Power and Wealth - Chapter 218 – Buying a car and apartmen

Chapter 218 – Buying a car and apartmen

Chapter 218 – Buying a car and apartmen


It’s a bright summer day, and the sun is s.h.i.+ning brightly.

Dong Xuebing ate two dough sticks from the breakfast shop while on his way to ICBC bank to transfer the 5 million RMB back to Qu Yunxuan. The company still needs this amount to operate, and Dong Xuebing only kept the 1.8 million he earned from the stock market. This amount is sufficient for him to buy a new car and an apartment. The remainder is enough for him to spend for a long time.

On the way back to the Public Security Family Quarters, Dong Xuebing met Yu Meixia, who was coming back from the market.

Yu Meixia did not see Dong Xuebing and was using her phone. Her voice was soft and shy. “I… I am already home… how about another day? I am busy today… I need to cook for Chief Dong…. Yes… sorry… Next time… Ok…” Yu Meixia was speaking softly and seemed to be afraid others might hear her. After hanging up, she sighed.

Dong Xuebing walked over. “Sister Yu, who are you talking to?”

Yu Meixia got a fright and quickly waved her hands. “No one…”

Dong Xuebing felt jealous, but still, maintain a smile on his face. “A guy?”

Yu Meixia lowered her head.

Dong Xuebing looked at her and asked. “He is after you and wants to date you?”

Yu Meixia lowered her head lower and blushed. “He is a Police officer, whom I got to know when doing the transfer of my household registration. He… these few days… he kept calling to ask me out. But Chief Dong, I did not agree to meet him… I only had a meal with him on the day he helped me complete the registration. He had helped me, and I couldn’t reject his invitation. If not, I will never have lunch with him… really…”

Dong Xuebing was p.i.s.sed. “It’s fine. If he asked you out again, go ahead. You don’t need to worry about me.”

Yu Meixia panicked. “I… I will delete his number now and will not contact him in the future.”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “You no need to delete his number. Let’s go. If you are not going out on a date with him, we will go home now.”

Yu Meixia looked at Chief Dong’s face secretly. She could not tell if Dong Xuebing is angry or not.

Dong Xuebing was not very angry with Yu Meixia. Yu Meixia should have her circle of friends. Furthermore, she is not young and still has a daughter. Even if she wants to find a new partner, Dong Xuebing also has no reason to stop her. But no matter what, Dong Xuebing still felt jealous as he does have some feelings for her.

After entering the house, Yu Meixia asked Yu Qianqian. “Sister Luan had left?”

Yu Qianqian put down her book and nodded. “Teacher Lian had gone to school. Big Brother, you are back!”

Dong Xuebing smiled and patted Yu Qianqian’s head. “Why are you not in school today?”

“It’s almost the end semester exams, and our teacher let us revise our school work at home.”

“Ok. Go and prepare for your exams. You must do your best.” Dong Xuebing promised. “If you are in the top few students at your school, I would buy you anything you want.”

Yu Qianqian jumped up excitedly and got back to her room to study.

After the bedroom door is closed, Dong Xuebing smiled and asked. “My mum is here earlier?”

Yu Meixia nodded. “Sister Luan brought some fruits over.”

After a while, Yu Meixia went to the kitchen to wash the fruits.

Beep, beep, beep. It’s the notification for SMS. Dong Xuebing, who was sitting in the living room watch TV, saw Yu Meixia looking out of the kitchen secretively from the corner of his eyes. She took out her phone and read the SMS. After that, she wiped her hands and started tapping on her phone. She seems to be typing a reply, but she is very slow. She took about 10 minutes to type a response.

Dong Xuebing felt jealous again and went into Yu Qianqian’s room.

“Big Brother.” Yu Qianqian looked up at Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing closed the door behind him and asked softly. “Is your mother dating someone?”

Yu Qianqian blushed. “I… I don’t know. But these few days, someone had been calling her. I asked her who that was, and she says it’s a Police officer from the household registration department.”

Dong Xuebing continued asking. “Have you met him? How does he look like?”

“No. I had not met him.”

“Ok. It’s fine. Carry on with your revision.” Dong Xuebing left the room and went to the kitchen.

Yu Meixia, who was still trying to reply to the SMS, quickly put down her phone. “The fruits will be ready soon. Please give me a minute.”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “Sister Yu, just carry on with your SMS. I am not in a hurry. Oh, is it that man from the Household Registration? How is his character?”

Yu Meixia looked at Dong Xuebing and replied softly. “I think his character is quite good.”

Dong Xuebing asked. “What about his family’s condition? How many people are there in his family?”

