Power and Wealth - Chapter 353 – Pictures!

Chapter 353 – Pictures!

Chapter 353 – Pictures!


Lui Dafa’s apartment.

Dong Xuebing closed the doors of the bedroom and took a deep breath. He wondered if his eyes had played tricks on him because this is too… Brother and Sister-in-law?! How can this happen?! Dong Xuebing wonders if he had mistaken them during the time-stop. Lui Dacai and Li Hong might not be having an affair. Maybe Li Hong had tripped, and Lui Dacai just happened to catch her to stop her from falling. Dong Xuebing calmed himself down and wanted to confirm his doubts. He snapped his fingers.




Time resumed, but it was quiet outside of the room.

Dong Xuebing frowned. If Li Hong had tripped, they should be having some conversations. He moved closer to the door and pressed his ear against it. ‘Muah… muah… muah…’ It sounded like kissing, and Dong Xuebing can hear fast breathing.

Is this real?!

These two people are really having an affair!

Dong Xuebing is overjoyed. This should be fun!

“Dacai… *panting… you… *panting… why are you so anxious?” Li Hong said.

“I can’t help it. I had no opportunity to touch you for many days.” Lui Dacai replied. “Sister-in-law…”

Li Hong grumbled. “Your brother had been at home thinking of ways to deal with Dong Xuebing. I also cannot get any opportunity to go out… Ah…. Don’t kiss there… Ahh… when he is not around, Xiao Lei will be home. I… ah… ah… I cannot go out to meet you. Luckily, I sent Xiao Lei to his grandfather’s place last night. Ah… this time… Ah… we only have about 30 minutes… quick… your brother might come back earlier… Ah… don’t take off all our clothes.”

Lui Dacai replied impatiently. “Let’s go to the room.”

Dong Xuebing got a shock and was about to stop time to hide.

Li Hong refused. “No… your brother will know if we wet the bedsheets. Furthermore, the smell will linger, and it’s not easy to air it. Just do it on the sofa. Quick… open the windows slightly, and the smell will be gone before your brother comes back.”


After hearing their conversation, Dong Xuebing knew their affair did not start recently. When he thought about Li Hong’s looks and figure, he almost vomited. Only Lui Dacai is interested in that old hag. Hmmm…. Lui Dacai is also ugly, and they are quite compatible…. Dong Xuebing is speechless after finding out about this affair. Lui Dafa… Lui Dafa… you are thinking of dealing with me every day, and your brother had been sleeping with your wife more than once! Cuckold by your own brother! This is too disgusting!

Dong Xuebing took out his mobile phone and waited patiently.

One minute… two minutes… three minutes…

“Sister-in-law… can I enter now?”

“Hurry up! What are you waiting for?! Hurry and put it in!”


“Ah… ah… ah…”

Dong Xuebing can hear the sofa squeaking in the living room and knew it’s the time!




The whole world becomes quiet!

Time had stopped!

Dong Xuebing opened the bedroom door with a cold smile and walks out, closing the door behind him.

Li Hong is still wearing her top, but her pants were pulled down to her knees. She is leaning over the sofa with her legs spread and mouth opened widely. She seems to be inhaling, while Lui Dacai stood behind her. He had removed his pants, and it was thrown over the coffee table. He looks excited and enjoying himself. One of his hands is pressing Li Hong down and is entering her from behind.

Dong Xuebing looks at them in disgust. This family is too gross.

Dong Xuebing took out his phone and walks around them, looking for the perfect angle. He found the perfect angle, which is in front of the TV in the living room. Li Hong and Lui Dacai will not see the camera, and the picture from this angle will show their faces and private parts. Anyone who saw this picture will know what they are doing.

Everything is ready, and Dong Xuebing placed his finger on the shutter.




Time resumed!

“Sister-in-law… ah… sister-in-law…”

“Dacai… my lovely brother… ah…”

Dong Xuebing pressed the shutter, but he forgot to mute his phone’s camera. Click!

Li Hong and Lui Dacai heard it and were about to turn towards the TV!

STOP! Dong Xuebing quickly shouted the command in his heart!

Time had stopped again!

Dong Xuebing looked at their expression and did not waste time. He quickly moves to the other side of the living room and mutes his phone before pointing the camera.


Li Hong and Lui Dacai turned to the TV and did not find anything amiss.

“What was that sound?”

“I don’t know… It sounded like a click.”

“Just ignore it. Dacai… move faster!”

