Power and Wealth - Chapter 316 – Sister Yu had recovered!

Chapter 316 – Sister Yu had recovered!

Chapter 316 – Sister Yu had recovered!


North Heping Road. Dong Xuebing’s apartment.

It’s a bright morning, but Dong Xuebing is still under his warm blanket in his bed.

The heater is not very warm in Dong Xuebing’s apartment, and it’s more comfortable under the covers.

After arriving in Beijing last night, Dong Xuebing returned to this one-bedroom apartment. It’s been a while since anyone stayed in the apartment, and the furniture is covered in a layer of dust. Dong Xuebing had to clean up until the middle of the night before he can get a hot shower and sleep. He felt relaxed without any pressure, and he just needs to remain in Beijing to wait for Sister Yu to return. After that, they will return to Yan Tai County together.

But it’s boring without anything to do.

Qu Yunxuan and her parents had gone to Hong Kong and Macau for vacation and will return after Lunar New Year.

Dong Xuebing is free, and smoked a few cigarettes on the bed, thinking of what to do later. Sigh… Dong Xuebing wonders if Sister Yu had removed her bandages.

Dong Xuebing called Yu Meixia, but the line did not get through.

As Dong Xuebing was about to try calling again, his phone rang.

Dong Xuebing looked at the number and smiled. He ruffled his hair and sat up to answer the call. “h.e.l.lo, Xiao Qianqian…”

“Big Brother… Sob… sob… sob…” Yu Qianqian cried over the phone.

“Ah… stop crying…” Dong Xuebing panicked. “What’s wrong?”

Yu Meixia sobbed as she asked, “My mum… her… face…”

Dong Xuebing knew he could not hide this matter from Yu Qianqian. “I’m sorry. You were preparing for your exams a while ago, and your mother and I do not want to make you worry. Yes, your mother’s face was scratched, and I had accompanied her to Korea for treatment. She should be removing her bandages today, and if the surgery is successful, there will not be any scars. Don’t worry, and we will be back in a few days.”

“Sob… my mum… my mum is really going to be alright?”

“Haha… I promise I will return your mother in one piece, alright? Stop crying, ok?”

Yu Qianqian stopped crying and sniffled. “… Ok!”

Dong Xuebing continued. “Alright. Remember to do your holiday homework, and I will check after I return.” Dong Xuebing coaxed Yu Qianqian for a while more before hanging up.

Sigh… Let’s hope for the best for Sister Yu.

No! I cannot hope for the best! Sister Yu must recover her looks!

Dong Xuebing stopped himself from overthinking and got out of bed to wash up. After that, he went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. His breakfast is two sunny sides up eggs and a cup of expired instant coffee.

Ring… ring… ring…

As Dong Xuebing was was.h.i.+ng the dishes, his phone rang.

Dong Xuebing wiped his hands and walks out to the living room to get his phone. He saw Yu Meixia’s number and answered. “Sister Yu? Have you removed your bandages?”

“… Yes… It’s removed.”

“How is it?” Dong Xuebing asked worryingly.

Yu Meixia’s background is very noisy. “I… I am at Beijing Airport, and had just got off the plane.”

“Huh?” Dong Xuebing was stunned. “You are back?! Why didn’t you inform me earlier? Wait for me. I will go and fetch you now.”

“The signal is bad, and I tried calling, but the line did not get through. I… I will wait for you at the arrival hall. I am not sure where I am now. This place is too big, and I cannot find the exit.”

“Don’t move about and wait for me.”

Dong Xuebing did not expect Yu Meixia to return so early. She must be scare to remain in Seoul alone and asked Zhang Jingjing to help her book the earliest flight home. That means Yu Meixia’s treatment had ended last night, and she removed her bandages this morning. Since the hospital allowed Yu Meixia to be discharged, she should have recovered. But Dong Xuebing wonders how her recovery is.

Dong Xuebing grabbed his wallet and rushed downstairs.

Dong Xuebing’s Mercedes Benz was parked in the bas.e.m.e.nt carpark of a nearby apartment when he drove to Beijing a few days ago. He quickly ran to his car and drove to the airport.

Dong Xuebing arrived at the airport and called Yu Meixia. After asking for a long time, he finally confirmed her position.

With the help of an Airport staff, Dong Xuebing walked towards Yu Meixia’s location and tried to spot her among the crowd.

… There she is!

Yu Meixia was standing in front of a café at the airport with a small suitcase. She looks around nervously as if she is overseas now. Dong Xuebing took a deep breath as he noticed Yu Meixia is wearing a face mask. If she is fully recovered, why is she wearing a mask? Could it be the scars could not be covered, and she had to cover her face with a mask?