“He is the only son, and his family’s condition is considered good. He is living with his parents.” Yu Meixia replied and quickly explained. “I did not ask him about these. He is the one who told me about his family. Chief Dong… Actually… I….” Yu Meixia stuttered. “Chief Dong, can I discuss something with you? I… I would like to move out with Yu Qianqian.”

Dong Xuebing was surprised, and his mood got worse.

Yu Meixia quickly explained. “I don’t mean anything. I just feel that staying here will… bother you.”

Dong Xuebing sighed in his heart. “When are you leaving?”

“I will look for an apartment nearby in the afternoon.” Yu Meixia continued. “I will still come back every day to prepare your meals.”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “Just leave the fruits there and bring your identification card and household register with you.”

Yu Meixia was stunned but dared not ask where they are going. She went to her room to changed and brought her identification card with her. They walked out of the family quarters, and she asked. “Chief Dong, we… are we going to rent an apartment?”


Hua Mei estate. This is a one-year-old mid-level estate nearby and is in a convenient area. There are shops and food nearby. The taxi stopped in front of the estate, and Dong Xuebing entered the estate with Yu Meixia behind him. Yu Meixia was feeling uneasy and didn’t understand why Chief Dong had brought her here. The rent for this place is expensive. Furthermore, this is a new estate. Will there be units for rent?

The showroom for this estate was removed, and it’s the building management who is handling the sales now.

Dong Xuebing looked around and knew most of the units are taken up. He entered the building management office and asked. “Are there any new units available?”

Yu Meixia was stunned. “Chief Dong, you are…”

A woman, in a business suit, replied. “All the units are sold, and we only have one showroom unit left.”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while. “Alright. Show me that unit.”

The showroom unit is to cater to buyers to view the actual apartment. The part.i.tions and layout of the unit are the same as the rest of the apartments in the building. But usually, they are located on the ground floor. These units are fully renovated and slightly cheaper.

This showroom unit is located in Apartment building 1, unit 101, and is fully furnished.

Dong Xuebing looked around and was satisfied with it. “How big is this unit, and how much is it?”

The woman replied. “This is a two-bedroom unit, and the floor area is around 80 sqm. The total is about 300,000 RMB, and it’s 4,100 RMB per sqm.” This apartment is considered expensive in Yan Tai County. But compared to Beijing, where per sqm cost tens of thousands, this is nothing.

Dong Xuebing asked a few more details and walked around the unit.

Yu Meixia also liked this unit, and she was also looking around.

Dong Xuebing knows what Sister Yu’s feelings. A few years ago, after Dong Xuebing’s family sold their house, his mother and he kept thinking of getting their own home again. It’s different from renting a house to live in as no matter how grand the rented house is, it still does not belong to them.

After an hour later, Dong Xuebing told the female staff. “Thank you. We will look around first.”

After that woman left, Yu Meixia asked. “Why are you viewing this apartment?”

Dong Xuebing did not say much and took out a bank card and pa.s.sed it to Yu Meixia. “The pin is my birthdate. I am a civil servant, and it is not suitable to use my name. You will buy this apartment under your name and make full payments for it. If the building management cannot process the transaction today, then you place a deposit first.”

Yu Meixia gasped. “You… You want to buy this apartment?”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “I will wait here for you.”

Yu Meixia knows Chief Dong is wealthy, and when he helped her pay her debts, he took out 200,000 RMB at once. Yu Meixia does not know where Chief Dong got his money from, and even wonder if he had received bribes. But until she saw Dong Xuebing trade shares the day before, she understood. Yu Meixia saw Chief Dong keeping quiet, and she dares not ask anything. She took the bank card with her and walked to the Building Management office.

Yu Meixia returned after about an hour and returned the bank card and receipt to Dong Xuebing. “The transaction is completed.”

Dong Xuebing took the bank card from her and asked. “Is it fully paid?”

“Yes. They say we can move in today. But there is still some paperwork which we need to complete a few days later.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Let’s go.”

Yu Meixia pushed the receipt to Dong Xuebing. “This is the receipt. You…”

“Leave it with you first.”

It was about noon when they got home. Yu Qianqian is in the living room, drinking a can of c.o.ke. “Mum, Big Brother, where did you all go? I am hungry.”

Dong Xuebing replied with a heavy heart. “We went to buy an apartment.”

Yu Qianqian’s eyes got bigger. “Buy an apartment? Big Brother, don’t you have an apartment now?”

Yu Meixia wiped her daughter’s face gently. “The apartment your Big Brother is living now belongs to his unit.”

