Prime Originator - Chapter 1105 Sustainable Solution

Chapter 1105 Sustainable Solution

Chapter 1105 Sustainable Solution

Infertile Plains, Central Region.

On the southern side of the abyss opening, Leon took his seat on an earthen throne and swept his gaze across the seated members present.

They were all people of the highest statuses in the Infertile Plains.

On the far left side sat the Battle King One-Eye and the six chiefs of the Southern Region. Next, three out of four ruling tribes' chiefs and their fifteen subordinate tribal chiefs took the center seats. Lastly, Chief Sur-Khan and the rest of the western tribe leaders occupied the right seats.

More than half of the Infertile Plains had sworn their allegiance to Leon.

Not far behind Leon stood Goldenstride and Nightingale as the sole representatives of their respective clans.

'Haiz, truly an impressive lineup. Who knew there would be a day I would witness such an extraordinary sight and be a part of it?" Chief Valencia silently sighed, full of sentiments.

Everyone was aware that their combined military strength was more than enough to sweep the remaining half of the land and unify the Infertile Plains.

However, that was not the agenda for their gathering, nor their intention. Enough blood had been shed; it needed to stop.

Furthermore, how could they still think about fighting when they're about to run out of water?

Although everyone wondered how Leon would solve the water problem for the whole Infertile Plains, no one raised their question.

Everyone waited for him to speak.

"It seems everyone is present." Leon acknowledged everyone's attendance with a nod before he continued, "I've gathered you all here today to discuss the construction of a new city."

"Constructing a new city? What do you mean by that, my Lord?" Chief Irons.h.i.+eld furrowed his brows and asked the question everyone wanted to know, "What about your solution to the water shortage?"

"I meant what I said exactly," Leon coolly replied before continuing, "We will build a new city around this abyss opening. How the city is designed will be up to all of you. You can be innovative, or you can be simple; it doesn't matter."

"I only have two requirements; I want the broken water veins repaired, and mines set up in the abyss to procure minerals from the metal deposits. Once the water veins are repaired, I naturally have my ways to solve the water shortage."

"Of course, you won't feel a.s.sured with my words alone, so let this put your hearts at ease," Leon raised the Celestial Water Spark high in the air for everyone to see.

The moment everyone laid eyes on the glowing blue orb in the air, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with power, their expressions changed to shock and disbelief.

Some couldn't sit still and directly shot up on their feet for a better look.

"A new Celestial Water Spark!" Chief Blackbear exclaimed loudly with wide eyes.

His gaze was fixed on the Celestial Water Spark without daring to blink once as if he feared it would disappear the next moment.

The Black Warbear Tribe guarded the Celestial Water Spark. Thus, Chief Blackbear could naturally recognize a Celestial Water Spark when he saw one.

Furthermore, it couldn't be the same Celestial Water Spark; one was depleted, and the other emanated with power!

Although it was hard to believe they could have a second Celestial Water Spark, Chief Blackbear couldn't deny the divine object before his very eyes.

"If even Chief Blackbear says so, then it must truly be a Celestial Water Spark My G.o.d, this is incredible! No, this is great! The Infertile Plains is saved!" Chief Sul-Dahki rejoiced as others joined him.

Nevertheless, Leon shook his head and said, "Don't look at this Celestial Water Spark as the key to all your problems. It's only a temporary solution, not a lasting one."

"What do you mean by that, my Lord?" Chief Irons.h.i.+eld asked with surprise before adding, "As long as we replace the old Celestial Water Spark with this new one, the old Celestial Water Spark will be given time to recover its power."

"If we alternate between the two Celestial Water Sparks, we would never have to worry about water shortages again," Chief Irons.h.i.+eld stated.

"Yes, that's correct," Leon calmly acknowledged Chief Irons.h.i.+eld's reason before shaking his head and adding, "But that is only true if the Infertile Plains' population continues to stagnate or even decline."

"As long as humans grow in numbers, it will eventually reach the point when even two Celestial Water Sparks aren't enough to support everyone. But, before that, the beasts living in the Infertile Plains will become extinct, and you will have no more meat."

"Although everyone can live on fruits and vegetables procured from elven crop cultivation, you are all warriors with powerful bodies. You all still need meat, whether it's to live or further your strengths."

"That's why I said this Celestial Water Spark is only a temporary solution and not a lasting one. We need a more sustainable idea to solve all problems once and for all," Leon stated before silently observing everyone's expressions.

He made his point clear, and everyone appeared to be in thought. That said, some still seemed unconvinced that they needed to go so far.

"Of course, you could argue that these problems are distant in the future, and they would have nothing to do with you since you might not live that long," Leon suddenly added. "However, if we keep living destructively, how are we any different from parasites leeching off this world?"

"Do you want your future descendants to abandon the Infertile Plains after it truly becomes uninhabitable and force them to struggle for water and food in other regions?" Leon pressed his question.

"No? I didn't think so," Leon continued after seeing their unwilling gazes and firmly adding, "That's why we have to think sustainably."

A deathly silence ensured the group as everyone had deep looks and furrowed brows. A short while later, Battle King One-Eye broke the silence.

"I suppose you wouldn't have said all of this unless you already have a sustainable idea in mind, right? My Lord?" Battle King One-Eye asked.

"That's right." Leon smiled before admitting with a nod and saying, "Our sustainable solution lies in the Boundless Sea to the far west."

"As long as we create a large river from the Boundless Sea to Infertile Plains, we will have limitless drinking water and sea monster meat after purifying them."