What happened?

Did the operation fail?

Yu Meixia saw Dong Xuebing and ran over with her small luggage. “Xiao Bing.”

Dong Xuebing looks at Yu Meixia’s face. “You… let’s go. Let’s get out of the airport first.”

Yu Meixia nodded and followed Dong Xuebing closely.

After leaving the airport, Dong Xuebing help Yu Meixia to load her luggage into the car, before going onto the highway. How serious are the scars on Sister Yu’s face? Dong Xuebing hesitated and did not ask her about her face. He is worried she might be upset if he asked, and decided to wait until she tells him herself. Worse come to worse, they will go for a second operation.

On the way back, Dong Xuebing tried to relax the mood with a smile on his face.

“Are you hungry? It’s almost 11 am. Where shall we have lunch?”

“You decide.” Yu Meixia replied. “I have never been to Beijing, and I don’t know what’s good.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Beijing is famous for its street food like Glutinous Rice Rolls with Sweet Bean Flour, Goat’s innards, stall tea, roast ducks, etc. Oh, there is a good donkey meat BBQ stall near my place. Let’s eat there. Err… donkey meat BBQ is not from Beijing… hahaha… who cares.” Dong Xuebing didn’t need to look at himself and knew he looks ugly with a forced smile. “Let’s go for lunch.”

The junction of North Heping Street.

Dong Xuebing and Yu Meixia ordered a bowl of donkey innards soup and a few kebabs.

Yu Meixia looks at Dong Xuebing. “Xiao Bing, you…. are you not in a good mood? Did something happen?”

“Ah?” Dong Xuebing thought to himself. I should be asking you this question. The scars on your face are not removed, how can you be in a good mood?

“Oh, I… I still have not shown you my face.” Yu Meixia suddenly remembered.

Dong Xuebing’s heart skipped a beat. “Err…. Let’s have lunch first before the food gets cold.”

Yu Meixia shook her head and turned towards Dong Xuebing. She slowly removed her face mask.

Dong Xuebing’s heart is racing, and he narrowed his eyes, afraid to look at Yu Meixia’s face.

One second…

Two seconds…

The face mask was finally removed.

Dong Xuebing blinked when he saw Yu Meixia’s face and jumped up from his chair. He lifted Yu Meixia’s face upwards and stared. Her face is fair, and there are no signs of scars. Dong Xuebing asked. “You had recovered! d.a.m.n! Your face is perfect now! Hah! Why did you try to scare me?! I thought the scars are not removed, and you wore a face mask! Terrific! Is this considered full recovery?”

Yu Meixia lowered her head. “I… I am not good with words. But after I was disfigured, you had been by my side, encouraging me. You even brought me to Seoul for the operation. I… I want you to be the first person to look at my face after I returned, and that’s why I wore a mask.”

Dong Xuebing exclaimed. “You should tell me earlier. I was almost scared to death!”

“Sorry…” Yu Meixia bit her lips. “Thank you for the past few days…”

“Don’t mention it.” Dong Xuebing lifted Yu Meixia’s face and said. “Let me look at you longer. Haha… that Korean hospital is really good at such operations. Hmmm… there is a bit of mark on your face that is not fully healed. But it’s fine. Who’s face does not have any pimple scars? This is considered perfect.” From a distance, Yu Meixia’s face had recovered completely. But one can see some faint scars when closing up.

Yu Meixia started blus.h.i.+ng with Dong Xuebing, holding up her face. “The doctor had given me some medication and said these faint marks will disappear if I carry on using it.”

“Great!” Dong Xuebing laughed. “If I know about this earlier, we will go to a restaurant to celebrate.”

Yu Meixia is happy and had a beautiful smile on her face.

Dong Xuebing looked at Yu Meixia for a long time and is finally relieved. He called the Boss of the BBQ stall over and took out over a thousand RMB from his wallet. “Boss, I will treat everyone in your stall today!” After saying that, he stood up and said to the next tables. “Everyone, everything is on me today! Boss, give every table two plates of donkey meat!”

The Boss replied excitedly. “Alright!”

The other customers had overheard Dong Xuebing and Yu Meixia’s conversation and knew what happened.

“Young man, thanks for the meal.”

“Brother, you don’t need to do this.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “I’m in a good mood today. Just order whatever you want.”

A few young men saw Dong Xuebing treating them to lunch and went to congratulate Yu Meixia. “Congratulations, Sister.”

Yu Meixia’s face turned red and quickly thanked them.