Power and Wealth - Chapter 520 – Drink with the bottle!

Chapter 520 – Drink with the bottle!

Chapter 520 – Drink with the bottle!

Jin Liu Fu?

Three boxes?!

The waitress is stunned for a second and moved forward. “Are you talking about beer? We have Qingtao and Yanjing beer.”

Dong Xuebing points to the bottle of Baijiu on the table. “I am talking about Baijiu. Bring three boxes to this table first! We will order again if it is not enough.”

Everyone heard it clearly and took a deep breath. They look at Dong Xuebing and wonder what is he thinking?


Three boxes of Baijiu?!

Order again if it’s not enough?! This new Director is going to risk his life!

The young waitress is speechless. She had worked here for almost two years and met all sorts of customers. Most customers will order a case of beer or two bottles of Baijiu for a table of six to seven people. This is the first time she has met someone ordering Baijiu by boxes, and it’s three boxes. There are six bottles in one box! Although Jin Liu Fu Baijiu’s alcohol content is not very high, there’s no need to be so extreme. Too much alcohol can be fatal!

The waitress looked at them and went out of the private room to get the Baijiu. She had met most of the people in the room and knows they are the Leaders from the Subdistrict Office. That’s why she did not continue to ask any more questions and got some helpers to carry the Baijiu in.

One box….

Two boxes…

Three boxes…

Three boxes of Jin Liu Fu are opened up in the room. There’s a total of 18 bottles, and everyone is getting worried.

Just looking at the bottles makes them feel drunk, let alone drink it.

Zhou Yanru wiped her forehead and quickly said. “Director Dong! This…”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “I am having some gastric problems these few days and can’t drink much. But since Secretary Geng, Chief Peng, Director Yu, and Director Guo want to drink with me, I will give you all face.”

The Secretary of the Disciplinary Work Committee, Qu Yiqiang, looks at Dong Xuebing in doubt and looks away. He continues to sit there like a statue and ignored everything that is happening around him.

Geng Xinke and his three generals exchanged looks and smiled. They can tell Dong Xuebing’s limit should be around 200 to 400 ml and is not a good drinker. This move is just trying to intimate them.

Three boxes of Baijiu?!

Who are you trying to scare?!

The ones who can sit at this table are not pushovers or weaklings. Peng Gang was not frightened by the three boxes. He loosened his belt and raised his gla.s.s. “Director Dong is indeed forthright, and I like Leaders like you. Come, let’s drink. I will drink as much as you. Cheers!” He seems to be afraid this new Director will regret and want to start drinking.

But Dong Xuebing stopped him. “Wait.”

Peng Gang replied with some impatience. “What’s wrong?”

Everyone looks at Dong Xuebing. They want to see how he is going to handle this situation.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Chief Peng, it’s not that I don’t want to drink with you. Since you all are so welcoming, we should not use such small gla.s.ses.”

Peng Gang paused for a second. “Good. Let’s switch to big gla.s.ses!” This is what he wants.

The Subdistrict staff looks at their new Director and wonder in their heart. He is already at his limit and still wants to switch to bigger gla.s.ses?

But Dong Xuebing continued with something more shocking. “Bigger gla.s.ses are meaningless too. Haha… Let’s drink from the bottle straight.”

Everyone is puzzled. What does Dong Xuebing mean? Director Geng and the rest are trying to make you drunk and embarra.s.s you, and you are suggesting to drink from the bottles? You are digging your own grave. Although he has the guts, he is too rash and impulsive. You are alone, and they have four people who can drink well. How are you going to win against them?

Peng Gang hesitated for a while and decided to give his all. “Open the bottles!”

A Staff member immediately opens two bottles and placed them in front of Dong Xuebing and Peng Gang.

Everyone froze!

No one dares to make a sound in the room.

Peng Gang picks up the bottle and knocks on Dong Xuebing’s bottle. “I shall drink first.” He placed the bottle in his mouth and finished it within a minute.

Geng Xinke smiled and clapped. “Good!”

Clap… clap… clap… everyone started cheering!

“Chief Peng is a good drinker!”


Peng Gang laughed, and his body starts to sway. 500 ml of Baijiu is a lot to him, especially when he drinks too fast. It is different from drinking slowly, and he is reaching his limit.

