Power and Wealth - Chapter 311 – Invincible Challenger!

Chapter 311 – Invincible Challenger!

Chapter 311 – Invincible Challenger!

Afternoon. 1.30pm.

Seoul, Shuiyuan Taekwondo School.

Dong Xuebing looked at the signboard in Korean at the entrance and took out a cigarette. He took a few puffs to prepare himself. 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds… Dong Xuebing took a deep breath and open his eyes. “That yellow and red hair guys are from this school? The students of this school are also involved in a.s.saulting the Chinese tourists, right?”

Li An wiped the sweat on his forehead. “Yes… But…”

“Brother Dong.” Chen Dahui said. “Don’t be rash. There are only five of us, and they…”

“There are at least a few dozen students inside, and all the instructors are black belts.”

Another Chinese student added. “That’s right. We can think of other solutions to settle this. Challenging the school is really…. Shuiyuan Taekwondo School is one of the bigger Taekwondo school in Seoul, and they are very strong. The few of us are only yellow and green belts. There is no way for us to win.” Even an idiot will know that for a Taekwondo school to be successful in Seoul, the instructors must be strong.

“I had said earlier.” Dong Xuebing looks at them. “You all don’t need to do anything.”

Li An asked. “But you alone…. Brother Dong, you… are you trained in martial arts?”

Dong Xuebing replied honestly. “No.”

“That’s right. We should not…” Li An tried to persuade Dong Xuebing.

“Not trained in martial arts do not mean I cannot fight.” Dong Xuebing refused to listen to them. “Don’t try to stop me. Li An, let’s go!”

Li An, Chen Dahui, and the rest exchanged looks and followed behind Dong Xuebing.

Li An, Chen Dahui, and the rest are not afraid of trouble and are angry with Seoul Taekwondo’s arrogance. But they know themselves well. No matter how skillful one person is, one is powerless against a Taekwondo School and the whole Taekwondo a.s.sociation. Dong Xuebing looks skinny and not strong, and Chen Dahui felt Dong Xuebing might not even win against them, let alone challenging the school.

Inside the Taekwondo School.

A female staff at the front counter was doing her work when she heard people entering. “How can I help…” Before she can finish her sentence, she noticed the young man in front holding a lighted cigarette. She frowned. “Smoking is prohibited here. Didn’t you see the sign?! What do you all want?”

Dong Xuebing walked forward and snubbed his cigarette on the counter.

The female staff shouted angrily. “What are you doing?!”

“I am here to challenge you all!” Dong Xuebing said. “Li An, translate to her!”

Li An said in Korean. “We are challenging your School!”

The female staff was stun for a few seconds before picking up the phone to make a phone call. The Taekwondo School had encounter challengers almost every year. Still, none of the challengers dare to snub a cigarette b.u.t.t on their counter.

Dong Xuebing ignored her and continued his way inside.

“Stop!” The staff shouted. “Outsiders are not allowed inside!”

Dong Xuebing is here to vent his anger and does not care about the rules and regulations. He went up to the training hall on the second floor with Chen Dahui and the rest. A training session of about a few dozens yellow belts is ongoing. Some of them are doing stretching, and some are practicing their movements. These are all low-level students.

Dong Xuebing did not say a word and kicked the door open!

An imposing entrance!

An imposing manner is critical!

All the trainees were stunned.

Dong Xuebing shouts. “Ask all of your instructors to come out! I want to challenge them!” Li An translated for Dong Xuebing.

Taekwondo trainees are grouped according to the color of their belts. The white belt is the lowest level, and you can get it after you paid the training fees. After training for a while, the trainee can get a yellow belt after a simple test. That means these yellow belt trainees are all very low-level, and after the yellow belt, it is green, blue, red, and black belts. The black belt is also separated by ‘dan.’ Most of the black belts are instructors.

The yellow and red hair was in the center of the training hall.

The red hair is a blue belt, and the yellow hair is a red belt. Their levels are not low, and most instructors will ask the higher-level trainees to train the low-level trainees.

“Challenge?” The yellow hair laughed.

The red hair guy also laughed. “Hahaha… Did I hear them correctly?”

Those yellow belt trainees also burst out laughing. “You all want to challenge our school with only a few of you?”

“What do you think this place is?! You all are overestimating yourselves!”

