People Found Out About The Base I Built On the Moon - Chapter 650: The Complete Collection of Monsters in the

Chapter 650: The Complete Collection of Monsters in the

Chapter 650: The Complete Collection of Monsters in the

Wilderness (2)

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Among them, the most popular was naturally the Martial Arts Hall.

Lets make it clear first. We never disclose any information about our citizens. I just happened to see Li Hu go up to a corridor on the second floor. Yu Tie Jun nodded slightly and warned He Yun.

Thank you so much!

After bidding farewell, he first looked for his people from w.a.n.g Feng Valley and arranged for them to send the money to Commander Yu in the martial arts hall in half an hour. Then, he went upstairs.

After regaining his composure, he was no longer as rash as before. Instead, he went to the front desk and expressed that he wanted to stay. From there, he obtained a room map on the second floor.

Soon, he found the location of corridor number three. Then, he pretended to choose a room and went to corridor number three on the second floor.

The room he chose was on the side of corridor 3, so he could see the people entering and leaving the other rooms at a glance.

Standing at the door, He Yun did not enter. Instead, he scanned the corridor, waiting for Li Hu to appear.

Hard work paid off. Half an hour later, the door of a guest room opened and Li Hu walked out alone.

He Yuns face lit up and shouted, Li Hu! Then, he chased after he.

Li Hu didnt expect this person to be on the second floor. Moreover, it seemed that he had just booked a room.

This was really a coincidence. He actually b.u.mped into him.

He Yun, who had been guarding for so long, naturally wouldnt let Li Hu go. He hurriedly ran up to him.

The two of them pretended to be polite.

He Yun tried to probe for a long time, but Li Hu did not relent. Seeing this, he no longer hesitated and sighed. This trip was really too tragic

The monsters outside are too strong. Three of us died when we went out

In my opinion, its better to wait for the main army to come in before hunting alone

Li Hu frowned slightly, understanding He Yuns meaning.

If He Yun revealed the truth, everyone would knew about their plan to eliminate all the leaders of other forces.

It would be very difficult to take over the remaining forces. They might even team up to defeat them.

In the future, it would still be a five-way war.


Seeing that He Yun was about to leave, Li Hu could not help but call out to him.

Whats wrong, Boss Li? Do you have something to deliver to me? He Yun asked with a sneer.

Li Hu understood that this guy must have thought it through and figured our what he had been pretending to do these past few days.

Seeing this, he invited He Yun into his room and looked around to double check no one else saw them before closed the door.

Soon, Li Hu, Li Xiang, and He Yun gathered together.

He Yun, since you survived, Ill tell you the truth

Li Hu told him about his feint over the past few days.

He Yun revealed an expression as if he had expected it. Hmph, you look honest, but youre actually a treacherous person

Dont talk like you are a clean person. Everyone knows who we are. Theres no need to talk about our past. Li Hu said indifferently.

Although I cant overtook all the forces, three are enough for both of us to split

You want me to conceal the truth like you do?! He Yun nodded knowingly.

More or less. At the very least, we need to kill off as many people from the other three factions as possible

These past few days, Ive also been thinking about how to hunt safely outside to improve our strength Li Xiang on the side spoke up.

He explained his speculation about the camp.

So, the current situation is that one faction in the camp is willing to nurture us, while the other faction isnt

Their conflict is none of our concern, but now, we must strive to gain some power

For example, causing significant casualties among the three factions, so we can appeal to the higher-ups of the camp

Im not asking for the elite a.s.sistance from the camps higher-ups, but at the very least, they should provide some intelligence so we know the strength of those monsters, allowing us to recognize and have time to escape when we see them

After encountering monsters, there was indeed time to escape, purely because they didnt know which monsters were strong and which were weak. Basically, whenever they encountered one, they would try to fight it.

The results were naturally devastating. If they knew the strength of each type of monster, they could have a greater chance of survival by fleeing ahead when they were still tens or hundreds of meters away.

Just like Zhao Yu, relying on his vision, he could avoid and escape from danger five to six hundred meters away, naturally greatly increasing his chances of survival.

That makes sense!

He Yun nodded in agreement with Li Xiangs statement.

The three of them discussed the details again, focusing on how to deceive the remained three faction forces without leader and ensure they could go hunting immediately after advanced into first tier.

Five days later.

Fourth floor of the camp.

Hao Yu Wei received another piece of bad news.

It was reported by Yu Tie Jun.

These days, there have been over thirty newly first-tier fighters

Most of them have perished, with a death rate as high as 85%

Now, the survivors have come to me, hoping I can relay a message to the higher-ups and gained some a.s.sistance

Yu Tie Jun hadnt expected the brutality of those leaders to come up such a plan by sacrifice their own people as well as harming each other to gain some intel and a.s.sistance from the camp.

Several times, he had seen Li Hu, Li Xiang, and their others members following other newly advanced first-tier fighters who were separated, and each person they followed inevitably never returned.

It was obvious what these people were doing so nasty work when they went out.

They might not able to handle the monsters yet, but they were adept at killing people!

Unfortunately, even if he knew about this, there was nothing he could do.

On one hand, as the Commander Yu, he was using the camp to act tough. If he intervened too much, conflicts would easily arise.

Once he acted, his real strength would be exposed, and it would be difficult to maintain his authority.

On the other hand, even if he wanted to intervene, he didnt have the strength. The people who could advance to the first tier, were all ultimate fighters previously and any one of them was stronger than him.

After a brief contemplation, Hao Yu Wei suggested, You go down and tell them that the higher-ups will discuss the matter and ask them to remain calm

In these past few days, facing more and more first-tier fighter, he was ultimately afraid of revealing his true strength and didnt dare to be as high-handed as before.

The only source of confidence was Zhao Yu. Thinking of this, he couldnt help but ask, Is Lord Zhao Yu not here?!

Not here!

Hao Yu Wei shook her head, Lord Zhao Yu, along with Ji Wu Shuang and Pan Yi Ting, went out to further advance to the first-tier intermediate level. However, they should be back earlier today

Finally their side have three first-tier intermediate level fighter?!

Yu Tie Jun breathed a sigh of relief.

He had been privately reporting some situations to Zhao Yu, but he knew much less about Zhao Yus strength than Hao Yu Wei did.

After all, Hao Yu Wei was someone who could talk to Pan Yi Ting and Ji Wu Shuang privately.

As the two were speaking, laughter and cheerful voices came from the stairwell.

Turning their heads, they saw Zhao Yu and the others.

Youre back! Hao Yu Wei went up with joy, hurriedly approaching to inquire about their progress.

Of course, it was a success. Now, Im also a first-tier intermediate level! Pan Yi Ring said with a beaming smile.

Everyone was delighted.

After the pleasantries were exchanged, Hao Yu Wei revealed the purpose of Yu Tie Juns visit.

In just over a week, nearly thirty people have been promoted, but most of them have perished. Now, only seven survivors remain

They have complained to Yu Tie Jun, hoping to receive a.s.sistance from the higher-ups

Zhao Yu rubbed his chin. He was well aware of the subtle actions of Li Hu, He Yun, and the others, as Yu Tie Jun had informed him beforehand.

Moreover, he had a.n.a.lyzed the intentions and thoughts of Li Hu, He Yun, and the others, so he naturally antic.i.p.ated this situation.

Yu Tie Jun, tell them that the higher-ups are aware of the situation, and theres no need to say more

Tomorrow, you will put this into the contribution column

With that, Zhao Yu took out a booklet from his pocket and handed it over.

Yu Tie Jun took it and looked at it, and couldnt help but be stunned. Written on it was none other than: Wilderness Monster Encyclopedia..