Power and Wealth - Chapter 31 – Shopping with a beautiful lady

Chapter 31 – Shopping with a beautiful lady

Chapter 31 – Shopping with a beautiful lady


The money in the trading account could not be withdraw on the same day. Dong Xuebing got to wait for the next day to transfer his money into his bank account. Zhou Changchun had gone to the hospital for his follow up and was not in office. Dong Xuebing took the opportunity to leave the for lunch earlier and went to ICBC bank to transfer 3,000 RMB to his mother’s account. He wanted his mother to have a better life.

After transferring the money. Dong Xuebing called his mother on his mobile phone.

Ring, ring, ring. A woman answered the phone. “h.e.l.lo, Hui Tian Secondary school.”

Dong Xuebing replied: “Hi, I am looking for Luan Xiaoping.”

“You are looking for Teacher Luan? Please hold the line.” The woman was silent for a while before shouting: “Teacher Luan, you have a phone call. It might be your son.”

A few seconds later, Dong Xuebing’s mother answered the phone. “Xuebing?”

Dong Xuebing sat down on a blue plastic chair in ICBC bank’s waiting area. “Mum, are you having lunch now? I have just gotten my pay and have just transferred 3,000 RMB to you. If you are free go and withdraw it from the bank. The weather has turn cold recently. Buy a coat or something. Just treat it as a gift from me.” His mother had lost a lot of money in the stock market in the past. Dong Xuebing knows that if he told his mother that he had made money from trading, his mother would surely be worried. He also can’t explain his special ability BACK to her. So, he decided to keep it from her.

Dong Xuebing’s mother grumbled. “I don’t need your money. I still have money with me. You should keep it for yourself.”

Dong Xuebing replied: “The money has been transferred. Stop nagging at me.”

Dong Xuebing’s mother sighed. “Then…... okay. But next time don’t send me any money. My salary is still enough for me. You should save your money. These few years we are poor, and I don’t even have money to buy you new clothes. You have already started working in the government. You must give others a good impression. Throw those patched and torn clothes away and buy some new ones.”

Dong Xuebing looked down at his clothes. He was wearing a faded T-s.h.i.+rt. “Errr…… Then I will go and buy some new clothes tonight.”

Dong Xuebing’s mother wanted to save on the phone charges and she just ask Dong Xuebing briefly about his work before hanging up.

Evening, after work.

On the bus back home, Dong Xuebing send Qu Yunxuan a message. “Are you working overtime today? I will prepare dinner and wait for you to return?” After sending the message, Dong Xuebing felt blissful. How come this message feels like a couple sending to each other. Beep, beep. He was still day dreaming when Qu Yunxuan replied. “Don’t. Wait for me to return home and I will cook for you. Oh, there is no more vegetables at home. I don’t know what you want to eat. How about you come over to my workplace to fetch me? It is almost time for me to get off work. We can go to the nearby market to buy some vegetables.” Dong Xuebing looked at the message and replied: “Okay.”

Beijing 2nd Ring Road

Beijing Daily (Newspaper) Headquarters

Although Dong Xuebing and Aunt Xuan were close these few years, but their relations.h.i.+p were only normal neighbors. But after Dong Xuebing saved her life a few months back, they became closer and Dong Xuebing knew more about her. Qu Yunxuan had started a business with some friends after she graduated from University but the company closed down not long after. She then got a job with Beijing Daily’s advertising division. She was now a team leader there.

10 minutes later. People starts to walk out of the building.

The was the first time Dong Xuebing came to Qu Yunxuan’s work place. He also did not know which exit she will walk out from. He just stood there looking at the crowd trying to spot her.

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing saw Qu Yunxuan walking out from an office building not far away. Her hair was tied up in a bun and was wearing a white blouse, brown office skirt, stockings and black high heels. She was beautiful and Dong Xuebing was mesmerised by her again. How come Aunt Xuan was so beautiful? Dong Xuebing wondered.

“See you tomorrow, Team Leader Qu.”

“Bye. See you tomorrow.” Qu Yunxuan nodded.

