Power and Wealth - Chapter 606

Chapter 606

Chapter 606: Losing his temper


The sun is up, and it is scorching hot.

After leaving the National Respect and Care for the elderlys model unit award office, Dong Xuebing noticed Zhou Yanru and w.a.n.g Yuling looking terrible. He made a gesture to ask them to wait and called the Inspection Team Leader, Cheng Yandong. He had helped Cheng Yandong repair his mothers pendant, and he will not lie to him.

h.e.l.lo, Team Leader Cheng. I am Dong Xuebing.

Haha. Xiao Dong. What is it?

I am in Beijing to submit the application and materials for the award, but I dont know who to hand it to.

Oh, did anyone contact you all? The application forms should be given to the Ministry of Civil Affairs. They have someone in charge of handling the application. The National Respect and Care for the elderlys model unit office had handed everything to them.

But the Ministry of Civil Affairs says they are not in charge of this.

Cannot be. They are the ones handling this award.

Alright. I will check with them again. Thank you, Team Leader Cheng.

Dont mention it. Oh, lets meet up for dinner when you are free.

Sure. Sorry to bother you.

After hanging up, Dong Xuebings face changed. They got into the car, and he said. The Ministry of Civil Affairs is in-charge of this. Lets go there again.

w.a.n.g Yuling is frustrated. Why is it so difficult to do such a simple thing?

Zhou Yanru sighed. They had planned to foster a good relations.h.i.+p with the leaders by treating them to meals. Still, they could not even submit the application and materials. She felt it was impossible to get this award, and her fear of Beijing increased. Subdistrict Office staff and Leaders are n.o.bodies in Beijing. They could not even submit a simple application without difficulties, building a relations.h.i.+p with the related Leaders. They can break the rules by giving the leaders expensive gifts, but she knows Dong Xuebing will not do this.

Ten minutes.

One hour.

They reached the Ministry of Civil Affairs building at around 3 pm.

w.a.n.g Yuling was about to descend when Dong Xuebing stopped her. Yuling, stay in the car. Theres nothing you can do even if you follow us.

Director, I dont mind. w.a.n.g Yuling replied.

I will go with Director Zhou. Keep the engine running and enjoy the air-con. You should be tired after driving around the whole day.

w.a.n.g Yuling is touched. She doesnt want to face Chief Lin again, and Dong Xuebing knows it. Ok I will wait in the car.

Dong Xuebing nodded. Sister Zhou, lets go.

Zhou Yanru nodded and followed Dong Xuebing with the materials.

The first floor of the Ministry of Civil Affairs General Office. Zhou Yanru approached a staff. Hi, we are looking for Chief Lin. Can you help us inform him?

That person interrupted. Didnt you all come in the morning?

We have some important matters.

That staff went upstairs impatiently.

Although the Ministry of Civil Affairs is not a powerful department within the Government, they have higher authority than the National Respect and Care for the elderlys model unit award office. Thats why the staff here are more arrogant and have bad att.i.tudes.

The staff returns a while later. Chief Lin is busy now. Wait here.

Zhou Yanru asked. Err how long do we need to wait?

Someone will call when Chief Lin is free to meet you all. Go there and wait. That staff continued with his work and ignored them.

Director. Zhou Yanru looks at Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebings patient is running low. Wait.

Half an hour.

One hour.

It was almost time for the staff to knock off, but no one called for them. Zhou Yanru saw Dong Xuebing was looking terrible, and she asked the staff. Hi, is Chief Lin free now?

The staff is chatting with a female colleague, and he looks at Zhou Yanru. He let out an annoyed tsk and said to his colleague. Lets decide on which restaurant later. Haha ask Xiao Li to join us. After that, he went upstairs and came back after one minute. Chief Lin asks you all to go in.

Zhou Yanru quickly thanked him. Thank you.

The staff returned to his seat and continued chatting with his colleague.

Director. Zhou Yanru looks at Dong Xuebing.

Lets go. Dong Xuebing walks up the stairs without saying anything. Those who know him will know he is fuming mad now.

Second floor.

Chief Lins office.

Knock, knock. Zhou Yanru knocks on the door.

Come in. Chief Lin looks at them with an annoyed look. What is it again?

Zhou Yanru is burning with rage inside, but she forced a smile. We went to the National Respect and Care for the elderlys model unit award office, and they told us the Ministry of Civil Affairs handles this.

Chief Lin frowned. Did they say this?

Yes. Our application. Zhou Yanru asked.

Ring ring ring the desk phone rang, and Chief Lin answered. h.e.l.lo Good afternoon. Yes. I will be there immediately. He grabbed a doc.u.ment bag and stood up. Go and check with the National Respect and Care for the elderlys model unit award office. I am busy. He said and walked towards the door.

Zhou Yanru quickly followed. Chief Lin, we had asked them, but.

Chief Lin says as he walks down the stairs. Our department does not handle this. Go and check with other departments.

Zhou Yanru continued. Chief Lin, we had made three trips. This is.

Alright alright. Chief Lin is frustrated and stops at the first floor. Where are the materials? Let me see.

Zhou Yanru quickly gave him the materials.

Chief Lin flipped the pages nonchalantly and threw them back at Zhou Yanru. The application format and the official seals position are wrong. Go and change it before submitting it again.

Zhou Yanru is speechless. We had followed the application guidelines format, and it is the same as other units.

Chief Lin.

Chief Lin.

The staff in the General Office greeted Chief Lin when they saw him.

Chief Lin nodded to the staff and continued walking out. He repeated to Zhou Yanru. You all go back and find out about the correct format. Amend it before submitting it again.

Chief Lin Chief Lin. We

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing exploded. He rushed forward and blocked Chief Lin. Amend your #[email protected]#!