The yellow and red hair guys are the ones who knocked into Sister Yu and accused Dong Xuebing and Sister Yu of stealing his phone. Dong Xuebing immediately noticed them and stared at them coldly. Everyone who knows Dong Xuebing will know he is vengeful and will never allow anyone to step all over him. “There is a Chinese saying, ‘Barking dogs don’t bite,’ and you all are this type of dog.”

Li An is troubled.

Dong Xuebing shouted. “Tell them what I said!”

Li An repeated Dong Xuebing’s words in Korean.

Everyone in the training hall is furious, and all of them want to rush forward!

The red hair guy’s face changed and raised his hand to stop the trainees. He looked at Dong Xuebing from top to toe and laughed. “Fine. You are quite brave. I thought other than stealing, you don’t know anything else. Oh, when are you returning the handphone you stole from us?” He turns to the yellow hair guy, and they both laughed.

Chen Dahui scolded. “F***k You!”

Dong Xuebing patted Chen Dahui’s shoulder. “Step further away and wait for me.” He turns to the yellow and red hair. “Are you all not going to call you instructors over?”

The red hair guy laughed. “You think too highly of yourself. I am enough to deal with someone like you.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. He took off his coat and threw it behind him. “I don’t like to waste time. Let’s start. I had heard you Koreans boasting about Taekwondo, and I never had the chance to experience it myself. Alright. Show me what you got.” The Red hair guy is a blue belt and is considered mid-level. Li An, Chen Dahui, and the rest were worried about Dong Xuebing.

“Don’t blame me if I break any of your bones!” The red hair guy laughed.

Dong Xuebing nodded. “These are also the words I wanted to say.”

The red hair guy sneered. Earlier, when he wanted to beat up Dong Xuebing and Yu Meixia, he could not go all out, as they are in public. But now, Dong Xuebing had come to his School to challenge him, and this is an opportunity for him to not hold back.


“Beat him up!”

The group of yellow belt trainees cheered.

The red hair guy laughed and rotated his shoulders. Suddenly, he let out a shout and rushed towards Dong Xuebing with his footwork.

Dong Xuebing remained standing there, looking at him.

The red hair guy frowned and switched directions. He moved to Dong Xuebing’s side and then to his back. Dong Xuebing was still standing there without moving. He even put both hands behind his back and closed his eyes.

No one knows what Dong Xuebing is up to.

Li An is worried. “What is Brother Dong doing? Why is he not moving?”

“How do I know?” Chen Dahui replied helplessly. “He is not moving, and why did he shut his eyes?”

“That’s right. How is he going to fight his opponents with his eyes closed?”

The red hair guy felt he was being looked down upon by Dong Xuebing, and he took a big step forward towards Dong Xuebing’s back and gave him a spinning jumping roundhouse kick. This is a powerful move, and if the kick landed on Dong Xuebing’s back, it might cause fractures!

“Brother Dong!”

“Watch out!”

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing moved.

Dong Xuebing was still facing his opponent with his back and seems to know where his opponent’s kick will land. He moved his body slightly to his right and gave a high turning kick. This is a Taekwondo move and can dodge the red hair guy’s kick and attack him at the same time. Dong Xuebing’s kick landed on the red hair guy’s shoulders. The red hair guy was still in mid-air and cannot avoid it. Bam!


The red hair guy shouted in pain as he landed on the floor.

But Dong Xuebing’s punch arrived before he can recover. Bam! The punch landed on the red hair guy’s face, and blood spurt out from his nose!

The red hair guy shouted in pain again, before fainting!

Everyone in the training hall was stunned by what they saw. No one had expected this skinny looking Chinese guy can knock out a blue belt within seconds. What’s more shocking is, Dong Xuebing had his eyes closed all this while.!

The yellow hair guy is furious. “b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You are asking for it!”

Dong Xuebing looks at him. “Is it your turn?”

The yellow hair guy is a red belt and is only one level below a black belt. He is holding the highest belt in this school other than the instructors. He moved carefully towards Dong Xuebing and no longer belittled him or use exaggerated moves against him. Five meters… four meters… three meters… the yellow hair moved closer with his fist clenched tightly.

Dong Xuebing did not move as he looks at his opponent.

The yellow hair guy threw a punch suddenly!

Taekwondo seldom uses punches. Some of the Taekwondo compet.i.tions allow the use of punches, and some don’t. But kicking techniques are the main forms of attacks. This punch came as a surprise, and even the yellow belts trainees did not expect it.

But… Dong Xuebing knew.

