Power and Wealth - Chapter 623

Chapter 623

Chapter 623: Police! Its him

Dong Xuebings words linger in the Year 2 Cla.s.s 1 cla.s.sroom.

You all finally got to taste how it is like to be bullied by others now. Does it feel good? No one will like being bullied.

But Huang Tingting is used to being arrogant in school and has not learned her lesson. She pointed at Dong Xuebing and shouted. Dont you dare to run! She turns to a female cla.s.smate. Give me your phone. That girl was bullied previously and quickly pa.s.sed her phone to her. She dialed her fathers number immediately. Dad! Come over quickly. I was beaten up in school.

Huang Tingting cried when she was on the phone with her father.

After hanging up, Huang Tingting wiped her tears and stared at Yu Qianqian. Yu Qianqian! You are dead!

Yu Qianqian was scared and moved closer to Dong Xuebing.

Hmph! You still want to threaten Qianqian?! Dong Xuebing held Qianqians hand. Alright. I want to see how we are going to die. Please show us.

Dont you dare to run. Wait here! Huang Tingting shouted.

Dong Xuebing laughed. Sure. I will wait. Even if you dont call Huang s.h.i.+zhong, I will also look for him.

The cla.s.s teacher secretly took out his phone to call the police. h.e.l.lo, City Police Station? I am a teacher in County First Middle School. Someone had entered the school and is attacking others. Hurry up and send someone over.

Dong Xuebing saw the teacher making the phone call but did not stop him. After the teacher hung up, he looked at him. Huang Tingtings parent is on his way here. Call that Lei Zhi and Xiao Fans parents to come over too. Oh, get your school princ.i.p.al to come too. d.a.m.n! I had sent Qianqian to school is to study and not be a punching bag for others. If you all dont know how to teach children, you all should better shut down the school! How can this school be the Countys top middle school if you all cant protect a child?

The cla.s.s teacher thought to himself. You still want me to get the students parents and princ.i.p.al? You had beaten up the Ministry of Education Chiefs daughter, and the police will not let you off. The teacher hated Dong Xuebing to the core for beating him up in front of his students. Until now, his stomach is still twitching.

Qianqian, lets go. Dong Xuebing pulled Qianqian.

Xiao Fan wiped the blood on his face and thought Dong Xuebing was trying to escape. Where are you going? Dont try to escape.

Lei Zhi heard Huang Tingtings father and the police are on their way to the school, and he got bolder.

Dong Xuebing sneered. I want to escape?! Why should I go when I am still not done with you all? I will not leave until this matter is settled. I will be waiting for your parents in the medical room. Failing to educate the child is the fault of the parents. He will not let these people off easily.

The medical room is at the end of the corridor.

The door is unlocked, and theres n.o.body inside.

Dong Xuebing and Yu Qianqian entered and closed the door behind him. He made Qianqian sit on a chair and look around for a first-aid box. He took out an alcohol wipe and started cleaning the wounds on her face. Dont move.

Yu Qianqian nodded.

Is it painful? Dong Xuebing applied for medicine on her face gently. Tell me if it hurts.

Yu Qianqian smiles sweetly. Its not painful now. Thank you, Uncle.

Dong Xuebing felt guilty. If I knew this would happen, I would have warned the school not to let anyone bully you before I go to Nan Shan District.

Yu Qianqian smiles and shakes her head. You are the best.

Haha are you happy now?

Yu Qianqian nodded and asked worryingly. But but the police.

Dong Xuebing stopped her. I will be fine even if the police are here. They can catch me if they want. I am not afraid of anyone.

Five minutes later.

County First Middle School. Two police cars sped into the school compound.

A students family member attacking others in school is a big incident, and the City Police Station is very concerned. Thats why they sent two police cars and five officers to handle this case.

The police cars stopped, and the officers alighted.

The cla.s.s teacher rushed out of the school building. Officers.

Are you the one who called? An officer, Qian Dong, asked. Where is that guy?

The teacher pointed upstairs angrily. He is in the medical room on the second floor.

Another officer asked curiously. He is in the medical room and did not escape?

The officers rushed into the school building, and the teacher said while running. He did not escape and is in the medical room now. Officers, you all must arrest this criminal. He is too arrogant. How can he attack others in the school?

Qian Dong looks at the teacher. You are also injured?

Yes. The teacher replied. Not only me, but three other students were also beaten up too.

Did he attack others because his child is bullied? Qian Dong asked.

The teacher paused for a second and replied. He did say this, but I dont know if anyone had bullied his kid.

Qian Dong exchanged looks with the other officers, and they frowned. This person is too arrogant. He had come to the school and beat up a teacher and students, and he still dared to wait for the police in the schools medical room. Its been a while since they had met someone so arrogant. Before they reached the school, their leader informed them that one of the students beaten up was the Countys Ministry of Education Chief Huang s.h.i.+zhongs daughter. This made them speechless. Who is so daring to attack a County Government Leaders daughter?

The officers ran up the stairs.

Qian Dong is always careful and has his hand on his baton. Be careful. Subdue him the moment we enter the room, and we will interrogate him at the station.

Yes, Sir. The officers know this is a serious case involving Chief Huangs family member, and the stations higher-up had hinted to them to be more forceful against the culprit.


The officers started moving.

Qian Dong and his men surrounded the medical room and confirmed the suspects position through the small gla.s.s panel on the door.

The cla.s.s teacher is hiding and waiting behind the officers.

But when the teacher thought the officers would kick open the door and rush in, he saw Qian Dong froze after he looked into the room.

The other officers were also frozen in place. Their hand on the door handle stopped moving.

Qian Dong turned to the teacher nervously. Are you sure the person inside is the one who attacked you?

The teacher looks into the room. Thats right. Officers hurry up and arrest him.

Qian Dong held his breath and almost fainted.

Arrest him?!

I will arrest you instead!