Power and Wealth - Chapter 598

Chapter 598

Chapter 598: Punishment!

Late afternoon.

District Party Committee Office Building.

Xue Qingrong received a call, and his face changed within a second. He banged his desk angrily!

Guo Mingfeng! You crazy dog!

How dare you bite my son and me?!

Xue Qingrong had spent yesterday settling his sons case with his connections. He had been focusing on the fabricated injury report. Although he felt it was wrong for Guo Mingfeng to be suspended for investigation, he couldnt do anything. Who asked him to offend Secretary w.a.n.g in the first place? He had wanted to wait for the investigation to be over before visiting Guo Mingfeng to give him some benefits. Even if he can no longer stay in the government service, he can do business in the future. Xue Qingrong can a.s.sist him with his business. But before he can do anything, Guo Mingfeng starts to drag him down with him!

The fabricated injury report has not been settled, and this problem has arisen.

The Organization Department Chief had threatened a witness to help his son?!

Framing a government servant with a fabricated injury report?!

This is not a big case and can be easily covered up with Xue Qingrongs network. But Dong Xuebing, a Section Chief ranked Government Leader, is involved. Secretary w.a.n.g s.h.i.+an ordered Guo Mingfeng to be investigated. Nan Shan District Party Committee also agreed with this decision. Many eyes are watching Guo Mingfeng closely, and his changing of statement can no longer be a cover-up. Xue Qingrongs political rivals will not give up this opportunity.

Xue Qingrong is about to explode with anger!

Xue Qingrong had planned everything when his son was beaten up. If everything goes according to his plan, his son will not be charged with a.s.saulting a Government servant, and Dong Xuebing might lose his job. But after Dong Xuebing appears at the hospital, everything changes. The injuries on Xue Xiaoliang disappeared, and Guo Mingfeng had offended Secretary w.a.n.g for no reason and was ordered to be investigated by the Commission for Discipline Inspection. In the end, Guo Mingfeng changed his statement and turned against Xue Qingrong. It is Dong Xuebing who had messed up his plans!

Cannot admit it!

Xue Qingrong will never admit he had instigated Guo Mingfeng to give a false statement.

Xue Qingrong immediately retaliates and claims Guo Mingfeng was lying.

But Guo Mingfeng refused to back down. He even claimed Xue Qingrong would make things difficult for him if he didnt testify for Xue Xiaoliang. Xue Qingrong had never said these, but theres nothing for Guo Mingfeng to lose now. He dares to say all sorts of things to drag Xue Qingrong down with him.

Nan Shan Districts Leaders cant be unaware of this incident after it had blown up.

This incident involves the Organization Department Chief, and it is too sensitive. The District Leaders kept quiet because they did not expect a simple investigation into Guo Mingfeng would become a big saga.

Guang Ming Subdistrict Office.

Dong Xuebing was laughing in his heart when he heard Xue Qingrong and Guo Mingfeng had turned against each other. He thought to himself. My political wisdom had improved.

Dong Xuebing knows Guo Mingfeng has no evidence against Xue Qingrong. Still, his testimony had confirmed it was Xue Xiaoliang who had attacked him that night. He had used a weapon to hit Guo Mingfeng, and Dong Xuebing had retaliated to save him. This proved Dong Xuebings incident, and Xue Xiaoliang cant escape anymore. With all the District Leaders watching the investigation, it can no longer be covered up!

When it was about time to finish work, Dong Xuebings phone rang.

Its the Police officer from the District Public Security Bureau. Director Dong, the investigation is completed. Xue Xiaoliang had admitted he had attacked Guo Mingfeng first. We are proceeding with the charges against him.

Dong Xuebing knew Xue Xiaoliang had no choice but to confess because of Guo Mingfeng. Oh, what will be his punishment?

The Officer paused for a second. His sentence is not confirmed, but we proposed a fifteen days remand at a remand center.

Dong Xuebing nodded and was satisfied with this punishment. Guo Mingfengs injuries are minor, and if he had not accused Dong Xuebing, he might not even need to spend a night at the remand center. Fifteen days at a remand center is not only a punishment for Xue Xiaoliang. It is also a slap on the face for Xue Qingrong.

This incident had blown up.

But at this moment, the District had announced they would be giving Nan Shan District Organization Department Chief Xue Qingrong a verbal warning. Xue Qingrong could not escape punishment in the end, and this announcement is a form of protection for Xue Qingrong. w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ doesnt want this saga to continue and announced this punishment. This is not a harsh punishment, and it means putting a stop to this saga.

This incident had finally concluded, but Xue Qingrong is burning with rage.

His son is arrested, and he is punished.

Xue Qingrong could not accept this outcome and felt disgraced. Although he is still the Organization Department Chief, his authority had suffered a severe blow!

Dong Xuebing! Dong Xuebing!

Xue Qingrong pinned everything on Dong Xuebing!

At the same time, Dong Xuebings name appeared in front of everyone because of this incident. The way this incident had progressed is too weird. No one had expected this outcome. Dong Xuebing had beat up the District Organization Department Chiefs son, and nothing happened to him. He even sent Xue Xiaoliang into the remand center and let Chief Xue receive a verbal warning. Everyone is shocked as a Deputy Division Chief with the Districts Party Secretary as backing had lost to a twenty-five-year-old Dong Xuebing with no backing within the District!

What the h.e.l.l is going on?!

This is a miracle!

No one knows what Dong Xuebing did to win against Xue Qingrong. It happened too fast, and Xue Qingrong could not even retaliate!