Power and Wealth - Chapter 714: Clashed with Geng Xinke

Chapter 714: Clashed with Geng Xinke

Chapter 714: Clashed with Geng Xinke

Before noon.

Outside of the District Party Committee Building.

Geng Xinke and Lin Pingping drove into Geng Yuehuas workplace. They are both anxious and uneasy.

I will look for my sister. Geng Xinke said. Wait for me in the car.

Lin Pingping bit her lips and asked. The DVD. Was everything recorded?

Geng Xinke nodded. I think so. My sister said she had watched it. I think it might be someone targeting me.

What should we do? If that person can send the DVD to your sister, he can send it to other places. I.

Piingping. Im sorry. I was too rash yesterday and dragged you into this.

Whats the point of saying this now? Lin Pingping anxiously said. Hurry up and think of a solution. Why will he send the DVD to your sister if he wants to frame you? He must have sent it to the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and they gave it to your sister. If thats the case. She turns pale. Many people would have seen what we did in the hotel.

Geng Xinke is stunned, and his face turns green. Dont panic. Let me ask my sister first.

How can Lin Pingping not panic? Her face had turned pale.

Geng Xinkes mind was messing up after receiving his sisters call, and he had not thought about this. What Lin Pingping said is the most crucial problem. He immediately took out his phone and called Guang Ming Subdistrict.

Old Yu, its me. Where are you? Geng Xinke asked.

Yu Rongfeng replied. Im at work. Why?

Geng Xinke took a deep breath and asked. Did anything happen at the Disciplinary Work Committee and Dong Xuebing?

The Disciplinary Work Committee? Yu Rongfeng thought for a while. What do you mean? I didnt hear of anything happening.

Did anyone send an anonymous parcel or package?

We received anonymous parcels and letters every day, and I didnt take note of it. Oh, I remember something now. Secretary Qu of the Disciplinary Work Committee had gone to look for Dong Xuebing with a DVD, but I dont know what it is all about. I heard from a staff that Dong Xuebing left after meeting Secretary Qu.

Alright. I know. Geng Xinke hangs up, and his face turns black.

The DVD was sent to the Disciplinary Work Committee.

Geng Xinke hit the steering wheel in anger. Dong Xuebing is too much!

Lin Pingping asked. What happened with Chief Dong? Why did you say that?

The DVD was sent to our Subdistricts Disciplinary Work Committee, and Dong Xuebing left with the DVD. Geng Xinke is furious. He must have reported this to the District Government Office. This is how my sister got to know about this. He must have blown this matter up, and many people must have watched it by now!

Lin Pingping heard this and retorted. Impossible! Chief Dong is not such a person!

Geng Xinke refuted. Dong Xuebing has been finding trouble with me. A while ago, he had used his connections to send me to the Party School, and he is reporting this DVD to the District Government now! Why are you speaking up for him?!

Lin Pingpings face changed. I know Chief Dong better than you!

Do you still dont understand the situation?! He is the one who had to blow up this matter! Geng Xinke hates Dong Xuebing to the core.

Lin Pingping replied unhappily. How long have you known Chief Dong? He had worked in Yan Tai County for almost two years and had been my direct supervisor for almost one year. Someone else might do this, but not Chief Dong. He will never do this to his former subordinate. He is someone who dares to arrest the County Party Secretarys relative and risked his life for the residents. You dont know anything about him, and stop accusing him. There must be a misunderstanding. He will never leak the DVD to other people.

Geng Xinke got mad. I dont understand why you are siding with him.

Lin Pingping got mad too, and they started quarreling in the car. Both of them are in a bad mood because of this incident.

District Party Committee Building.

Dong Xuebing left Geng Yuehuas office and drove out with the hotels name and address.

When Dong Xuebing was exiting the main entrance, he saw a familiar Santana entering.

Dong Xuebing knew it was his Subdistrict Offices car.

The Santana was about to enter the compound and was swerved to block Dong Xuebings Cayenne, forcing Dong Xuebing to stop.

