Power and Wealth - Chapter 658: Wang Anshi is sick

Chapter 658: Wang Anshi is sick

Chapter 658: w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ is sick


It rained for a while and stopped.

A rainbow appears after the rain.

District Party Committee, Party Secretary Office. w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ stood by the window in his office, looking out. He is on the phone with a City Government Leader.

Mayor Zhou, this matter.

Xiao w.a.n.g, was this decided by the Party Schools Deputy Princ.i.p.al?

I am not sure about this. But it was the Party School that called us.

Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing. I have never heard of this name before.

The other party has not heard of Dong Xuebing and doesnt know about his background. w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ hung up the call in a bad mood. Until now, he still doesnt know which City Leader is helping Dong Xuebing.

w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ had not expected Dong Xuebing to have connections in the City Government. He thought Dong Xuebing didnt have strong background here. Thats why even after Dong Xuebing had treated his appendicitis, he still feels Xue Qingrong was more important. He should pacify Xue Qingrong and thought nothing about Dong Xuebings favor. He is the Districts No. 1 and Dong Xuebings Leader. As his subordinate, Dong Xuebing must follow his orders and do everything for him. So, he sends Dong Xuebing to the Party School.

Is this too much?


w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ felt this was normal. He cant be helping everyone who did him a favor. How will he work if he considers everyones feelings and returns favors?

w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ felt Dong Xuebing had crossed the line by going against him and using his City Government connections to slap him. He felt it was right for him to do whatever he wanted with Dong Xuebing because he is the Districts No. 1. Dong Xuebing can only swallow whatever grievances. He cannot retaliate. That will be a revolution! That will be disrespecting him!

w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ is furious by what Dong Xuebing did.

But someone in the City Government firmly protects Dong Xuebing, and w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ doesnt know who this person is. He feels stressed and knows he cant touch Dong Xuebing for the time being. He got to give that person in the City Government face, but he will not forget this incident. He will find another opportunity to deal with Dong Xuebing in the future.

w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+s character is overbearing, and he will never admit he is wrong. Once he decides on something, he will not give up.

After lunch, w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ called the City Government again to ask about Dong Xuebing.

The two City Government Leaders, which w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ is familiar with, have not heard of Dong Xuebing. This is frustrating, but he also felt better. If Dong Xuebing has someone powerful in the City Government, that person should be helping him to get a transfer now. After all, he had offended w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ and the rest of the District Leaders. Thats no way he will remain in Nan Shan District. But w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ did not hear anything about anyone trying to help Dong Xuebing get a transfer. This means that person is not someone powerful within the City Government. He doesnt have the authority to transfer Dong Xuebing.

w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ felt better and determined to get rid of Dong Xuebing.

How can someone who becomes the District Party Secretary not have any backings in the City Government? w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ will not back down from just a warning as this is not his character.

w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ gripped the edge of his desk hard.

Getting disgraced by a lowly Subdistrict Office Director had made him a laughing stock. He must do something to Dong Xuebing.

The conclusion w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ gotten after a.n.a.lyzing this incident is the Leader behind Dong Xuebing doesnt have much authority.

Anyone in w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+s shoes will think this way. But Dong Xuebing is someone who behaves conventionally. He didnt follow the rules and didnt think like other Government Officials. w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ and other District Leaders can never understand what he is thinking. He is not transferred because Yang Zhaode doesnt have the authority. It is because Dong Xuebing wants to remain in the District to p.i.s.s them off. Only Dong Xuebing, who thinks like a hooligan, will do this.


w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ left his office to inspect the different departments.


Secretary w.a.n.g.

Everyone quickly greeted w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ when they saw him. But they are looking at him differently.

w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ knows this is because Dong Xuebings incident had spread. Everyone is laughing at him in the District. Immediately, his anger boils again. Suddenly, he turned pale and clenched his stomach. His anger had triggered his appendicitis, and sweat rolled down from his forehead. He supported himself against the wall and slowly sat down on the floor.


w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+s appendicitis is back again.

w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ thought he had fully recovered after Dong Xuebings treatment. But Dong Xuebing had only used REVERSE to push back appendicitis three to four days ago. This is only a delay, and it will happen again.

