Power and Wealth - Chapter 247 – Sleep!

Chapter 247 – Sleep!

Chapter 247 – Sleep!

The morning sun shone in brightly through the windows the next day.

A few sparrows were singing on the branches of the trees outside.

Dong Xuebing woke up and moved his shoulders. He felt much better compared to yesterday. But when he remembered he would have to spend the next three months in the bed, he is relaxed but bored. At this time, a young nurse entered the ward with a tray. She gave Dong Xuebing an injection, and Luan Xiaoping entered with breakfast after the nurse left. Dong Xuebing noticed his mother had dark rings around her eyes and looked exhausted.

“Mum, go back to Yan Tai County.”

“How can I leave you alone? I am fine.”

“I am alright now. You had been taking care of me for the past few days and should take a break.”

“How are you going to take care of yourself?”

“I am a grown-up. This minor injury is not a problem for me.” Dong Xuebing knew his mother is not healthy, and her blood pressure must have gone up over the past few days. “Don’t worry about me. The officer who sent me here is still around? I will ask him to send you back. I am fine now. If you are worried about me, I will call Aunt Xuan later and ask her to take care of me.”

“But you…”

“Listen to me.”

After persuading Luan Xiaoping for a long time, she finally agreed.

After changing his dressing in the morning, Dong Xuebing talked to his mother for a while more before she is willing to leave.

Dong Xuebing was finally alone in his ward. Leg injuries are different from arm injuries. Although Dong Xuebing’s arms had not fully healed, he can move and do lots of things, like holding a urinal and feed himself. He does not need someone to take care of him like that time when he injured his arms. That’s why Dong Xuebing did not want to trouble Qu Yunxuan. After all, if Qu Yunxuan knew he had almost died, she will get worried and will give him a scolding. Dong Xuebing was lectured by his mother and Xie Huilan yesterday and did not want to get another lecture again.

But it was not as what Dong Xuebing expected.

At 10 am, the ward door was push opened suddenly!

Dong Xuebing saw a woman with a pair of skinned-colored stockings in black high heel, s.e.xy thighs, and dark brown skirt rus.h.i.+ng into the ward. She was wearing a white blouse, had a long neck, pretty features, and her hair was tied into a bun. Dong Xuebing stared at her speechlessly for about a second. The beautiful woman in front of him is Qu Yunxuan. Tears had welled up in Qu Yunxuan’s eyes as she looked at Dong Xuebing.

“Errr… Why are you here?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Uh… I don’t want to worry you. Did my mother call you?”

Qu Yunxuan did not answer Dong Xuebing and walked up to him. She examined Dong Xuebing’s legs, and Dong Xuebing knew she is going to scold him. He closed his eyes as he waited for the scolding. But the ward was silent. The next moment, Dong Xuebing felt something ticklish on his arm. It felt like a drop of water, and Dong Xuebing opened his eyes. He got a shock and quickly said. “Ah… why are you crying? I am fine.”

Qu Yunxuan cried. “You call this fine?”

“It’s only fractured, and it will heal after two months.”

Qu Yunxuan wiped her tears. “Do you want to scare me to death? Huh?”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “No… No…”

Qu Yunxuan was agitated. When she knew Dong Xuebing was buried alive in a landslide and was in a coma for three days, she panicked. Dong Xuebing had not called her even after he woke up. If Luan Xiaoping did not call her to ask her to take care of Dong Xuebing, she was still unaware. Recently, she had been busy with the Auction Company in Beijing and did not read the Hebei newspaper.

Dong Xuebing spent the next few minutes coaxing Qu Yunxuan, comforting her.

After Qu Yunxuan composed herself, she touched Dong Xuebing’s face lovingly.

Dong Xuebing could feel Aunt Xuan was still worried about him and said. “Aunt Xuan, don’t be like this. I am lucky and will live until eighty years old. Hehe… We had not met for almost two months, and I miss you. Let’s have a chat.”

Qu Yunxuan gave Dong Xuebing a stare. “What’s there to talk about? I feel like giving you a beating now!”

“Huh? I am a patient now. How can you do this?”

“Who asked you to try to be a hero?!”

“Let’s talk about something else.”