Dong Xuebing used this distraction to take a few more pictures!

Dong Xuebing is still standing around in the living with Li Hong and Lui Dacai, and even without seeing him, they can sense him. For example, Dong Xuebing’s breathing, finger pressing the shutter, shadow, and many more minor details. Li Hong and Lui Dacai moved a few more times and felt Dong Xuebing’s presence. Li Hong turned behind, and Lui Dacai turned towards the door.



Dong Xuebing stopped the time again. He kept his phone and walked out of the front door before closing the door behind him softly. After the door is closed, he snapped his finger and mumbled STOP! under his breath. Time resumed, and he walked out of the estate towards his Mercedes MPV. After boarding his car, he took out his phone and checked the pictures. Dong Xuebing nodded with satisfaction and drove off!

While driving, Dong Xuebing called Liu Dahai. “h.e.l.lo, Old Liu, are you sleeping?”

“It’s only 8 plus. I don’t sleep so early.” Liu Dahai asked softly. “Anything?”

Dong Xuebing continued to drive and said. “I need a favor from you. I am driving towards Hui Tian Village. Wait for me there. I need you to print some pictures from my phone for me. It’s not those film pictures. You know many people, and I can be a.s.sured to let you handle this. Alright, I will tell you the details when we meet.”

“Ok. I will wait for you, Sir.”

“Haha… stop calling me that.”

“This is respect for my old leader.”

“Stop it. You are much older than me.”

Dong Xuebing hanged up after joking for a while.

Dong Xuebing had looked for Liu Dahai is because of their relations.h.i.+p. He had saved Liu Dahai’s life, and he cannot develop these pictures himself. These are nude photos, and he can’t pick a random shop on the streets to print them. No shop will do his business, and he will also be exposed. Furthermore, Dong Xuebing was transferred to Yan Tai County for about a year and does not know many people. But Liu Dahai is different. He is based in Yan Tai County for many years, and he knows his way around.

It’s a dark and windy night.

After driving for a while, Dong Xuebing finally reach Hui Tian Village.

Dong Xuebing met up with Liu Dahai in an alley near the latter’s house.

Liu Dahai is very cautious. He wore all black, and before he approached Dong Xuebing’s Mercedes MPV, he looks around to make sure there are no one else before getting into the car. “Chief Dong, what photos do you want to print?”

Dong Xuebing took out his mobile phone and tapped on it a few times. “Someone tried to frame me, and I cannot sit around. You might not know who these people in the pictures are, but the woman is Lui Dafa’s wife. I am not sure how to print these pictures, but most photo studios can do it. Get someone you trust to do it, and don’t let too many people know about this.” Dong Xuebing showed Liu Dahai the photographs.

Liu Dahai looked at the pictures and didn’t recognize the people in it. “Alright. Leave this to me. I will do it myself.” He knew Chief Dong had come to Hui Tian Village to look for him because it is confidential and urgent. “Please wait for me here. It will take one hour… no forty minutes should be enough. How many copies do you need?”

“Print three copies.”

Liu Dahai is very efficient. After leaving for a while, he returned with a brown paper envelope.

Dong Xuebing opened the envelope and nodded. His phone’s camera cannot take high-quality pictures like digital cameras or film cameras. Still, the faces can clearly be seen in the pictures. He kept a copy of the photographs in his pocket. “I will keep a copy, and I need you to do something. Here are two addresses, names of the recipients and departments. You must not make any mistakes, and these two copies must be sent to these addresses tomorrow.”

Liu Dahai quickly took out his notebook to write down the addresses and departments.

After a while, Dong Xuebing drove back to the County’s City.

Before Dong Xuebing reached his hotel, his phone rang. Xie Huilan had called. “I heard you had gotten the Public Security Bureau to arrest three Officers from the City Police Station? Did someone make a move on you?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Yes. Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds tried to frame me.”

Xie Huilan paused for a second and narrowed her eyes. “Alright. I will handle the rest. You don’t need to interfere with this.”

Dong Xuebing quickly replies. “No… I said I can handle this. Don’t you trust me? Hahaha… don’t worry about me. They are trying to get me in trouble and want to tarnish your reputation?! They can go to h.e.l.l! I will eliminate every single person they send! I will show them who is tougher!”

“You found a solution?”

“It’s settled. Just wait and see tomorrow!”

“Haha… alright. I am looking forward to seeing how my Xiao Bing handles this situation.”