Power and Wealth - Chapter 457 – Shocking!

Chapter 457 – Shocking!

Chapter 457 – Shocking!

Li Hong is dead?!

Dong Xuebing had seen her yesterday, and she is dead today?!

Dong Xuebing quickly got out of his bed and asked with a frown. “What happened?”

Deputy Team Leader Feng seems to be in a car, as Dong Xuebing can hear the engine in the background. “I had just returned from the scene. Someone reported around 6 am, saying there is a woman covered in blood on the road west of the quarters. She seems to be knocked by a car. When the ambulance and traffic police arrive, she had pa.s.sed away. We know her ident.i.ty from her ID, and Chief Lui has confirmed the victim is his wife.”

“Traffic accident?” Dong Xuebing asked curiously. “Detectives also need to investigate traffic accidents?”

Deputy Team Leader Feng replied. “The victim has injuries, and we suspect this might be murder, or someone had pushed her onto the road. But we still have not caught the driver. We will need to drop by the Investment Promotion Agency to understand more about her. I heard Li Hong’s private life is a bit… messy? This is also one direction to investigate.”

Murder? Crime of pa.s.sion? Dong Xuebing felt this is serious and quickly change and drove to the Agency after hanging up.

A police car is parked in front of the Agency’s building, and two officers are interviewing Luo Haiting and Sun Shuli.

Dong Xuebing parked his Santana and waved to the staff members. “Get back to work! Stop hanging around here!”

The crowd disperses and entered the building.

The two officers greeted Dong Xuebing politely. “Chief Dong.” Dong Xuebing is well respected within the Public Security Bureau.

Dong Xuebing asked. “Has the driver been caught?”

“We had identified the vehicle from a CCTV one kilometer away. It is a van, and we are trying to catch the driver now.” The two officers asked about Li Hong and left.

Sun Shuli sighed, and Luo Haiting is also feeling down. Their relations.h.i.+ps with Lui Dafa have never been good, and they did not get along with Li Hong. But they are all staying in the quarters and b.u.mp into each other often. They did not expect someone whom they met yesterday is discovered dead the next day.

A living person is just gone like this.

But the pa.s.sing of a Deputy Chief’s family member will not affect the Investment Promotion Agency’s work. Dong Xuebing called Lui Dafa to offer his condolences first after he reaches his office. Although they are not on good terms, Dong Xuebing will not mention their grudges now. No matter what, Lui Dafa is still his subordinate, and he must show some concern towards him.

But Lui Dafa did not sound emotional. His voice is deeper, and Dong Xuebing can hear his son, Lui Xiaolei, crying in the background.

Dong Xuebing shook his head. He doesn’t know if Lui Dafa is too devastated or not too bothered over Li Hong’s death. If it is the second reason, then this guy is too heartless. After all, they are husband and wife, and even if Li Hong has an affair with his brother, he should still feel sad.

Never mind. This is Lui Dafa’s family matters, and Dong Xuebing can’t be bothered.


The Investment Promotion Agency continued with their work. Other than a few people discussing Lui Dafa’s wife, their work still carried on smoothly.

Unknown to everyone, this matter is only starting.

At around 10 am, Dong Xuebing was informed that the van driver is arrested. It is a mini school bus driver. He was driving along that road when the deceased, Li Hong, was suddenly pushed onto the road in front of the van. The driver could not stop in time and knocked on her. He was stunned and quickly drove away. He checked on his rear-viewed mirror as he drove away and did not see the person who pushed Li Hong. The driver could only remember it was a man and could not remember anything else.

Is this murder?

Or is it an accident?

Dong Xuebing remembered Lui Dafa and Li Hong arguing about their son being hospitalized yesterday. Li Hong should be going to the hospital in the morning to visit her son. Then is Lui Dafa with her at that time? Maybe they started arguing and fighting along that road, and she was pushed onto the road. This is possible, and Lui Dafa’s brother is also another suspect. Deputy Team Leader Feng had started investigating this direction.

The investment fair is about to start, and Dong Xuebing doesn’t want any negative news to affect it. That’s why he is very concerned about this case.

Ten minutes…

Thirty minutes…

One hour….

After collecting the evidence, the Police got a shock when they go through it!

At the same time, Dong Xuebing received a call from Deputy Team Leader Feng again. He was shocked too!

How is this possible?