“Sister Qu, is the proposal which I told you yesterday ready?”

Qu Yunxuan turned to that person: “Oh, Xiao Lu had completed it. You can talk to him tomorrow.”

“Ok. Take care. Bye.”

Qu Yunxuan have the aura of a career woman. This was Dong Xuebing’s first time seeing the other side of her.

Qu Yunxuan saw Dong Xuebing and she walked quickly towards him. “Have you waited long? There is a waiting area inside. Why didn’t you go in and wait for me there?”

Dong Xuebing’s eyes stop wondering around and said: “I am lazy to register.”

Qu Yunxuan laughed and pointed to a direction. “Let’s go to the market and buy the food you want to eat.”

While they were crossing the road, Dong Xuebing noticed Qu Yunxuan rubbing her shoulders and he asked: “Are you tired? You want me to help you carry your handbag?”

Qu Yunxuan brought him to a market: “It’s okay. I am getting paid to do work and I should be tired. When I started my own business, it was more tiring than now. Not only it was physically tiring, it was also mentally tiring.” In front of the market store, Qu Yunxuan changed from being a career woman to a housewife. “How much is your eggs? 4 RMB for 3? Then give me 1 Kg……. How much is your chicken wings? Oh…… give me some of it……” Qu Yunxuan bought the ingredients and then carry on the conversation with Dong Xuebing. “It’s a pity. I was young back then and didn’t know a lot of things. If I have a company now, I am sure I will manage it better.”

“Are you still thinking of setting up your own business?”

“Yes. But I do not have the capital now. Let me save up for a few years first.”

Dong Xuebing noticed that the both of them had similar goals. He wants to be a top official and she wants to make lots of money.

North Heping Street.

Dong Xuebing wanted to help Qu Yunxuan with the cooking. He was embarra.s.sed for having her to cook for him every time. But Qu Yunxuan chased him out of her house. She asked him to go back to have a shower first and change before dinner.

Unit 302, Qu Yunxuan’s house.

After blowing his hair dry, Dong Xuebing rang the doorbell of Qu Yunxuan’s unit. The door opened, and he could smell the fragrance of beer chicken wings. He took in a deep breath and walked into the apartment. “Wow, it smells nice. Is the rice ready?” There were a few pipping hot dishes on the dinning table. Just looking at the food on the table made Dong Xuebing hungry. He rolled up his sleeves and wanted to start eating.

Qu Yunxuan slapped the back of his hand playfully. “Wash your hands before you eat.”

Dong Xuebing retorted: “I had just taken a shower.”

“You don’t need to use your hand to knock on the door? You don’t need to touch the door k.n.o.b when you open the door?” Qu Yunxuan poked his head. “Go and wash your hands now.”

Dong Xuebing rubbed his nose and walked into the kitchen.

Qu Yunxuan, who was still wearing an ap.r.o.n, laughed. “When you come out, bring two pairs of chopsticks.”


Aunt Xuan was great at cooking. She could be the head chef of any 5 stars restaurants. Dong Xuebing ate until his belly could not hold anymore food. He burb and rubbed his bulging tummy on the sofa. Qu Yunxuan was clearing up the dishes like a housewife. He felt he was really lucky and really wanted this feeling to last forever.

Whoever marries Aunt Xuan will definitely have a blissful life.

Dong Xuebing was looking at Qu Yunxuan’s beautiful white thighs while she was cleaning the dishes in the kitchen. He was fantasizing about those legs when he realized the pair of legs coming closer and closer to him. “What are you thinking?” Qu Yunxuan was standing in front of him.

Dong Xuebing quickly look away. “Ermmm….. I had just gotten my salary. I wonder if you can accompany me to buy a few new clothes.”

Qu Yunxuan laughed and playfully pinched his cheeks. “Okay. Your Aunt here will help you choose some nice clothes and turn you into a handsome young man.”

Dong Xuebing replied shyly. “Stop making fun of me. With my looks, no matter what I wear will also not be good looking.”

“Nonsense.” Qu Yunxuan slapped his head lightly. “I say you are handsome means you are handsome. Come, let’s go to the mall.”