Power and Wealth - Chapter 357 – Five hundred million

Chapter 357 – Five hundred million

Chapter 357 – Five hundred million

Yuanxiao festive is over, and the Lunar New Year has ended.

Monday morning. Investment Promotion Agency’s compound.

Today’s weather is fine, and one can smell the gra.s.s in the breeze.

Dong Xuebing sat in his office, reading the reports on the progress of the tasks he a.s.signed last week. He will frown or nod every now and then. After a while, he lit a cigarette and thought about his plans. He had settled the internal affairs of the Agency and had taken control of it. His next task is to bring in investments to get results. He needed results not only for his promotion or marriage, but he also wants to do something for the people in Yan Tai County. No matter what, he must bring in investments to the County.

Dong Xuebing took a sip of water and was deep in his thoughts.

Guo Panwei saw Dong Xuebing’s teacup almost empty and quickly bring the hot flask to top up his cup.

“Panwei.” Dong Xuebing looks at Guo Panwei. “You have mingled around in the Agency the past few days. How is the progress of getting investors? Are the staff working hard?”

Guo Panwei felt Chief Dong is testing him. He paused for a second and replied cautiously. “To be honest, everyone is working pa.s.sionately. After all, they will get commissions for every investment they brought to the County. 1% or 2% commission is not a small amount. I noticed the Business Sections had tried their best to get investments but to no avail. They had treated businessmen to lunch and dinners, but they failed to get their investments in the end. Since Lunar New Year, they had only gotten a few million investments.

Dong Xuebing nodded. “This is all our fault. We had not done a good job.”

“But this might also be because of Yan Tai County’s geographical position.” Guo Panwei added. “Everyone in the Agency is impressed with your plans and proposals. This is not your problem.:

Dong Xuebing laughed. “It is my problem if we cannot get investors.”

Guo Panwei replied. “I think it is our people who had not followed your proposals.”

“Alright. Stop your flattery.” Dong Xuebing laughed. Sometimes Guo Panwei’s flattery can cheer Dong Xuebing up. This is also a form of stress-relieving. This is also one of the reasons why Dong Xuebing transferred Guo Panwei over to a.s.sist him. Joking occasionally is not bad. “Actually, I have not thought of the Agency to change overnight. It’s quite impossible.”

Guo Panwei smiled. “With you around, nothing is impossible.”

Dong Xuebing laughed and looked at his watch. “The County’s meeting should end soon.”

“Do you want me to call and ask?”

“No need.”

The County Government has a meeting this morning to discuss the various departments’ plans. The Investment Promotion Agency’s target and development will also be discussed in this meeting. The outcome will be announced before noon. That’s why Dong Xuebing is concerned. Last year, the Investment Promotion Agency broke its record by getting 203 million RMB worth of investments. It is way higher than their target of 150 million RMB. This figure is the stated amount on the contracts and not the Investment Promotion Agency’s actual amount. This year’s target will definitely be higher than the previous year’s 150 million RMB. But no one knows how much higher.

Not only Dong Xuebing is concerned about this year’s target, many other leaders within the Agency are also waiting for news.

If the County Government set 200 million RMB worth of investments as this year’s target, it will be too stressful. Someone will have to bear the responsibility if they cannot achieve the target.

That’s why everyone in the Agency is hoping for the target to be lower.

Ring… ring… ring… the phone on the desk rang.

Guo Panwei quickly answered. “h.e.l.lo, Chief’s Office… Oh… yes… Please hang on for a moment.”

Guo Panwei pa.s.sed the phone to Dong Xuebing and whispered. “Mayor Zhao is looking for you.”

Dong Xuebing answered. “Mayor Zhao, I’m Dong Xuebing.”

Deputy Mayor Zhao Xinglong is in-charge of the Investment Promotion Agency. “Chief Dong, the meeting is over, and your target for this year is out. Can you come over to my office? It is hard to tell you over the phone.”

“Alright. I will go over now.” After hanging up, Dong Xuebing said to Guo Panwei. “Panwei, let’s go to the County Government now.”

Guo Panwei is currently Dong Xuebing’s secretary c.u.m driver. After they reached downstairs, he opened the rear pa.s.senger door for Dong Xuebing and drove towards the County Government. Along the way, Dong Xuebing has a bad premonition. Zhao Xinglong had hinted to Dong Xuebing that this year’s target will be slightly higher than the previous years before the meeting. But if the target is only slightly higher, he should tell Dong Xuebing over the phone and not ask Dong Xuebing to go to his office. Something must have happened.

County Government Building.

Deputy Mayor Office.