Qu Yunxuan ignored Dong Xuebing, and although she looked angry, she did not stop caring for him. She took a clean towel into the bathroom and wet it with hot water. She used the towel to wipe Dong Xuebing’s face, arms, and body. After that, she took the hot water flask out to refill it with hot water. When she returns, she poured a cup of hot water and fed it to Dong Xuebing.

“I can move my hands. Let me hold it.”

“Open your mouth.”

“You don’t need to feed me.”

“You want me to give you a beating? Open up!”

Dong Xuebing opened his mouth helplessly and drank the water.

Qu Yunxuan has a beautiful face and might look unapproachable. But underneath her appearance, she is very homely, and she likes to do household ch.o.r.es like was.h.i.+ng clothes, cooking, etc. She can take care of others better than Dong Xuebing’s mother.

Qu Yunxuan helped Dong Xuebing wash his socks, fed him medicine, clean him, etc.

Since Qu Yunxuan arrived, she had not stopped taking care of Dong Xuebing.

After Dong Xuebing injured his arms, he got to live like a king again. No words can describe this treatment. With Aunt Xuan around, Dong Xuebing does not even need to lift a finger. He laid on the bed and said. “Aunt Xuan, I want to smoke.”

Qu Yunxuan gave Dong Xuebing a stare. “Smoke? You want me to give you a beating?!”

Dong Xuebing replied pitifully. “Just one cigarette, ok? Only one.”

“Not even a puff! The doctor said that you could not touch cigarettes and alcohol!” Qu Yunxuan stood up and hung the clean clothes and socks on a clothing line in the ward. She looked at Dong Xuebing and said. “Your mother had asked me to take care of you. Don’t even think of touching cigarettes and alcohol until you recover!”

Dong Xuebing smacked his lips. “Smoking has nothing to do with fractures.”

Qu Yunxuan pinched Dong Xuebing’s nose. “Listen to me and get well soon.”

Dong Xuebing grabbed Qu Yunxuan’s hand from his nose and held it. “Aunt Xuan, why is your complexion getting fairer and smoother?”

Qu Yunxuan blushed and smiled. “Nonsense.”

Dong Xuebing caressed Qu Yunxuan’s hand. “Really. Look, your hands are so smooth.”

“Hehe…” Qu Yunxuan pulled her hands back and poked Dong Xuebing’s head playfully. “You are saying this to make me happy. I am almost 30 years old, and I’m lucky not to have wrinkles. Good complexion? Haha… How come I can’t see it?” Qu Yunxuan had taken good care of her complexion, and her skin is fair and smooth.

Dong Xuebing rolled his eyes. “Save it. You don’t admit, but I know you must be jumping with joy in your heart.”

Qu Yunxuan gave Dong Xuebing a stare. “Idiot!”

“Err… let me look at your leg’s complexion. I want to see if your complexion there is smooth too.” Dong Xuebing shamelessly reach out for Qu Yunxuan’s leg. It’s been a while since he had touched her legs. It’s still so soft and smooth.

Qu Yunxuan blushed. “Pervert! Stop it, or I will hit you!”

Dong Xuebing ignored her and continue caressing her legs.

Qu Yunxuan slapped Dong Xuebing’s hand lightly. “Stop it, or I will get angry!”

“Uh… why are you always angry or wanting to hit me whenever you see me? Do I look like a bad person to you?”

Qu Yunxuan laughed and flicked Dong Xuebing’s nose. “What do you think? Your hands are all over me whenever you see me.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “But, I think you enjoy it.”

Qu Yunxuan gave Dong Xuebing a playful slap to the back of his head. “When did I enjoy it?!”

Dong Xuebing had not met Qu Yunxuan for a while. But Aunt Xuan is still the same. She still cares and dotes on Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing had been worried that someone might s.n.a.t.c.h Qu Yunxuan away from him. After all, Qu Yunxuan is very pretty and should have lots of suitors.

In the afternoon, Qu Yunxuan borrowed a wheelchair from the nurse station and pushed Dong Xuebing downstairs for an x-ray.

At night, Qu Yunxuan fed dinner to Dong Xuebing and helped him change.

Dong Xuebing said. “Xuanxuan, you should go back and rest. You don’t need to accompany me here.”