Dong Xuebing sat down on the sofa and waved them over. “Qianqian, Sister Yu, come over. I have something to speak to you all.” The mother and daughter pair walked over, and Dong Xuebing continued. “You all go and pack your things, and you two will move to Hua Mei estate today.”

Yu Meixia was shocked. “How can we do this?! We… renting a room is enough!”

Dong Xuebing shook his head. “Sister Yu, I will give you this apartment, and this is also the last time I help you.”

Yu Meixia shook her hands. “No… no… we cannot accept any more things from you. That apartment is almost 400,000 RMB. I…”

Dong Xuebing interrupted her. “Sit down and listen to me. Sister Yu, I am much younger than you, and I should not be telling you this. But… at your age, and Qianqian is still young. It’s not easy to bring her up alone. You should also find a partner. Erm… that Officer from the household registration department is on good terms with you, right? You should decide for yourself. If you think that man is good to you and Qianqian, you two should be together.”

Yu Meixia was about to burst into tears. “No… Chief Dong… it’s not like this!”

Dong Xuebing interrupted her again. “Being my helper is not a long term solution, and you should live your own life. That man is still living with his parents and doesn’t have his own house? If you two decided to be together, you all could live there after you all got married. Just treat that apartment as a wedding gift from me. Oh, I will help you find another job sometime later. If you got married, you should stop working as a helper.”

Although Dong Xuebing was not willing, he still respected Yu Meixia’s decision. Everyone who knew Dong Xuebing knows that he treats his friends and relatives well, even better than treating himself. He had considered about Yu Meixia’s future. With an apartment, a husband, and a new job, she should not be suffering in the future.

Yu Qianqian’s eyes turned red. “Mum! Do we have to go?”

Yu Meixia bit her lower lips and was holding back her tears.

Yu Qianqian looked at Dong Xuebing and held her mother’s arm. “Mum! I… I don’t want to go! Can we stay here?” Yu Qianqian had not met that Officer from the household registration department, but she knew that no one would treat her better than Chief Dong. She loves this place and likes this Big Brother.

Yu Meixia gritted her teeth and said. “Chief Dong, I don’t want other jobs. I… I will be your helper for the rest of my life.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “How can you say this? How can you still be my helper after you get married? This is not right.”

“I… I will not get married again! That officer and I… we are not together! Really!”

“Then what if you find yourself a man in the future? Listen to me and accept that apartment. Anyway, that house is under your name, and you can stay there after you get married.” Dong Xuebing was afraid he might stop her from leaving. “Alright. Go and pack your things.”

Yu Qianqian panicked. “Mum! Mum!”

Dong Xuebing patted Yu Qianqian’s head. “Qianqian, be good. I will visit you when I am free.”

Yu Meixia could not hold back her tears any longer and cried!

Dong Xuebing could feel her heartache. “Sister Yu, don’t be like this. It’s not that we are bidding farewell forever.”

Yu Meixia cried even louder. “Chief Dong… Sob… That officer and I are not together… Sob… I don’t feel anything towards him… he is the one courting me… I… Sob… I don’t know how to reject him… Sob… I don’t have any intentions to get married again… I had never even thought about this… Sob… I don’t want that apartment… I don’t want anything…”

Dong Xuebing quickly wiped the tears off Yu Meixia’s face. “Don’t cry… It’s my fault… I apologize, ok?”

Yu Meixia wiped her tears and said. “Please believe me… I don’t have anything to do with him!”

Dong Xuebing was feeling troubled. He smiled. “Alright… I believe you. Stop crying. Don’t let your daughter laugh at you.”

“Sob… I want to rent a room outside is… is because Sister Luan told me… Sob… told me that you are involved in a lot of troubles… and you even force the County’s Party Secretary to leave. Sister Luan is afraid that… Sob… someone might use Qianqian and me as an excuse to spread rumors about you… and it might affect your career… She wants us to move over to her apartment… Sob… I know you offended a lot of people because of me… and I don’t want to create any more problems for you… that’s why I want to rent a room outside… Sob… I don’t want to move out… I want to stay here!”

Dong Xuebing realized that he had misunderstood Yu Meixia. Yu Meixia did not want to move out because she wants more privacy. It’s his mother who is afraid he might get into more trouble. After the incident where Dong Xuebing smashed the Mercedes during his cousin’s wedding, his mother was worried he would get into more trouble. That’s why she wants Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian to move in with her!

Ah! What a blunder!

Dong Xuebing used his sleeves to wipe Yu Meixia’s tears and console her. “Alright. If you don’t want to leave, just stay. You can stay as long as you want.”

Yu Meixia shook her head. “I cannot give you more problems. Sob… I rent a room and live with Qianqian. But I will still work for you.”