Dong Xuebing gave Peng Gang a thumbs up. “Good. I am impressed!”

Peng Gang gestured to Dong Xuebing to ask him to drink.

Everyone looks at Dong Xuebing, especially Zhou Yanru. She is looking at him worryingly. Geng Xinke, Yu Rongfeng, and the rest are smiling, waiting to see him embarra.s.s himself.

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat and started drinking.

Dong Xuebing drinks much slower. He has a short pause after every gulp and took around three to four minutes to finish it. No one had expected this. But after finis.h.i.+ng the bottle, his legs almost give way. Luckily, Zhou Yanru reached out in time to grab him and helped him back to his chair.

Clap… clap… clap… everyone clapped and cheered!


“Director Dong is hiding his true skills!”


Zhou Yanru saw Dong Xuebing was about to puke and said. “I think it’s enough for today. I will go and settle the bill!”

Geng Xinke laughed. “How can we end now? We are just starting.”

Yu Rongfeng added. “Director Dong had ordered three boxes, and we had only drunk two bottles. It’s not even one box.”

Dong Xuebing looks drunk, and he waved his hand. “Right! This is just starting. Hey, open two more bottles. I…” He let out a loud burb. “I will drink another bottle with Chief Peng!”

Zhou Yanru quickly stops him. “Director! You cannot drink anymore!”

“Open the bottles!” Dong Xuebing shouted. “I am not drunk!”

Guo Mingfeng added. “We are in a good mood today! Let’s continue drinking!”

Zhou Yanru is speechless when she saw Dong Xuebing grabbed a bottle. She returned to her seat and didn’t want to care anymore. She knows he will be embarra.s.sed today.

Dong Xuebing shouts. “Old Peng! Bottoms up!”

Another bottle? Peng Gang felt the hair on the back of his neck stands. Dong Xuebing is drunk, but he is also reaching his limit. His maximum alcohol tolerance is only around 500 ml, and he can never finish another bottle.

Geng Xinke smiles. “Old Peng, what are you waiting for? Everyone knows you can drink.”

Guo Mingfeng and Yu Rongfeng gave Peng Gang eye signals to ask him to drink. Dong Xuebing will blackout after this bottle.

Peng Gang clenched his teeth. “Alright! Bottoms up!” He is going all out to make Dong Xuebing drunk.

Ding! Both men raised their bottles and started drinking.

Peng Gang drunk much faster as he knows he cannot finish this bottle if he drinks slowly. So, he tried his best to finish it as fast as possible. When he finished the final mouthful, he swayed and fell facedown on the table. He was knocked out, but Dong Xuebing is still standing. He took a few more minutes to finish his bottle and sat on his seat. He needs to support himself up against the table while sitting.

The new Director still has not blackout?!

Everyone is shocked. They can see Dong Xuebing might puke if he drinks one more sip.

But the Geng’s faction is determined to show Dong Xuebing who’s the Boss today. Yu Ronggfeng looks at Dong Xuebing and said. “Director, your alcohol tolerance is impressive. I will also drink a gla.s.s with you!”

Dong Xuebing asked in a daze. “Huh? What did you say?”

Yu Rongfeng knows Dong Xuebing is at his limits and raised his voice. “I want to drink a gla.s.s with you!”

Dong Xuebing grabbed a bottle from the table. “One gla.s.s?! If you want to drink, drink a bottle! Come! Bottoms up!”

Yu Rongfeng froze. He can’t finish a bottle even if he is drinking slowly. Furthermore, he had just finished a gla.s.s earlier.

Dong Xuebing questioned Yu Rongfeng angrily. “Director Yu! Are you not giving me ‘face’?”

“No.” Yu Rongfeng cannot say no now. He used his chopsticks to grabbed a few pieces of pork from the table and stuffed it into his mouth. Although he is from the Hui tribe, he still eats pork.

Ding… both raised their bottles and knocked.

Yu Rongfeng starts to gulp down the Baijiu. Before he can finish, he put down the bottle and covered his mouth. He managed to stop himself from puking, but he collapsed the next moment. Guo Mingfeng, who is sitting beside him, caught him and helped him back to his seat.

What about Dong Xuebing?

Dong Xuebing continued to drink slowly and finished the bottle!