Knock… knock… Dong Xuebing knocked and entered the office. “Mayor Zhao, this year’s target for the Investment Promotion Agency…”

“Don’t be anxious. Take a seat.” Zhao Xinglong is a straightforward person, but today he did not go into the main topic immediately. Instead, he asked about Dong Xuebing’s work and the situation in the Agency.

Dong Xuebing can only answer Zhao Xinglong’s questions. He has a bad feeling something is wrong in his heart.

After chatting for a while, Zhao Xinglong said. “Chief Dong, you must be prepared. The Investment Promotion Agency’s target is quite high.”

Dong Xuebing looked at Zhao Xinglong. “How much?”

Zhao Xinglong replied in a serious tone. “500 million.”

“500 million?!” Dong Xuebing drew a deep breath. “This is 350 million more than last year’s target! Mayor Zhao, you all cannot do this to us. Our staff had pushed themselves to their limits to achieve 200 million RMB last year and broke our County’s historical records. How can our target be increased by so much?! We should not try to run before we can even walk!”

Zhao Xinglong sighed in his heart. He is also under great pressure. “The County Government had not set this target during our discussions before today’s meeting. But during the Party Committee meeting this morning, the Committee wants to focus on the economic developments of our County and want our County to be on par with our surrounding cities and counties. That’s why this target of 500 million RMB comes about. The County has high hopes on the Investment Promotion Agency, and the Finance Department will be issuing 3 million RMB to support the Agency’s work.”

Dong Xuebing had a terrible look on his face. “What if we cannot achieve this target?”

Zhao Xinglong replied. “Every individual will be held responsible.”

“That means I will be fired?”

“Not really.” Zhao Xinglong continued. “I will also be held responsible if the Investment Promotion Agency cannot complete this mission. That’s why the Investment Promotion Agency must do a good job as the whole County is watching us.”

Xiang Daofa again!

Are you finding trouble with me again?!

But Dong Xuebing knew he is a n.o.body, and Xiang Daofa is doing this to deal with Xie Huilan. Of course, Xiang Daofa might also be doing this for the County, as he will get some credit if the County’s economy improves. But the target of 500 million RMB is too ridiculous. If Dong Xuebing cannot achieve it, Xiang Daofa will use this opportunity to get rid of him.

After leaving Zhao Xinglong’s office, Dong Xuebing went upstairs to look for Xie Huilan.

Dong Xuebing did not ask Secretary Hu if Xie Huilan is in her office. He just knocked and entered her office.

Xie Huilan, who is wearing a fitting suit, is on the phone with a smile. She saw Dong Xuebing entering her office and points to the chair in front, asking him to sit. “… Ok… Just do as we discussed… alright. I still have some work to handle now. That’s all.” After hanging up, Xie Huilan looks at Dong Xuebing and smiles. “Haha… I knew you will come to me to complain about.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “What else can I say?! The target is 500 million! Why not give us a target of 5 billion?!”

Xie Huilan laughed. “Don’t be mad. Haha… a few days ago, I heard you told everyone that if other counties can achieve it, so can we. Some Counties had successfully attracted more than a billion RMB worth of investments…”

Dong Xuebing is worried someone might hear their conversation and is careful with his words. “Mayor Xie, I was only encouraging the staff… but… never mind. I know nothing will change no matter what I say. The Party Committee had set this target, and nothing will change.” Dong Xuebing is still emotional.

Xie Huilan glanced at Dong Xuebing and pushed her teacup forward. “Have some water first.”

Dong Xuebing picked up the cup and drank everything.

Xie Huilan laughed. “Actually, I do agree to increase the Investment Promotion Agency’s target. Giving the Investment Promotion Agency some pressure, funds, and with the support of the whole County, I don’t believe the Agency cannot do a good job, right? But you are just appointed, and I don’t want to give you additional pressure. But now, Party Secretary Xiang had set this target for you. Just treat it as the instructions come from me. This year, I also want a huge increase in the County’s investments. Your responsibility is great, and you must not bring your emotions into your work.”

Dong Xuebing kept quiet for a while and said. “I am not saying that I will give up. Fine… Since you say this, I will also promise you. It is only 500 million! I will bring in 500 million worth of investments into the County even if it cost my life! If I cannot achieve this target, I will give you my resignation letter the next day!”

Xie Huilan looks at Dong Xuebing lovingly. “Haha… I will pretend not to hear your last sentence.”

Dong Xuebing is determined to go all out for Yan Tai County, the people here, his marriage, and his career. He had no other choice but to force himself!

It is only 500 million!

Challenge accepted!