Overgeared - Chapter 1696

Chapter 1696

The gods and angels were sharply weakened outside of Asgard. It was common sense by now. The problem was that strength and weakness were always relative. The gods and angels who came to the surface would suffer a powerful penalty, but there were few people in the world who could easily defeat them.

There was a loud noise and the Tower of Eternity was greatly shaken. Irregardless of the name, it felt like it would collapse at any moment. The magicians of the magic tower were scared out of their minds. Cracks spread like a spider web across the upper floors of the tower. Piaro was nailed to the center of it.


He might be blood stained, but he didn’t release the strength from the hands holding the farming equipment. Blood flowed down the back of the hand along the bulging blood vessels. It was the blood scattered by the angels who died earlier. They were angels who died from their skulls being smashed by a hand plow, or their spinal cords being pulled out by a pitchfork.

“A cruel man like you would be rare even in hell. Seeing how you specifically developed and use such heinous weapons, I suspect that you are Baal disguised as a human being.”

“This is farming equipment...”

“You are going to die now.”

The angels surrounding Piaro looked tired.

The Fruit of Good and Evil—the mythical fruit that was occasionally grown in hell was extremely dangerous. Depending on its usage, the meaning of a god’s existence could fade or evil spirits could be created. It was also possible for angels to be born in hell or demons to be born in heaven. There were too many possibilities. It was to the point where they thought that the concept Yatan created with malicious intent was clear.

For Asgard, it was a variable that must be removed. This was why as many as 105 angels came to the surface this time. There were three archangels and 102 ordinary angels. It was the size of an army unit. It was a troop organized to confront a chief god, so it was the first time since the war of the gods that so many angels were engaged in an operation.

They had in mind the worst case scenario of encountering the Overgeared God. It was self-evaluated as a power that could easily overpower the apostles of the Overgeared God. Yet they struggled with only one apostle. As many as seven angels died horribly. In the aftermath, dozens of angels were released from the trinity and briefly escaped from the battlefield.

It was a pretty shocking incident.

Angels were soldiers made from human legends. Angels might suffer a penalty in the human world, but it was right that they could handle it on their own, even against a legendary human. Besides, they were raised as soldiers. Angels were stronger in the multitude than as an individual. Every time their numbers increased, their combat power would be multiplied by several times. Therefore, they could oppose even a chief god the moment their unit was formed.

Yet only one apostle—

They also suffered this defeat against Piaro, the weakest of the apostles. Anxiety rose in the minds of the archangels.

‘...It must be the influence of the god he serves.’

The Overgeared God—he was the one who overshadowed the years. The growth rate exceeded even the wisdom of the gods. His apostles were also affected and their growth rate seemed extraordinary.

“Destroy him with all our might. We have to cut the buds properly today.”

At the order of the archangels, the angels moved the halos above their heads.

An angel’s symbol—the ring of light expanded rapidly. Nearly 100 halos tilted in unison and aimed at Piaro. All the angels at the scene were joining forces to kill Piaro. It was a desire to not give him any room to survive.

‘This... it is over...’

It was a miracle that he had survived so far. The number of angels would continue to grow. It was impossible to resist an army alone when the army was rapidly strengthened with every addition. However, Piaro was a farmer and defeated seven of their fellow companions. It was because a farmer was a great being who created fields and a favorable environment for himself.

It wasn’t overpraising him. Among pure human beings, there were very few who could set up a field that was like a mental world, and Piaro was the best of them.

Beams of light were shot from the halos of the angels. It was a full-scale bombardment aimed at the moment when the immortality that supported Piaro ended.

‘...It was a life without any regrets.’

Grid had gotten rid of all of Piaro’s regrets. In his white-tinged vision, Piaro smiled. It was a smile that appeared naturally when looking back at his life since meeting a young man called Grid and serving him as his lord, king, and emperor, before worshiping him as a god. This unwavering pride filled Piaro even in the face of death. He didn’t feel any fear or regret.

Then someone criticized him. “Is this the time to smile? You have to think about the grief of those who are left behind. What is wrong with you when you have a family?”

It was a soft voice. The voice was a girl’s clear and bright voice, but the owner wasn’t a girl. It was a woman who looked as small and young as her voice. It was Euphemina. The guardian of the Overgeared Tower had come here in response to the call of Laella, the tower master. She was holding a red fruit that was larger than her small face in her arms.

“The Fruit of Good and Evil...!” The eyes of the angels widened.

“Go! Euphemina!” Laella’s cry came from the top of the tower. She completed her quest and proved the efficacy of the Fruit of Good and Evil while Piaro was buying time. Therefore, she was confident that Euphemina’s potential would fully bloom today.

Mumud’s Successor, Euphemina—a legendary great magician who interpreted all types of magic in Mumud’s style, and used it much more quickly and powerfully. For her, a legend wasn’t the endpoint. The class of Mumud’s Successor itself guaranteed a myth rating. It was just that the growth of the rating wasn’t achieved simply by raising the level and gaining achievements.

First, the precedent of Grid becoming a myth proved it. It was to the point where Euphemina openly said, ‘A myth? I’ve given up.’ 

It was understandable. One of the basic conditions necessary to become a myth was worship. It was to be an object of faith to the people, but Euphemina wasn’t confident about being worshiped at all. She was different from Grid. In the first place, was it reasonable for people to be worshiped? Euphemina had a hunch that Grid was special from the first time she saw Grid.

Ah, I can’t be his opponent.

Indeed. Euphemina had no confidence to be like Grid. She didn’t even dream of it. This was why she wasn’t excited at all when she heard Laella say that the Fruit of Good and Evil would provide her with a clue for evolution.

