautiful.

She pulled Jun s.h.i.+lings hand and saw that there were indeed some fine marks on the front of his fingers.

Im sorry, Xia Wanyuan suddenly said as she looked at Jun s.h.i.+lings hand.

Whats wrong? Xia Wanyuans sudden sentence shocked Jun s.h.i.+ling.

I dont even remember what day it is today, and I didnt have time to prepare a gift for you. Sometimes, Xia Wanyuan really felt that compared to Jun s.h.i.+lings love for her, her love was too light.

Stupid, do I need you to prepare a gift for me? Seeing that Xia Wanyuan was down because of this, Jun s.h.i.+ling was relieved and pulled her into his arms. Actually, do you think we need to celebrate Valentines Day?

No need. Xia Wanyuan shook her head. Jun s.h.i.+ling actually treated her very well every day.

I brought you to celebrate the holidays because I wanted you to know that you have what others have. Ill spend all the holidays with you, but that doesnt mean I need you to do anything. Just enjoy it peacefully. Touching Xia Wanyuans hair, Jun s.h.i.+lings eyes surged with warmth. Actually, you choosing me is equivalent to giving me a holiday gift for my life, my next life, and the rest of my lives. He didnt need Xia Wanyuan to give him anything. As long as she stood there, he was willing to give her the entire universe.

I like you even more than before. Xia Wanyuan buried herself in Jun s.h.i.+lings arms, her voice m.u.f.fled.

Thats great, my honor. The corners of Jun s.h.i.+lings lips curled up.

The room was filled with flowers, the flickering candlelight, and his lover with sparkling eyes. Jun s.h.i.+lings heart skipped a beat and he leaned down.

However, in the next second,

Wait a minute, get someone to send me some materials. I thought of what to give you. Xia Wanyuan pushed Jun s.h.i.+ling away.

Although she had never experienced the modern world, she had also spent festivals in her previous life. She had thought of what to give Jun s.h.i.+ling.

Baby, actually you can just give yourself. Jun s.h.i.+ling smiled helplessly.

Quick. Xia Wanyuan gently kicked Jun s.h.i.+ling and urged him.

Sigh. Jun s.h.i.+ling sighed and finally stood up. Understood.

Then, Xia Wanyuan nestled on the sofa and looked for something on her phone mysteriously. Jun s.h.i.+ling stared at her resentfully for a long time, but he could not get any of Xia Wanyuans attention.

[1] Its another name for Chinese Valentines