Power and Wealth - Chapter 470 – Things are proceeding so smoothly?

Chapter 470 – Things are proceeding so smoothly?

Chapter 470 – Things are proceeding so smoothly?

Next day. Morning.

Jia Yan received a call from Xiang Daofa when he was entered the Investment Promotion Agency.

“Uncle Xiang. How’s your leg?”

“It’s a minor injury, and I am fine. How’s your progress?”

“It’s alright. I had familiarized myself with the work here and will start contacting the investors today.”

“Good. The whole County will be watching this investment fair, and you must do a good job.”

“Don’t worry. I will surely complete this task.”

Jia Yan got to know Xiang Daofa through his father. Secretary Xiang and his father are from the same generation, and he must address him as Uncle Xiang. He has always wanted to suck up to this Party Secretary, and that’s why he dares to guarantee he will complete this task well. How is it possible the investment fair will fail with him as the leader? Not only him, even Xiang Daofa and other leaders don’t think the investment fair will fail.

A 100 million RMB project is almost confirmed. Jia Yan only needs to get tens or up to one hundred investors to partic.i.p.ate. Even if they sign contracts with two to three of them, the total investment from the fair will be at least 100 million RMB. The average investments for the past few years are only around 100 million RMB. This is the benefit of a poor County. One can easily get outstanding achievements. Someone picked by Xiang Daofa can achieve the same results within a few days compared to the previous few years.

This is a political achievement!

Dong Xuebing had prepared everything, and they only have to pluck the fruits of his labor!

After hanging up Secretary Xiang’s call, Jia Yan smiled and lit a cigarette before calling the Office Department. “Director Luo, notify the rest of the department heads to my office for a meeting. That’s all.” He had chosen to hold the meeting in his office and not the meeting room is to establish his authority. He is telling everyone within the Agency that he is the person in charge of this investment fair. He loves this feeling of having the power to order others around.

A few minutes later.

Sun Shuli, Luo Haiting, and the rest entered Jia Yan’s office.

Jia Yan looked at them and took a sip of tea.

When Dong Xuebing is around, Sun Shuli is the No. 2 in the Agency. But this new Deputy who suddenly parachuted into the Agency is holding more power than him. This is not a good feeling, and after seeing his att.i.tude, he wonders how this guy will make this investment fair a success?

“Thank you for working hard these few days.” Jia Yan smiled. “I am going to a.s.sign your tasks for the next few days. Old Sun, you will contact the investors. Not only you must invite the wealthy businessmen from our Province, and you must not forget about other regions. Contact our offsite offices to get them to contact investors to tell them about our investment fair. We must bring in investors from Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. If possible, we must also get foreign investors. According to the County’s directives, we must invite at least one hundred investors.”

One hundred?

Do you think it is so simple?

Sun Shuli, Luo Haiting, and the rest look at Jia Yan as an idiot, and no one said a word.

Jia Yan had partic.i.p.ated in the City’s investment fair, and that’s a different level. He doesn’t think it is hard to get one hundred investors. Even other Counties can easily get fifty to sixty partic.i.p.ants for their investment fair. Furthermore, he also knows many businessmen, and can easily invite at least twenty of them. He felt that these invited investors don’t need to invest as they are here to make up the numbers. Why would these investors not come? This is a free vacation to them, and food and lodging are provided. They have no obligations too.

Jia Yan felt superior after seeing everyone’s reaction. “What’s wrong?”

Sun Shuli did not hold back. “Old Jia, you are newly transferred over and might not understand the situation in Yan Tai County. It is very hard to find so many investors with just our Agency alone. Moreover, the investment fair is only a few days away, and I think we should get the County leaders to contact some investment groups.”

Jia Yan frowned. Who are you to call me Old Yan? Jia Yan is only in his early thirties and is much younger than Sun Shuli. He felt disrespected by the way he is addressed. He is very sensitive to others ‘ att.i.tudes for someone who had been stuck in the same position for five years and finally got an opportunity. “Old Sun, we must have confidence in our abilities and our County. I know our County’s economy is not as good as other Counties. Still, we also have our advantages and can attract investors. I think the reason why our previous investment fairs failed is because of the scale. They were not grand, and the scale is not big enough. That’s why some investors think our County is poor. I will raise the scale this time and create some activities like a cultural festival, or food festival, during this period. The investors can also partic.i.p.ate in it, and we can use this opportunity to promote our homegrown products.”