[Fruit of Good and Evil]



★ There will be a special change in magic power when taken by a magician. It has been revealed by the tower master of the Overgeared Tower, Laella.]

‘Will I get black magic power and divine power?’

In general, black magic power was a resource obtained only by contracting with a demon, while divine power was a resource obtained only by changing one's class to a priest or paladin serving a god. Ordinary magicians couldn’t get it, nor were they compatible with it.

Of course, the Overgeared members could contract with elementals. It was possible to deal with black magic or divine magic by contracting with dark elementals or light elementals. Additionally, Euphemina was Mumud’s Successor, so she had her own skills in black magic and divine magic. The most basic black magic and divine magic could be interpreted and used in Mumud’s style.

However, the nature of her magic power itself wasn’t transformed into evil like the black magicians who contracted with the demons, nor could she handle divine power like the priests did. It was impossible to be complete and the power itself was low.

Nevertheless, the Fruit of Good and Evil made it possible—Laella assured her that even magic power had the effect of being distinguished between good and evil. If Euphemina took the Fruit of Good and Evil when she could already handle all magic, it would have an effect that others couldn’t even dream of. This was why Euphemina had to take it.

Then when questioned if it would be better for Braham to eat it, Laella replied, “Lord Braham is a vampire. Unlike humans, who are neutral, his species itself is judged as evil. This means the Fruit of Good and Evil will intervene in the species first rather than magic power. The variables are unpredictable.”

“Additionally, isn’t Lord Piaro’s life in danger right now? Quickly eat this and save Lord Piaro!”

“Don’t worry about Grid. He has already given me permission to handle the Fruit of Good and Evil however I want. Additionally, it is Grid who wants you to grow more than anyone else.”

‘If the effects of the Fruit of Good and Evil are real...’ 

In theory, Euphemina would become close to an omnipotent magician. She would be beyond even Braham in a way. Did she deserve such a great power?

...Of course she did. It wasn’t a matter of discussing qualifications. It was more of an obligation. She had to save Piaro right away.

Euphemina’s small mouth bit the Fruit of Good and Evil. Her cheeks moved in a munching motion akin to a squirrel.

The rays of light shot from the angels were right in front of them.


Euphemina was a genius. She immediately identified the changes she encountered after eating the Fruit of Good and Evil and got used to them. She judged that the already deployed shield was unnecessary, so she canceled it and cast another spell. The corners of her mouth curled up and was reminiscent of a small demon.


The universe unfolded. It was the aftermath of triggering the Mumud-style Blizzard with divine power and black magic power. In a blackened world, light was absorbed and scattered repeatedly, forming processions or columns. Stardust was the name given to this sight.


The bright lights fired by the angels faded like they were a lie. The weak light was swallowed up by the darkness and the strong light was swallowed up by a stronger light. The only proof that a saturation of light had existed until just now was Euphemina’s twin golden ponytails fluttering in the wind.


Euphemina’s resources after eating the Fruit of Good and Evil were largely divided into three types—mana, black magic power, and divine power. Thanks to Mumud’s knowledge, she was able to use Heal, which she previously acquired but couldn’t use because she didn’t have the resources required. Even if the same magic was used, the form and effect of the magic changed depending on the resources used.

That was the Mumud-style Blizzard that she just cast. Once it was used with black magic power and divine power, the formula that should’ve made snow instead became starlight. The magic, which should’ve caused a chill, brought about darkness instead. It was the birth of wide-area magic that absorbed or denied light or darkness.

Consciously using a different resource every time she used magic required a lot of concentration and agility, but Euphemina enjoyed it. It was because she was able to play a much more interesting ‘combination game’ than when she was the Duplicator. Of course, there was no one in the world who used more skills and magic and Euphemina. Euphemina was a master of skill combinations.

“It is you... you will be the Overgeared God’s last apostle.”

The archangels were wary of Euphemina. They gave up their lingering attachment to the Fruit of Good and Evil that had already been lost. They considered that the problem would be solved by killing Euphemina, who had eaten the Fruit of Good and Evil.

Of course, they had a hunch that she wasn’t an easy opponent, but they thought they had the advantage. In the first place, angels were immune to most magic. Black magic and divine magic weren’t easy to go against, but in any case, they had a relative advantage against a magician.

It happened as the angels were arranging their ranks... The epic that Grid became the master of the new myth, ‘Yellow Dragon,’ was imprinted on the world. Piaro, who was close to death, regained his vitality. No, it wasn’t at the level of recovery...

“His Majesty is indeed a god.”

At this exquisite timing, he wrote a new myth and gave power to his apostles. Piaro just admired the act of causing miracles every time. Piaro had a smile on his face as he rushed forward and sprinkled seeds. He stormed through the gaps in the flustered angels and swung his farming equipment.

Thanks to this, Euphemina was able to perform enough calculations and cast magic. By actively utilizing the three types of resources, she showed magic that had never been seen before.

The guardian of the magic tower—it was a position bestowed upon a magician whose skills were superior to the master of the magic tower. In terms of skills, Euphemina was the real number one of the Overgeared Tower. Additionally, there was Laella, the tower master. There were also the hundreds of magicians of the Tower of Eternity who gained courage by seeing the enviable performance of Euphemina.

Above all, this was the second capital, Titan. The Tower of Eternity might be on the outskirts of the city, but the messages must’ve reached the castle by now. Empress Basara and the dukes would’ve sensed the upheaval and led the reinforcements themselves.

“...You are bothering me.” Lightning God Kyle had already arrived at the scene. It was because his speed was like lightning itself, so it was transcendent.

“Is this really... the human world?” The angels were agitated. They were flustered because a crisis had arrived, even though they hadn’t even met the Overgeared God yet.

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