Secretary w.a.n.g! Secretary w.a.n.g!

Are you Ok? Do you have medication with you?

Hurry and call for an ambulance!

The corridor was in chaos, and some Leaders rushed over to help.

w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ is covered in sweat and is pressing against his stomach.

The ambulance arrived. Secretary Cang and a few District Party Committee Leaders helped w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ into the ambulance.

Nan Shan District First Hospital.

Secretary Cang quickly called the hospital to make arrangements.

The hospital immediately sends a Deputy Hospital Director and a few Department Chiefs to attend w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+.

But w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ pushed them away. I dont need any operation and doesnt need to be put on a drip. Do you all have any Chinese Traditional Doctors who know about acupoint ma.s.sage? I will be fine after a ma.s.sage. He was put on a drip and given medication previously, but it was not effective. This time, he doesnt want to waste time.

Chinese acupoint ma.s.sage?

The Deputy Hospital Director is shocked. But your condition is.

w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ interrupted. I just need a Chinese acupoint ma.s.sage!

Secretary Cang is close to w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ and had heard that Dong Xuebing had used acupoint ma.s.sage to treat this illness. He also felt that a professional ma.s.seuse should be better if someone like Dong Xuebing could treat this illness with a ma.s.sage. Hurry and make the arrangements.

The Deputy Hospital Director helplessly replied. Alright.

w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ was sent to a ward, and the Deputy Hospital Director and other doctors looked at each other.

Are we going to do that?

Ma.s.sage will not help for such conditions.

Alright. Call Doctor Xu to come over.

The District Party Secretary wanted ma.s.sage treatment, and the Doctors couldnt say anything.

Doctor Xu was summoned to the ward and was told about w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+s condition. He almost fainted when he heard the Deputy Hospital Director and other Department Chiefs wanted him to treat w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+s condition using acupoint ma.s.sage. Are you kidding me? Acupoint ma.s.sage can relieve the pain from appendicitis, but that will depend on the patient. Secretary w.a.n.g is in a serious condition and has had this condition for almost a year. His appendicitis had caused him to have a high fever now. How am I supposed to treat this condition with acupoint ma.s.sage? I am not G.o.d. I cant perform miracles!

Doctor Xu said. Director Chen, I am powerless to do anything. Ma.s.sage will not be effective in this situation. An operation is needed.

Secretary w.a.n.g has diabetes, and it is risky for him to undergo operations. Deputy Hospital Director knows what Doctor Xu is thinking. Xiao Xu, dont think too much. Just try it.


Hospital ward.

Doctor Xu enters the ward. Good afternoon, Secretary w.a.n.g. I am a traditional Chinese medicine doctor.

w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ brightens up. Sorry to bother you. Argh.. its too painful. please start the ma.s.sage now.

Doctor Xu nodded and asked a nurse to remove Secretary w.a.n.gs shoes and socks.

Why are you taking off my shoes? w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ asked in pain. Shouldnt you be ma.s.saging the area around my appendix? Dong Xuebing had ma.s.saged that area previously.

Its Doctor Xu to be stun. The traditional Chinese ma.s.sage treatment for appendicitis ma.s.sages the acupoints on the sole. It shouldnt be ma.s.saging the appendix area.

w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ clenched his teeth. Someone had treated me by ma.s.saging my appendix area previously.

Doctor Xu finally understood why Secretary w.a.n.g asked for an acupoint ma.s.sage treatment. But our ma.s.sage treatments are ma.s.saging the acupoints on the soles.

w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ is in pain and couldnt care. Just try all your ma.s.sage techniques. Hurry up!

The Doctor started ma.s.saging w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+s soles and ma.s.saging his stomach area as instructed.