Jia Yan had thought for this plan a long time ago. Not only he needs to get credit for Secretary Xiang and wrestle control over the Agency from Xie Huilan, but he also needs to get some credits for himself. That’s why he wants to increase the investment fair’s scale and make it a success, as all these will be written into his resume.

Luo Haiting is speechless. “Chief Jia, are we going to increase the scale of this fair further?”

Sun Shuli disagreed. “The County has already approved everything, and we don’t have the time to make further changes.”

“We don’t need to hold any festivals. Those are just examples.” Jia Yan is very confident. “We can make changes in other areas and let investors feel the need to invest in our County.”

Luo Haiting replied. “Our County’s finance is quite tight, and Mayor Xie had just approved two million RMB to us a few days ago.”

Jia Yan casually replied. “We must not be afraid of spending if we want to make this investment fair a success. The County is taking a serious view on this fair, and we must make it perfect. If we can attract more investments, we can recover everything from their taxes and even get back several times more.”


“Director Luo, take note of the finances and try to get the funds in.”

Luo Haiting is frustrated. Do you think it is so easy to get money? Why don’t you tell this to Mayor Zhao and Mayor Xie yourself? Where am I going to get the money from?

Jia Yan issued a few more orders and asked them to leave. He continues to relax and enjoys his tea in his office.


Luo Haiting, Lin Pinging, and the rest walked down the stairs.

Sun Shuli grumbled. “He made it sound nicer than singing!”

Jiang Hailiang added. “Chief Jia had thought too highly of himself. One hundred investors?! How are we going to find them? Even twenty investors is a lot to me!”

Lin Pingping also voiced her displeasure. “He does not know about the situation and thought our jobs are easy.”

All of them are furious with Jia Yan’s over-optimistic views. No one likes someone like Jia Yan, who steals other’s credit without doing anything. Only the staff within the Agency know about the actual situation. Even Zhao Xinglong, who is in charge of the County’s investments, Xiang Daofa, and other County leaders, are not as clear about the Agency’s work. The Investment Promotion Agency is easy? How is it possible? It seems that everyone in the County thinks the Agency’s job is easy.


Although it might seem glamorous, the Agency is still the same as in previous years!

Others can only see the Investment Promotion Agency had achieved some results. Still, only Sun Shuli, Luo Haiting, and the rest know the reason for it. It is not because Yan Tai County’s economic environment had improved, or the Agency’s work had become easier. It is all because of Dong Xuebing’s crazily strong capabilities. Mr. Liang had decided to invest in Yan Tai County because Chief Dong had risked his life to drink three bottles of alcohol. Master Park’s investment is also because of Chief Dong bringing him back to the County. All these have nothing to do with the Agency or the economic environment. It is all because of their Agency Chief.

It seems that everyone had forgotten about this!


Before noon.

Jia Yan is worried the County Government is unwilling to give the Agency money, and he called Xiang Daofa to ask him about it. But the reply from him gave Jia Yan a shock.

The County Government had agreed to give him the funds.

There are no delays or obstruction, and the three million Jia Yan requested was transferred to the Agency’s account immediately. He thought the Agency staff would refuse to listen to his orders, but this is not the case. Luo Haiting, Sun Shuli, and the rest are all cooperative and continued with their work.

How come everything is proceeding so smoothly?

Jia Yan couldn’t believe his eyes. It is too easy to get this credit.

Even Xiang Daofa and other leaders within the County are surprised when they heard the County Government had approved the funds.

What is Mayor Xie trying to do?

The Mayor had strongly opposed Jia Yan taking over Dong Xuebing’s duties and had raised her objections during the committee meeting. Why is she cooperating with Jia Yan now? She is giving in to his demands for more funds and manpower now. Is she putting aside her rivalry for the County’s economic growth?

Many people are confused by Mayor Xie’s actions and wondered what she is thinking.

Xiang Daofa knows his rival well and felt Xie Huilan is plotting something. He frowned and called Jia Yan to remind him again not to overlook anything, and there must not be any problems with this fair.

Jia Yan thought to himself. The credit will be mine, and what can go wrong?