Qu Yunxuan straightened Dong Xuebing’s collar and smiled. “What happens if you want to go to the toilet at night? What if you are thirsty at night? You cannot move your legs, and it’s inconvenient for you to do anything. How can I leave you alone in the hospital? I will stay in the hospital these few days with you. Just let me know if you need anything.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “That makes.h.i.+ft bed in the ward is too small. How can you sleep on it?”

Qu Yunxuan brushed Dong Xuebing’s hair. “Why not? You want the hospital to provide you a queen size bed for you?”

“What about the company?”

“The Spring Auction had ended, and there is not much work in the company. I will just give them a call tomorrow.”

“Fine. But you cannot be accompanying me every day. My legs will need at least two months to heal, and you can’t be not returning to the company for two months.” Dong Xuebing said. “My legs are in the cast, and we have nothing to do in the hospital. How about pus.h.i.+ng me in a wheelchair around Beijing tomorrow? We can go to the company, or even visit Ruili for stone gambling. The theme for our next auction is jade, right?”

Qu Yunxuan grumbled. “You have just been warded, and you are thinking of going out? We will talk about this another time.”

Dong Xuebing was bored of staying in the hospital. “I will be bored to death if you ask me to remain in the ward for so long.”

Qu Yunxuan ignored Dong Xuebing and pushed a piece of orange into his mouth.

At night, the Orthopedics ward quiets down, and the lights of all wards were switched off.

Dong Xuebing looked at the small and narrow foldable bed on the floor and was worried Qu Yunxuan might fall off the bed at night. He said. “Don’t sleep on that bed. My bed is more comfortable and is big enough for both of us if we squeeze a bit.”

Qu Yunxuan gave Dong Xuebing a stare. “Idiot, are you up to something again?”

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat. “No… I just don’t want you to suffer. Come…”

“People might see us, and there will be gossips.”

“It’s so late at night, who can see us? Hurry up.”

Qu Yunxuan sighed and gave in to Dong Xuebing. she climbed onto Dong Xuebing’s bed and sat by the side. “Only for today. Tomorrow I will sleep over there, understand?”

“Fine. Help to move me to the side.”

After Dong Xuebing moved his body against the wall, he looked at the person lying beside him.

Under the dim moonlight, Qu Yunxuan slowly unb.u.t.tons the top two b.u.t.tons of her blouse. She hesitated for a while and looked at Dong Xuebing. Indeed. Dong Xuebing was staring at her, and she could feel her face turning red. She covered her chest with her hands and gave Dong Xuebing a stare. She quickly turns her back against Dong Xuebing and unb.u.t.tons the rest of the b.u.t.tons.

Dong Xuebing said disappointingly. “We are like married couples, and what’s there to be shy?”

“Rubbish. Who is your wife? You want to get a beating from me?”

“Hehe… who was the one who called me dear?”

Qu Yunxuan got mad. “I will tear your mouth if you dare to say another word! Idiot! You only know how to take advantage of me!”

Qu Yunxuan took off her blouse and started to take off her skirt. “Stop looking at me! Turn your head around.”

Dong Xuebing mumbled a reply. “Ok… I will not look at you.”

Qu Yunxuan pushed her skirt to her knees with her back-facing Dong Xuebing and sat on the bed to slide her skirt off her long legs.

How can it be possible for Dong Xuebing to not look at this s.e.xy scene?

Qu Yunxuan starts to take off her stockings. She stood up and pushed her stockings to her thigh level and sat down again to push it further down her legs. She bent her left leg and pulled her stockings out from the toes. After that, she did the same with her right leg and remove her stockings completely. Qu Yunxuan then folded her clothes neatly and placed it on a chair.

Dong Xuebing’s heart was pounding and quickly close his eyes to pretend to be sleeping.

After a while, Dong Xuebing felt his blanket was lifted, and a warm body got under it. “Sleep early.”

Dong Xuebing looked down, and his eyes opened wide. “Why are you still wearing your bra? Don’t you feel uncomfortable?”

“I was in a rush to come here and forgot to bring pajamas.” Qu Yunxuan’s back was facing Dong Xuebing.

“Just remove it then.”

“You think I am shameless like you?”

Dong Xuebing felt the time is ripe and moved his body closer. He buried his head in Qu Yunxuan’s hair and hugged her from her back.

Qu Yunxuan quickly held on to Dong Xuebing’s hand. “What are you doing?!”