The moment the yellow hair guy threw the punch, Dong Xuebing raised his hand to grab his punch. The yellow hair guy reacted fast and immediately kicked Dong Xuebing’s lower body. Both of them were standing very close, and it’s extremely difficult for Dong Xuebing to avoid the kick. But Dong Xuebing only raised his leg slightly and stomp down! Everyone in the training hall heard the yellow hair guy’s screams of pain. Dong Xuebing’s leg had landed on the yellow hair guy’s kicking ankle!

Dong Xuebing had used all his strength, and the yellow hair guy’s ankle is bent in an awkward angle!

After that, Dong Xuebing twisted the yellow hair guy’s fist and elbowed his lower jaw. Bam! The yellow hair guy flew backward and fainted on the floor. Blood and a few teeth were flowing out of his mouth.

Knocked out in a single move again!

It’s too fast!

Li An and Chen Dahui recovered from their shock and started cheering. “Yes!”

“d.a.m.n! Brother Dong, you are terrific!

“Hahaha… serves them right!”

Li An and the rest realized why Dong Xuebing dares to challenge a Taekwondo school by himself. He has the skills to do that. The few moves earlier are too powerful!

Those Korean trainees were shocked and angry. They quickly run over to help the red and yellow guys up.

Suddenly, the training hall’s door opened, and many people entered.

The person in front is a middle-aged man with a blackbelt. He is the instructor of this school, and the rest behind him are all red and blue belts. A few other staff in suits were also standing behind. When they saw the fainted yellow and red hair, their faces changed.

“Instructor!” The yellow belts trainees shouted excitedly.

The instructor asked. “What is going on?”

A few trainees ran over to explain the situation while pointing at Dong Xuebing angrily.

Chen Dahui whispered to Dong Xuebing. “This guy is Instructor Zhang of Shuiyuan Taekwondo School. He is a first Dan black belt.” Most Taekwondo schools will have a Fourth or Fifth Dan black belt instructor around. But they will not be around every day. This Instructor Zhang should be the most skilled person in the school today.

Dong Xuebing nodded and look at that guy. “Old man! Are you the one who asked your students to attack the Chinese?!”

Instructor Zhang saw his students getting beaten up and was furious. “Which school are you from?!”

Li An continued to translate for Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “I am not from any schools or have I learned any martial arts. I am only a Chinese tourist who wants to teach Korean Taekwondo pract.i.tioners a lesson.”

Instructor Zhang laughed in jest. “Teach us a lesson?! You?”

“Yes. Me!” Dong Xuebing continued. “It’s time to settle the score for what happened in the past few days!”

Dong Xuebing did not belittle Taekwondo. But he did not think too highly of them either. Any martial arts pract.i.tioners will know that Taekwondo moves are more for performing and had many weaknesses in real fights. The reason why Taekwondo gained popularity is because of their operating models and had nothing to do with their actual fighting skills.

If this incident happens in China with those Wushu experts, Dong Xuebing will not dare to challenge them like this. This is because even when he has BACK, he can only reach a draw with Wushu experts, and he will be a sitting duck when his BACK runs out.

But Taekwondo is different.

Taekwondo is mainly used for performance, and Dong Xuebing is confident of winning even when facing a black belt. He had acc.u.mulated almost twenty minutes of BACK in the past few days and is more than enough to face off his opponents’ attacks. All he needs to do is to determine the attack direction and look for their weaknesses. Of course, Dong Xuebing does not know what the outcome will be until the fight started.

Instructor Zhang waved his trainees away and walks to the center of the training hall.

Dong Xuebing is also ready, and he gestured for Instructor Zhang to start.

The challenge begins.

Shuiyuan Taekwondo School students were confident of Instructor Zhang and started cheering. “Fight!” “Beat him to death!” Li An, Chen Dahui, and the other Chinese students were also cheering for Dong Xuebing.

“Hmph!” Instructor Zhang made his move!

Jumping turning kick, double kicks, and followed by a spinning roundhouse kick. This is a set of splendid moves!

Dong Xuebing took three steps back to avoid the kicks.

Instructor Zhang pressed forward and did not give Dong Xuebing time to rest. He unleashed a series of kicks like triple front kicks, triple sidekicks, followed by a spinning kick, and ended with a whirlwind kick. Every kick is powerful, and Dong Xuebing can feel the wind from the kicks.

Dong Xuebing could only step back, side steps, and moved his body to dodge the kicks.

The Korean trainees laughed as they saw Dong Xuebing could not return any blows.

Li An asked nervously. “Can Brother Dong win?”