F*CK! Are you crazy?!

How the f*ck did you drive?!

Dong Xuebing is in a bad mood because his trusted subordinate and his brother-in-law were secretly filmed in a hotel room. Now, someone is blocking his car. He was about to step out of his car when he saw Geng Xinke and Lin Pingping. He frowned and winded down the window.

What is he trying to do?!

Dong Xuebing is confused.

Geng Xinke had got out of his car and stormed towards Dong Xuebing. Whats the meaning of this?! Ah?!

Dong Xuebing was more confused. Secretary Geng, what do you mean?

Dont play the fool in front of me. Geng Xinke is furious.

Lin Pingping got out of the car. Xinke, come back!

Geng Xinke is blinded with rage and ignores Lin Pingping. He grabbed Dong Xuebing by his collar. Dong Xuebing! I dont care what you did to me in the past, but why did you drag Pingping into this? Whats wrong with us dating? Why must you blow it up?! Ah?!

Dong Xuebing finally understood why Geng Xinke was so angry with him. Tsk! You think I had blown up this matter by reporting to the District Government against you?!

Dong Xuebing is speechless. I am trying to settle this issue for you, and I am about to go and investigate it now. Why are you accusing me of something I had not done?

d.a.m.n! I feel so wronged!

Dong Xuebings collar was grabbed, and he didnt know what to say.

Lin Pingping quickly pulled Geng xinke back. Xinke, let go of him!

Geng Xinke shouted. Its none of your business. Step aside.

Hurry up and let go. Lin Pingping pulled Geng Xinke and stepped between them. She looks like she is trying to stop the fight, but she is afraid Dong Xuebing will hurt Geng Xinke. Dong Xuebing might be inside the car, but she knows what he can do if he gets mad. Everyone in Yan Tai County knows a car door cannot stop Dong Xuebing if he wants to beat up someone. Even fifty Geng Xinke is no match for him.

Pingping! What are you doing? Geng Xinke shouted.

Lin Pingping pushed him and shouted. Go back into the car and wait for me.

But Geng Xinke refused to let go of Dong Xuebings collar.

Dong Xuebing saw Lin Pingping had positioned herself between them and knew she was afraid he might beat up Geng Xinke. He sighed in his heart. He had groomed Lin Pingping when he was in Yan Tai County and had helped her countless times. But she is siding her lover now.

Dong Xuebing felt jealous and let out a hmph!

But Dong Xuebing cannot do anything.

Beat up Geng Xinke?! He is his brother-in-law, and Geng Yuehua will not let Dong Xuebing off.

Dong Xuebing can only let Geng Xinke grab his collar.

That is the G.o.d of Plagues in the car.

The guy outside is Mayor Gengs brother.

Ah why are they fighting? What happened?

This is exciting? Why is Dong Xuebing not retaliating?

Hurry up and pull Secretary Geng back. He is not Dong Xuebings match.

A crowd had formed.

To everyones surprise, Dong Xuebing did not retaliate. He sat in his car calmly and let Geng Xinke grab his collar.

What is wrong with the G.o.d of Plagues today?

He is not someone who will let others. .h.i.t him.

Lin Pingping is anxious and pulls Geng Xinke. Xinke, come back with me! I am asking you to go! Stop fighting.

Geng Xinke calmed down after seeing the crowd. He knows he should not raise his hands on Dong Xuebing in front of many people. He released his grip and pointed at Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing ignored him and straightened his collar.

Lin Pingping quickly apologizes. Chief Dong. Im sorry. I.

Dong Xuebing waved his hand and looked at them before turning to Lin Pingping. I have some matters to attend. Bye.

Lin Pingping was still holding Geng Xinke back while apologizing. Please be careful on the roads. We are sorry for what happened.

Everyone is puzzled by the G.o.d of Plagues reaction.

Dong Xuebing drove off, and he shook his head.

No matter how Geng Xinke treated him, he must still settle this problem.