Not long later, a police car turns into the Investment Promotion Agency. Everyone thought the Police is here again to investigate Li Hong’s case. But the Police entered Chief Dong’s office and left him in the police car.

Chief Dong is brought away by the Police?!

Luo Haiting, Guo Panwei, and the rest are shocked. What is going on?!


County Public Security Bureau.

Interrogation room.

Dong Xuebing crossed his legs and lit a cigarette. He lifts his head and looks at the Public Security Bureau Executive Deputy Chief, Hu Yiguo. “I hope you all have the proper paperwork and approvals to interrogate a government staff. Don’t you think it’s too much to come to my Investment Promotion Agency to bring me back, Chief Hu?”

Hu Yiguo and Dong Xuebing are rivals and had never got along well in the Public Security Bureau.

Hu Yiguo looks at Dong Xuebing. “Don’t worry. We have applied for it.”

“Good.” Dong Xuebing looks at the two officers sitting opposite him. “What do you all want to know?”

Hu Yiguo asked. “Where are you this morning from 5.30 am to 6 am? Who are you with, and what are you doing?”

Dong Xuebing snubbed the cigarette. “I am sleeping at home.”

“In the Party Committee Quarters? Do you have any witnesses?”

“What do you mean?”

“No witness?” Hu Yiguo threw a doc.u.ment onto the table, and there is a photograph of a bloodied woman’s handbag. “This is the deceased Li Hong’s handbag. Can you explain how come your fingerprints are on the handbag? There’s more than one fingerprint. Your prints are all over the bag!”

Dong Xuebing had heard about this from Deputy Team Leader Feng, and he narrowed his eyes. “Are you all suspecting that I killed Li Hong?”

“We are investigating into this case, and we don’t rule out this possibility!”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Then can you tell me why I want to kill her?”

Hu Yiguo took out another doc.u.ment. “Based on our investigations, Li Hong had several conflicts with you and also hurt your helper’s face. Before this incident, someone saw you arguing with Li Hong in the Investment Promotion Agency. Li Hong’s body also showed signs of struggle before her death, and your fingerprints are found on her bag. Can you explain what happened, Chief Dong?”

Dong Xuebing sneered. “It should be your job to investigate this. I can just tell you all that I had never left my apartment last night. I don’t know about the fingerprints. I might have touched her bag accidentally in the past, or someone is trying to set me up. What about other fingerprints on her clothes and body?”

Hu Yiguo replied. “The deceased is wearing cotton material clothing, and no prints can be lifted from it.”

“What about CCTV? There should be CCTV cameras along the roads near to the quarters.”

“That will not prove that you did not leave the family quarters this morning. The cameras will not capture you if you are not driving or purposely walked along with the cameras’ blind spots. Also, no one can prove that you had been at home. Of course, we are not saying you had murdered her. Maybe you had argued with the deceased and accidentally pushed her onto the road. Legally, this is considered manslaughter.”

“Bulls.h.i.+t!” Dong Xuebing is furious.

Hu Yiguo knew he could not get anything out from Dong Xuebing and left the room.

After Hu Yiguo left, an officer said to Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong, we also believe you have nothing to do with this case. But the evidence is against you now. Only Li Hong and your fingerprints are found on the handbag. Even… Chief Lui’s prints are not found on it.”

Dong Xuebing knew about this.

Fingerprints? Why are my fingerprints found on Li Hong’s bag? d.a.m.n! Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d is trying to frame me?!

Dong Xuebing felt this is too weird and couldn’t understand what is going on. Even if someone is trying to frame him, that person must let him touch the bag to leave his prints. But he did not remember anyone doing that. Could it be this happened when he was sleeping? But this is impossible.

Dong Xuebing thought hard about this and suddenly remembered! He slapped his forehead.

Dong Xuebing remembered that he had used STOP to enter Lui Dafa’s apartment to take pictures of Li Hong and Lui Dacai. Before he took the pictures, he had entered their bedroom to look for evidence against Lui Dafa. He had checked through all the drawers, closets, and even under the bed. He must have left his prints then!

d.a.m.n! That’s how his fingerprints got onto the bag!

Dong Xuebing finally understands that no one is trying to frame him because no one knows he had touched that bag before! This is a coincidence!

d.a.m.n! Why am I so unlucky?

But how is he going to explain? Tell the Public Security that he had secretly entered Lui Dafa’s house before?!

Dong Xuebing suddenly felt this had become serious, and his heart started beating fast.