Power and Wealth - Chapter 33 – Massaging Aunt Xuan

Chapter 33 – Massaging Aunt Xuan

Chapter 33 – Ma.s.saging Aunt Xuan

“2 sets?” The sales a.s.sistant did not expect Dong Xuebing to be so generous. She immediately smiled and said: “Please wait a while.”

“Wait.” Qu Yunxuan was stunned and then gave Dong Xuebing a slap on the back of his head. “What are you doing? It’s costly.”

Dong Xuebing rubbed his head. “It’s fine as long as you like it. I had never given you any gifts before. Now I have some money, just let me give you something.”

“You are buying this phone for me? I don’t want it. You have just started work, and you should not be spending your money like this.” Qu Yunxuan turned to the sales a.s.sistant. “Sorry, we don’t want it.”

Dong Xuebing ignored her and said: “We want. Please issue the receipt.”

Qu Yunxuan raised her hand in anger. “I will hit you.”

“Even if you knock me out, I will also buy this iPhone 4 for you.”

“You……” Qu Yunxuan turned her head around and ignore Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing chose the color of the phone, the screen protector and also the leather casing. After making the payments, the sales a.s.sistant took out the iPhones to do the setup. Dong Xuebing thought buying a phone was a quick and easy thing. All he needs to do was to pay for it. Apple phones need a different size sim card, put on the screen protector and register online. It was very troublesome.

After a while, the sales a.s.sistant smiled to Qu Yunxuan: “iPhone’s sim card is different from our phones. Can you give me your sim card? I need to cut it smaller.”

Qu Yunxuan kept quiet.

Dong Xuebing smiled and touched Qu Yunxuan’s elbow. “Why are you behaving like this?”

Qu Yunxuan continued to ignore him.

Dong Xuebing rolled his eyes. “I have already paid for it, and there are no refunds. If you really don’t want it, I will give it to someone else.”

Qu Yunxuan glanced at him and gave him a knock on his head. “You are wasting your money.” She paused for a while and then took out her handphone slowly from her handbag. She took out the sim card and pa.s.s it to the sales a.s.sistant. “Do you have other colors for the leather casing? Can I take a look? Hmmm…… This is nicer. Yes, we will take this…… Oh, do you have movies and songs here…… help us store it in the phones too…... yes…… Thank you……”

Half an hour later, Qu Yunxuan was playing with her iPhone 4. She really likes it.

Dong Xuebing smiled happily: “Aunt Xuan, this iPhone 4 looks nicer when you are holding it in your hands. I think Apple should get you to endorse their phones.” If it were the past Dong Xuebing who was still in University, he would never say such things. But after working for the government, he learned how to speak pleasant words to others.

Qu Yunxuan laughed and rolled her eyes. “No more next time.” She casually wrapped her hand around Dong Xuebing’s arm. “Our Xiao Bing had grown up and can earn money. He also knows how to buy gifts for others. Hahaha…… When our Xiao Bing becomes a great leader, I will also be proud.”

She was holding on to Dong Xuebing’s arm, and Dong Xuebing was nervous.

This was the first time a girl was holding onto his arms.

At about 9 pm, Dong Xuebing and Qu Yunxuan reached home, and they placed the shopping bags on the coffee table.

Qu Yunxuan sat on Dong Xuebing’s home sofa and played with her new phone. “The shop was closing just now and could not find the songs I wanted. Xiao Bing, tomorrow help me download some songs from the internet. I want to use it as my ringtone.” She stood up and used her phone to take some selfies. She showed her pictures to Dong Xuebing and asked. “How is it?”

Dong Xuebing smiled: “No matter how you take the pictures, it will also turn out beautiful.”

Qu Yunxuan laughed. “You really know how to cheer me up.”

“I am telling you the truth. No matter if it is a 300,000 pixels camera or a 5 million pixels camera, you will still look pretty.”

“Nonsense.” Qu Yuxuan rolled her eyes and pulled Dong Xuebing closer to her on the sofa. She wrapped her arm around Dong Xuebing’s arm and lifted the phone higher to take a selfie. “Smile when you are taking pictures with me.”

Dong Xuebing could feel his arm pressing against Qu Yunxuan’s breast. He forced a smile, and it looks weird.

After the picture was taken, Qu Yunxuan laughed. “What is wrong with this expression? You look stupid.”

Dong Xuebing blushed and thought to himself. You are pressing against me and how can I not be nervous?

After playing with the phone for a while, Qu Yunxuan kept phone and start to pack the newly bought clothes. She packed the clothes int Dong Xuebing’s closet and cut those patched and faded clothes into small pieces of clothes. “It is a waste to throw these clothes away. I will cut them into small pieces, and you can use them as rags to wipe the tables.” Qu Yunxuan monthly salary was not low, but she was a thrifty person.

This was also why Dong Xuebing was attracted to her. He looked at Qu Yunxuan and stuttered: “Aunt Xuan…… I…… I like……”

Qu Yunxuan shook the rag in her hands and turned around: “What did you say?”

“I like…… like……” Dong Xuebing was sweating. But he could not say the full sentence. Qu Yunxuan was the prettiest woman he ever met in his life. She had a good figure, kind-hearted, a good career, etc. She does not have anything bad about her. Dong Xuebing really wanted to take her as his bride and wanted to confess to her. But their relations.h.i.+p had just evolved from being good neighbors to close friends. If he confessed to her, she might feel uncomfortable and, in the future, they might no longer be as close as now. This was not something Dong Xuebing wanted to see.

Dong Xuebing remembered that he still had not used BACK today.

If Qu Yunxuan rejects him, he can still use BACK to turn back the time. This way, both of them will not feel awkward.

That’s right. This should do it.

“What did you say? Wash (Wash and like sound similar in Chinese)?” Qu Yunxuan laughed. “You have dirty laundries to wash?” Why are you stuttering and so shy?”

Qu Yunxuan ignored him and walked to the washroom to pick up Dong Xuebing’s dirty socks and underwear. “Ok. Leave these to me. Is there anything else you need me to help you wash?”

Dong Xuebing wanted to bury his head in a hole on the ground. He rushed forward and tried to take back his socks and underwear. “I can wash these myself.”

“Go away.” Qu Yunxuan moved her shoulders to avoid Dong Xuebing. But she shouted “ouch” when she moved her shoulders. “Stop trying to s.n.a.t.c.h these clothes. My neck hurts.”

Dong Xuebing panicked. “Are you okay? I’m sorry. I did not hurt you on purpose.”

Qu Yunxuan sat down and ma.s.sage her neck: “It’s not your fault. I have been having neck pains for a while.”

Dong Xuebing felt guilty. “Let me help you ma.s.sage your neck.”

“No need. It should get better after a good night sleep.”

“No……” Dong Xuebing replied. “Go and lie down in the room. I will ma.s.sage you.”

Qu Yunxuan hesitated and agreed. “Hahaha…. Ok.”

Dong Xuebing took in a deep breath and readied himself to confess to her.