Power and Wealth - Chapter 595

Chapter 595

Chapter 595 You are finished!


Guo Mingfengs apartment.

Dong Xuebing knows his opportunity is here when he heard Guo Mingfeng and his wife talking about the Districts Party Secretary. He has never been benevolent to his enemies. Voice recording? This is not the best strategy, and it is too purposeful. Furthermore, it is easy to fabricate voice recordings with todays technology. This is not the best solution, and Dong Xuebing has a more wicked plan in mind. He wants to teach Guo Mingfeng a painful lesson!

Guo Mingfeng!

I shall see how you are going to redeem yourself!

BACK 40 seconds!

Time returned to 40 seconds earlier!

Time returns to the part where Guo Mingfengs wife asked.

What are you going to do now? Dong Xuebing is fine now.

Say something! What are you going to do?

Lets wait and see. Anyway, he cant do anything to me.

He is the Director, and you think he cant do anything to you?!

Dong Xuebing laughed in his heart and checked his remaining time using MENU. It is sufficient, and he activated STOP!

Time stopped!

Dong Xuebing walked into the living room and saw Guo Mingfeng looking at his wife with a cigarette between his lips. He looked around and could not find the thing he wanted. So, he searched Guo Mingfengs pockets, but his handphone was not there. He frowned and looked around. A few moments later, he saw Guo Mingfengs phone under the sofas cus.h.i.+on.

Found it!

Dong Xuebing picks up the phone and puts back the cus.h.i.+on in its original position before returning to the bedroom. Deactivate STOP!

Time resumed!

You dont know anything. It might be possible if it is someone else. But Dong Xuebing couldnt do anything to me because he had not established any connections with the higher-ups. Secondly, he had offended Mayor Geng and w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ans wife during the wedding banquet. This is his weak point, and Xinke will not allow him to do anything to me. Without evidence, the District Government will not do anything to me.

Dong Xuebing is not angry after hearing this for the second time. He checked the Districts Party Secretarys phone number in his phone with a smile and used Guo Mingfeng to dial it. w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+s phone number is not a secret. Anyone with status can get it when they ask around. But not many dare to call him directly. Even someone at Dong Xuebings position is not allowed to call him. If he wants to speak to w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+, he has to call his secretary first. Only the District Party Committee members are allowed to call w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+s private number. But after Dong Xuebing dialed the first few numbers of w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+s number, he realized Guo Mingfeng had saved the number in his phone.

Dong Xuebing looks at the number and press call!

Ring ring ring.

The call got through. Dong Xuebing prayed in his heart. Please answer the call!

One second. Two seconds. Three seconds.

With his and Xinkes help, I might even be promoted after this incident is settled.

Huh? You might still be promoted?

I had done Xue Qingrongs son a big favor, and he will not allow Dong Xuebing to penalize me after this case is settled. I might get something good out of this!

Does that mean offending Dong Xuebing is a good move?

w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ answered as the conversation outside continued!

w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ said into the phone. h.e.l.lo, whos this? Dong Xuebing brightens up and immediately activates STOP in his heart!

Time stopped again!

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath and walked into the living room. He glanced at Guo Mingfeng and his wife and laughed. He carefully placed the phone under the cus.h.i.+on and returned to the bedroom. He took another deep breath and deactivated STOP!

Time resumed!

District Party Secretary w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ had finished work late today. He was in his Audi on his way home when his phone rang. He didnt recognize the number, and he answered.

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.

The caller is not saying anything.

w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ frowned. h.e.l.lo? h.e.l.lo?

Such calls are quite common, and w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ knows many of his subordinates have his number. w.a.n.g is a common surname, and its easily mixed up. His subordinates will also not save his number under w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+. Most of them will save it as Ans.h.i.+ Party Secretary, and his number will appear at the top in the phonebook of most peoples phone. When people forget to lock their screens, they might accidentally call w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+s phone. This happens almost every one or two months.

When w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ was about to hang up, he heard someone saying his name.

is a good move?

You are right. Who cares about offending him? He is not w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+.

Hmph! You would have shat your pants if you had offended Secretary w.a.n.g.

w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+s hand stopped and frowned. He did not hang up the call.

w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ continued to listen to the conversation, and his face changed!

A man said. Whats so great about w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+? He had gotten his position because of his wifes family. I dont think he is capable of moving up with his capabilities. He had been suppressed by Mayor Geng these few years. Both of them are almost equivalent now.

You are jealous of him.

Whats there to be jealous of?

You are jealous of his wifes family network, and she has a better figure than me!

You are wrong about this. Last year, I went to the District Party Committee and knocked into w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+s wife at a corner. My arm brushed against her breast. It felt soft, and its obvious she had used padding to increase the size. Your figure is better.

Stop touching me.

Your man had even touched the District Party Secretarys wife. Why cant I touch you?

Get lost! Its dinner time.

Haha your b.r.e.a.s.t.s are bigger than w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+s wife.

Stop it! I dare you to say this in front of w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+!

Dong Xuebing covered his forehead and couldnt bear to listen anymore.

Their laughter in the living room continues. Guo Mingfeng is in a good mood as he feels he might be promoted because of this incident, and he enters the kitchen with his wife to prepare dinner. Suddenly, the phone on the sofa rang.

Ring ring ring

Wash the vegetables while I answer this call. Guo Mingfeng returns to the living room to get his phone. He was about to answer when he saw the caller ID. Ah!

What happened? Guo Mingfengs wife asked.

w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+ is calling.

w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+? Our Districts Party Secretary?

Shh keep quiet. Guo Mingfeng doesnt know why Secretary w.a.n.g is calling him, and he answered cautiously. h.e.l.lo, Secretary w.a.n.g. Huh? Im Guo Mingfeng from Guang Ming Subdistrict Office. h.e.l.lo? h.e.l.lo? Secretary w.a.n.g? Are you there? The other party hangs up.

Guo Mingfengs wife walks out of the kitchen. What happened? What did he say?

Guo Mingfeng is puzzled. Secretary w.a.n.g only asks who am I and hangs up after I tell him my name.

I think he had called the wrong number. Guo Mingfengs wife shook her head.

Guo Mingfeng also felt the same. Why would the District Party Secretary call him? He must have dialed the wrong number. I think so too. He thought nothing about this.

Dong Xuebing almost burst out laughing. He had achieved his purpose and had no reason to remain there. He mumbled STOP!

Time stopped!

Dong Xuebing walked out of the bedroom and was about to leave. But he thought for a while and walked into the kitchen. He patted Guo Mingfengs shoulder sympathetically. He sympathizes with him. I have respect for you, Bro. You dare to touch the District Party Secretarys wife and gossip behind his back. You even dare to say he got to his position by depending on a woman, and his wifes b.r.e.a.s.t.s are soft. If this does not bring you down, I will walk backward for the rest of my life!

Guo Mingfeng and his wife were frozen in place and could not hear what Dong Xuebing said.

Dong Xuebing patted Guo Mingfengs shoulder again and walked out of the apartment. He closed the door behind him and deactivated STOP!

Dong Xuebing shook his head as he looked at Guo Mingfengs apartment before walking up the stairs. You are finished!