“His opponent is a black belt.” Chen Dahui replied. “It’s not a surprise if he lost.

Instructor Zhang got the momentum and continued with another set of kicks after taking a breather. His kicks are very powerful, and Dong Xuebing might suffer fractures if he was. .h.i.t.

Dong Xuebing continued to step back. He might seem to be losing, but he was avoiding the kicks calmly. After Instructor Zhang finished his set of kicks, and Dong Xuebing avoiding all of them, Dong Xuebing shook his head and laughed. “Hey, is this what Taekwondo is all about? I am still waiting for you to show me some powerful moves. Aren’t you embarra.s.sed about yourself?”

Li An translated word for word.

The trainees were furious.

Instructor Zhang frowned and knew he had met an expert. His set of attacks are fast and relentless, but he could not even touch his opponent’s clothes. Although he seems to be winning, his attacks are causing him to lose his stamina.

“Is it my turn?” Dong Xuebing narrowed his eyes and moved.

Instructor Zhang looked at Dong Xuebing and took a deep breath, before rus.h.i.+ng forward with a sidekick!

This time, Dong Xuebing did not dodge. He basically gasped all his opponent’s moves and Taekwondo’s main forms of attack. He accurately grabbed Instructor Zhang’s leg under his arm. Instructor Zhang knew this is not going well. He tried to use his other leg to kick out at Dong Xuebing, but Dong Xuebing did not give him and chance to do that. Dong Xuebing took a step forward and headb.u.t.ted him!

Bam! Dong Xuebing’s forehead landed on the bridge of Instructor Zhang’s nose!

Instructor Zhang covered his nose and shouted in pain.

Dong Xuebing continued with a kick to Instructor Zhang’s lower abdomen, causing him to fly more than one meter backward. Bam! Instructor Zhang landed on the floor! He tried getting up, but the pain in his abdomen prevented it. In the end, he could only curl up in pain on the floor!

The training hall becomes silent. Many people cannot accept the fact that Instructor Zhang had lost.

One second…

Two seconds…



“We won! d.a.m.n! We really won!”

Li An, Chen Dahui, and the Chinese students started cheering. The trainees from Shuiyuan Taekwondo School could only suppress their anger and keep quiet.

Instructor Zhang stares at Dong Xuebing angrily. “You headb.u.t.ted me! This is against the rules!”

Dong Xuebing let out a cold laugh. “Against the rules, your head! Do you understand what it means by challenging your school?! Ah?! This is a fight and not your Taekwondo compet.i.tion! Oh… are you expecting me to use Taekwondo moves against you?! Do you think I have nothing to do?! Against the rules?! When you all attack the Chinese on the streets, smashed up the Chinese restaurants, a.s.saulted those unarmed civilians, did you think about the rules?!”

Li An roared. “That’s right!”

“Brother Dong! You are right!”

Chen Dahui took over Li An’s job and translated what Dong Xuebing said to them.

Dong Xuebing walks forward and points at Instructor Zhang in his face. “You all only know how to beat up the innocent civilians. Didn’t you all think you all are great?! Come and fight me! You can’t even touch my sleeves, and you dare to make so much noise?! All of you only know how to bully the weak! I don’t know how many of your students are involved in the a.s.saults outside, or have you partic.i.p.ated. But I am warning you now. If anyone of your Taekwondo School students dares to insult the Chinese again, I will come and challenge your school again! I will tarnish your school’s reputation and make sure you all will not have a single student! Do you understand?! You better control your students!”

Dong Xuebing stood up and looks at the Korean trainees. “Listen up! Don’t think we Chinese are weaklings!”


Outside of Shuiyuan Taekwondo School.

Chen Dahui exclaimed excitedly. “We finally managed to get back at them!”

“Brother Dong! What martial arts are you using? It’s too powerful.”

“Hahaha… we finally got our revenge!” Everyone is excited.

Dong Xuebing wore his coat. “You call this revenge?! This is only the first school. Let’s take a break before we go to the next school.”

Li An paused for a second. “Next school?! Are you still going to challenge the schools?”

Everyone was stunned by what Dong Xuebing said.

Dong Xuebing replied. “Of course! How can I vent my anger if I don’t smash five or six schools?! Didn’t you all consolidate the Taekwondo Schools that had a.s.saulted the Chinese?! I will not let any one of them off!” Since Dong Xuebing decided to stand up against Seoul’s Taekwondo Schools, he will go all out!