Past Life Returner - Chapter 223

Chapter 223

Ji-Hoon had never been able to forget about Seon-Hu as everyone had talked about him during their middle school alumni reunion. Since middle school, Seon-Hu had had the vibe of the boss monster in the last wave. Everyone was scared to make eye contact and have a conversation with him. He was in the same age group and in the same class, but he seemed to belong in a different world.

Whenever Ji-Hoon thought of that time, he got nostalgic. He had remained quiet throughout the three years in order not to bother Seon-Hu, but he had a lot of fun on the streets after school. It was a fun time without any worries. The only blip he had encountered was during that one time he got into a fight with other school boys as the case involved criminal matters, so he was scolded by his parents. But that was it.

“It’s so nice to see you here. You don’t remember me, do you? I remember you.”’

“Even my name?” Seon-Hu asked.

“Do you even know mine?” Ji-Hoon retorted.

Seon-Hu didn’t rise to his bait. “So you do? Or no?”

Umm… What was his name again? Ji-Hoon tried hard to recall Seon-Hu’s name, but couldn’t.

Their alumni reunions had occurred frequently until they reached their early twenties. Once people entered their thirties, they became busy, and Ji-Hoon stopped attending the meetings. At one point, the reunion had turned into a feast for those who succeeded in socie...