Dong Xuebing whispered into Qu Yunxuan’s ears. “Xiao Xuanxuan… It’s been a while since we do ‘that.’”

“I knew you are up to something!” Qu Yunxuan turned to Dong Xuebing and gave him a stare. “You can’t move your legs, and how are you going to do ‘that’?”

“I can’t control it any longer.”

“No… Wait… until you are well.”

“Ah… Aunt Xuan… I don’t feel good.”

“Idiot! You think I will not beat you?” Qu Yunxuan made an angry face and pinched Dong Xuebing’s arm. “If you dare to take advantage of me again, I will get angry! Just concentrate on getting well and stop thinking of those things!”

Dong Xuebing was frustrated and closed his eyes, refusing to say a word.

“Xiao Bing?”


“I am talking to you!”


Qu Yunxuan pushed Dong Xuebing lightly. “Stop pretending. I am doing this for your good.”


“Xiao Bing!”


After a long pause, Qu Yunxuan slapped Dong Xuebing’s arm. “Fine! I will let you do whatever you want to me, ok?”

Dong Xuebing opened his eyes and smiled. “You are the one who said it.”

“Pervert!” Qu Yunxuan pinched Dong Xuebing’s arm again. Maybe she had owed Dong Xuebing a lot in her previous life, and she could not reject Dong Xuebing’s requests. She thought for a while and reached under the blankets to remove something. After that, she sat up and looked at Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing looked at Qu Yunxuan and asked. “Errr… how are we going to do it?”

“How should I know? You are the one who wanted it.”

Dong Xuebing is h.o.r.n.y, but he cannot move his waist and legs. “Can you think of something?”

Qu Yunxuan smiled wryly. “You are embarra.s.sing me” She hesitated for a while and moved the blanket aside, before moving her leg over to the other side. She is straddling Dong Xuebing and felt embarra.s.sed in this position. She turned her head towards the window to avoid looking at Dong Xuebing.

“Can you don’t look at me?”


“This position is too…”

“This is quite good. Xuanxuan, you are so pretty.”


“Hurry up. I can’t wait!”

Qu Yunxuan is a conservative woman despite her age. She is still reserved and shy even though this is not her first time doing ‘that’ with Dong Xuebing.

“You… close your eyes first.”

“Ah… hurry up. Why must I close my eyes?”

“I feel uncomfortable when you look at me.”

Dong Xuebing can’t wait and said. “Alright… my eyes are closed now. Come on.”

Qu Yunxuan blushed and said. “If I know you open your eyes to look at me, I will hit you.”

“Just hurry up.”


Dong Xuebing groaned as Aunt Xuan lowered herself.

Ten minutes…

Twenty minutes…

Thirty minutes…

Qu Yunxuan collapsed on Dong Xuebing’s chest, panting. Dong Xuebing is not tired because it was Aunt Xuan doing all the work, and he did not even move an inch. It’s because he cannot move. After resting for a while, Qu Yunxuan pulled the blanket over to cover them. She gently stroke Dong Xuebing’s hair with a satisfied look on her face.

“Xuanxuan, is your waist, alright?”

“You almost tortured me to death.”

“Haha… you are the one torturing me. I did not do anything.”

After they finished doing ‘that,’ Qu Yunxuan was not so shy and reserved. She held Dong Xuebing’s face and kissed him. “Earlier, when we are doing that, I was afraid of hurting your legs. I will allow you this time only. Don’t ask for more tomorrow.”

Dong Xuebing nodded and hugged Qu Yunxuan’s naked body.

Qu Yunxuan giggled and kissed Dong Xuebing’s forehead. “Goodnight, my precious baby.”

Dong Xuebing does not like Qu Yunxuan calling him this. “What did you call me?”

Qu Yunxuan knew Dong Xuebing likes to be called ‘Big Brother’ despite being much younger than her. She pushes Dong Xuebing’s hand away and whispered into his ears. “Hao Ge Ge (Brother)… can I sleep now?”

Dong Xuebing nodded with satisfaction. “Alright. Good night.

“You ah…” Qu Yunxuan laughed and pinched Dong Xuebing’s cheeks, before hugging him to sleep.

Translation notes: Hao Ge Ge is a term used by lovers, and translated to ‘Good Brother.’