Dong Xuebing stroked Yu Meixia’s long hair. “Alright, alright… just do what you want. Can you stop crying?”

Yu Meixia’s stopped sobbing after hearing Dong Xuebing’s reply. “Then I will come over every day to cook and clean up the house for you, and will return to the rented room at night.”

Dong Xuebing nodded.

Yu Meixia finally stopped crying and wiped her tears with a paper napkin.

Dong Xuebing shook his head helplessly. Crying, throwing tantrums are women’s weapons against men. He had finally experienced it today. After Yu Meixia calms down, Dong Xuebing said. “Sister Yu, we had paid for the apartment, and we can’t ask for a refund. Let’s move to Hua Mei Estate together. We will still be living together, and no one will gossip about me there. I return to this apartment to stay once in a while. What do you think of this?”

Yu Meixia blushed. “I…, I will listen to you.”

Yu Qianqian cheered and hugged her mother.

Yu Meixia looked at Dong Xuebing. “But that apartment must be under your name.”

“I said that is my present to you. If you get married in the future, the apartment…” Dong Xuebing stopped when he saw Yu Meixia’s eyes turning red again. “We should also think about Qianqian. Even if you don’t want it, you can keep it as Qianqian’s dowry.”

Yu Qianqian lowered her head shyly and mumbled something.

Yu Meixia looked at her daughter and wiped her tears gratefully. “Thank you. I will earn money to repay you.”

“What’s there to repay? That apartment is my gift to Qianqian, and it’s not for you. Hahaha.”

Yu Meixia is already homeless, and her biggest worry is her daughter. She could no longer refuse Dong Xuebing’s apartment as she needs to consider for her daughter’s future. After Qianqian grows up, she will also get married and need her own house.

Dong Xuebing was satisfied with this outcome. He smiled and said. “Let’s pack up and move to our new apartment!”

Yu Qianqian ran back to her room, excitedly to pack.

As Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian were packing, Dong Xuebing walked to the balcony and called his mother. “Mum, I just bought an apartment for Sister Yu. It’s at Hua Mei Estate. Errr… but Yu Qianqian misses me, and I might stay there for a few days when I am free.” He is the one who misses them and doesn’t want them to leave. But he cannot tell his mother this.


Hua Mei Estate.

Yu Qianqian was still excited about the new apartment. She had been going in and out of every room since the afternoon.

Yu Meixia was also in a good mood. After being homeless for so long, she finally got her place.

Dong Xuebing had thought of buying an apartment for Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian sometime ago. He is still confused about whether Qu Yunxuan or Xie Huilan is his girlfriend, but he knows that if either one of them comes to visit him, Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian cannot be at his family quarters apartment. He will be seeking death if he let them remain there. In other words, this mother and daughter pair are time bombs, and Qu Yunxuan and Xie Huilan must not meet them. Now, with the new apartment for them, Dong Xuebing felt safer.

With it comes to relations.h.i.+ps, Dong Xuebing is troubled and doesn’t know what to do. Since he doesn’t know what to do, he decided to stop thinking about it and enjoy his life now.

“Big Brother, where should I place this vase?” Yu Qianqian carried a big vase over.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “You are the owner of this apartment. You can decide for yourself.”

“Oh… Then I will place it beside the TV console!”

Yu Meixia was afraid her daughter might break the vase and went over to help her. “Be careful.”

Dong Xuebing also rolled up his sleeves and went over to help.

The apartment is fully equipped with furniture, but the home appliances will only be delivered tomorrow. Now, they can only s.h.i.+ft the furniture around to their liking. After a while, all 3 of them sat on the sofa, panting. Yu Meixia took out her handkerchief to wipe the sweat on Dong Xuebing’s forehead, and Yu Qianqian is hugging Dong Xuebing’s arm.

Dong Xuebing smiled blissfully and wrapped his arms around Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian’s waists. He stood up and brought them to the room. “I have bought an apartment, and now, I still need a car. Help me choose a car that suits me.”

Yu Meixia felt Dong Xuebing’s arm around her waist, and she blushed. She could feel Dong Xuebing is treating her as his family member, and she did not stop him. Since her parents’ death and after her husband got addicted to gambling, she does not have this warm feeling again.

Dong Xuebing had a grin on his face. His Auction Company’s total a.s.sets are worth close to 10 million, and he can be considered a millionaire. But all this while, he couldn’t feel any changes. Having an apartment and a car will be a significant change in his lifestyle. After all, these are the things Dong Xuebing dreamed about four years ago.

A family, a house, a car, money, a good career…

Dong Xuebing felt his life had been fulfilled!