Power and Wealth - Chapter 65 – It appeared! 46mm!

Chapter 65 – It appeared! 46mm!

Chapter 65 – It appeared! 46mm!

Dong Xuebing stood in front of the walnut stall silently.

The stall owner was still shouting to attract customers: “This year’s big Chicken Hearts are good. Come and try your luck!”

Someone in the crowd picked a pair of walnut fruits over: “I want this pair.”

“Ok!” The wife of the stall owner took 200 RMB from that person and threw it into a plastic basket. She took out a small knife and start to cut away the flesh of the green color fruits. Soon, the flesh and skin of the fruit were cut away, and she washes the seed in a pail of clear water and starts to scrub away the remaining flesh with a plastic brush. After cleaning the seed, she took out a ruler and measure the seed. She said loudly. “The seed has some dark spots, and one of them is 37, and the other is 39. It’s not a pair.” This size was average, and the seeds must be at least 42mm to worth something. The dark spot on the fruit was considered blemish, and even if the seed was big, but dark spots will lower the value.

After hearing these, that buyer turned and walk away.

Soon, another person bought a pair of Lion Head fruits, and the seeds were 39 mm and 41mm. These were not good too.

After that, someone opened a pair of 36mm and 38mm seeds.

The next person got 40mm and 39mm. This was considered a pair.

After standing there for a while, Dong Xuebing gave up the idea of trying his luck. So many people had bought these fruits, and there was not even one that is more than 42mm. The chances of a 46mm appearing were even slimmer. He knew that even if lady luck was on his side, it was also near to impossible.

But Dong Xuebing was not willing to give up.

10 minutes……

30 minutes……

1 hour……

Dong Xuebing stood in front of the stall for almost 2 hours. The walnut fruits were getting lesser and lesser.

There were at least 100 Lion Head walnut fruits, and now, there were less than 30 remainings. One basket of Chicken Heart walnut fruits was sold in less than 2 hours. The stall owner brought a new basket from the back of the stall. The business was bustling for the stall owner. But Dong Xuebing still have not seen any Lion Head that was more than 44mm. The biggest that appeared was 43.8mm. But after the seeds were dried, it will shrink slightly, and the finished product should be at most 43mm.

These were too small!

All the seeds were too small!

At noon, Dong Xuebing went to KFC to have his lunch before returning back to the stall.




At 4pm, Dong Xuebing was exhausted. Not only his eyes were blurry, but his legs were also numbed.

At this time, there were lesser people, and the stall owner’s wife looked at Dong Xuebing and asked with a northeast accent. “Young man, do you want to try your luck?” She had noticed Dong Xuebing standing there since morning. He was standing there for almost 8 hours and did not even buy one fruit.

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and shook his head.

There was one person who won a 44.7mm seed. But it was a far cry from Dong Xuebing’s target of 46mm.

Sighed…… the chances were too slim. Time to leave?

It was getting late, and Dong Xuebing decided to watch the last pair of fruit cutting before leaving.

“How much for these Lion Head?” A big sized man squats down and examines the fruits.

The stall owner replied: “Normal Panshan Lion Head is 400 RMB a pair. The bigger fruits are more expensive. There are 600 and 1,000 RMB types.”

There were not many Lion Head fruits remaining in the basket. The man scrutinized the fruits carefully. After a while, he picked two yellowish and brownish fruits from the left of the basket and threw it to the stall owner. “I will buy these two. Open it!” The fruits were yellowish was because it had been plucked from the tree for some time. Even if the fruits were kept refrigerated, it will also not last long. But it will not affect the quality of the seeds.

“These two are bigger, and they cost 800 RMB.”

The man took out his money and paid the stall owner. “Open it!”

“Ok.” The stall owner held the fruit with his black colored hand and start to slice open the fruit.

The first Lion Head seed appeared in front of everybody. 43.3mm. It was considered slightly above average.

That man was satisfied and nodded. “Carry on! See if it is a pair!”

The stall owner starts to slice the other fruit.

First cut……

Second cut……

Third cut……

“Eh! Look! That seed……”

“Wow! It’s big!” The crowd starts to stir.

Dong Xuebing was also stunned. He stared at the half-open fruit. Although he did not measure the seed with a ruler, he knew that the seed in this fruit was very big!

The stall owner was also surprised. He did not continue cutting the fruit and took a ruler to measure the diameter. He was shocked, and he looked at his wife. “It is nearly 47mm. 46.8!”

Dong Xuebing was excited. What? 46.8mm? Even if the seed were dried, it would also be 46mm!

d.a.m.n! Isn’t this the Lion Head I was looking for? It really appeared!

“Hi, excuse me.” Dong Xuebing was worried that someone else would make an offer. He immediately asked that man. “Are you willing to sell this 46 Lion Head? Name a price.”

That man laughed. “I am not selling it! I want to keep it for my own collection!”

Dong Xuebing anxiously said. “This is also not a pair. It is also not worth collecting. Can you……”

“I told you I am not selling!” That man waved Dong Xuebing away and told the stall owner: “Hurry up and open it!”

What should I do? What should I do now?

Dong Xuebing was panicking. He had finally found what he was waiting for. If he missed this opportunity……

Oh! d.a.m.n! I even forgot about it!



Dong Xuebing felt slight giddiness, and the scenes around him changed!

“How much for these Lion Head?”

The stall owner replied: “Normal Panshan Lion Head is 400 RMB a pair. The bigger fruits are more expensive. There are 600 and 1,000 RMB types.”

The big sized man extended his arm to pick those two big yellowish fruits on the left of the basket!

Dong Xuebing immediately leaned forward and grabbed those two yellowish fruits. “I want this pair! Boss! Help me cut it!” Dong Xuebing had noticed the yellowish and slightly rotten fruits from earlier. He was sure that the ones in his hands were the same as earlier.

That man frowned and look at Dong Xuebing. He thought to himself. “What’s the hurry?” He moved aside and looked at the fruits on the right of the basket.

The stall owner looked at the fruits in Dong Xuebing’s hand. “800 RMB.”

Dong Xuebing immediately paid him. His heart was beating very fast.

Please, don’t let the seeds have blemishes! The seeds must not be damaged by insects…… Please!

The stall owner had started to cut away the flesh of the first fruit.

First cut……

Second cut……

Third cut……

Soon, the crowd stirred. A Lion Head had appeared!

There were no blemishes and no dark spots!


The big sized man grumbled under him breath. d.a.m.n!

The stall owner and his wife were shocked by this young man. This young man had been standing there from the morning and did not even buy a single fruit. The moment he buys, a 46mm appeared! He could spot the difference between the walnut fruits?! Impossible! The stall owner had been selling walnut fruits for years and could not tell the difference from the exterior!

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath as he held the big Lion Head in his hand.

Hahaha! Finally!

Dong Xuebing had finally gotten 1 46mm Lion Head!