Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously - Chapter 439

Chapter 439

Chapter 439

Jiang Nan went to fulfill his dream as a boy!

When the girls in the villa area saw Jiang Nan leave, they completely let go of their temper and began to discuss topics that only the little girls would discuss!

Hey, hey, hey! Sister Xue! When did you two live together?

Does Nan Shen usually wear a pair of underpants and walk around at home?

He can teleport. Did he sneak into your room?

Does Nan Shen know how to cook? Will you wash his clothes with him when you wash your clothes?

A group of girls came over and asked all the questions they were curious about!

Zhong Yingxue blushed. Little Nan has done all the things you asked!

Xia Yao covered her face!

It was not only good!

Little Nan had done even more exciting than this!

For example, Xuexue, who had been kept in the dark, had taken a bath with Jiang Xiaoyao

Wow, how bold!

At this moment, the rabbit babys big eyes were rolling around nonstop!

Taking advantage of the fact that no one was paying attention, she slipped into Jiang Nans room in a flas.h.!.+

She rushed straight to the trash can in the corner, her big eyes full of excitement!

Kaka! Let this baby see if Nan Shen is healthy in his daily life!

Oh, there is no toilet paper. Ill give you a like!

Wow! So many pacifiers? Im rich, Im rich, Im rich, Im rich!

As she spoke, she frantically stuffed it into her pocket!

After flipping through the trash can, the rabbit baby rushed to the bedside, took out a plastic white rabbit doll from her pocket, and placed it on the bedside table!

Hehe, I exchanged it with you! Ill cherish you for a lifetime!

At this moment, the living room was in a heated discussion, and no one noticed that the rabbit baby had disappeared!

From time to time, Hua Ling would look in the direction of the swimming pool!

Sister Xue? Can the swimming pool be used?

Big Ling Zi wants to swim? I want to too!

The last time I swam was when I was at the water park in the summer!

Zhong Yingxue laughed, It can be used! Little Nan cleaned it up a few days ago!

Xia Yaos eyes were filled with excitement, I havent swam in a long time either! Im the best at diving!

Ning Youyou said, The book says that swimming can relieve muscle fatigue!

Hehe! The sisters have a good time tonight! Lets see who is faster!

Lets go! Lets change!

Did you bring your swimsuits? There are a lot of them in my cabinet!

The group of girls became excited and went upstairs to change their clothes!

At this moment!

Jiang Nan was standing under the girls dormitory in his Invisible Cloak!

Jiang Nan, who was invisible, didnt attract anyones attention at all!

At this moment, he was observing the balcony of the dormitory!

Was he afraid that he wouldnt be able to remember which senior sister had sold him the Heavens Package?

What a joke!

I can clearly remember which of those 59 pairs of feet were made of armor and which one was not washed!

How could I not remember!

With a teleport, Jiang Nan, who was invisible, instantly appeared in room 607!

It was still a familiar room. Just as Jiang Nan was about to look for slippers, his body froze on the spot!


Jiang Nan was so scared that he quickly covered his mouth!

He almost burst out a word of praise!

She saw Xu Jiawen sitting on the bed, wearing a pair of black woolen pants!

She was holding a box of wax balm in her hand!

When she heard the sound, she suddenly looked up at her surroundings, her face full of doubts!

Then, she opened the lid of the balm!

Looking at her own legs, her face was full of worry. Aiya! So annoying!

Jiang Nan: !!!

This senior sister! What the h.e.l.l is this pair of hairy pants on your legs!

Was the leg hair so heavy that it was comparable to sweater?

The last time he pinched her foot, it was still smooth!

How did you grow such a thick pair of pants in two days?

Xu Jiawen smeared the honey wax evenly on her leg!

Then, his expression turned fierce!


A whole leg of wax ointment was torn off. It hurt so much that tears welled up in her eyes. She gritted her teeth and rolled around on the bed!

Her calf became as smooth as ever again!

Jiang Nan shuddered!

Wasnt this a bit too cruel to her? How painful would that be!

In an instant, Jiang Nan wanted her to go to his swimming pool!

This senior sister was definitely just needed, okay?

He shook his head vigorously.

He looked around the room and found that the three pairs of slippers he sold were neatly placed on the shoe rack!

Obviously, she had not worn them!

Jiang Nan picked up the slippers with lightning speed and stuffed them into her alternate s.p.a.ce!

In the midst of a painful torment, Xu Jiawen finally got rid of the hairy pants on her body!

Phew. Its finally over! It hurts so much!

Its almost finished in the last place!

Jiang Nan: !!!

No, no, no!

I cant stay here any longer!

This little secret of yours almost caused my world view to collapse completely!

With just a single teleportation, Jiang Nan had disappeared!

He went to the second dormitory room that had bought a set meal!

Even the few rooms that had been knocked out of the human-shaped hole and had their seals removed Jiang Nan had gone there!

Yes! The crime scene still had to be cleaned up!

In the process, in order to find slippers for convenience, Jiang Nan also ate a black garlic!

In any case, he couldnt take off the Heavenly Thread Treasure Robe, its better if he turned black!

Yes! It was really just to find slippers!

And not for some other strange things!

And what he had seen along the way had almost made Jiang Nans world view collapse!

The world of a girl was truly too terrifying!

Luckily, Jiang Nan had a good memory. He remembered every pair of feet and walked around again!

The things he had seen and heard along the way had opened up a new world for Jiang Nan time and time again!

Jiang Nan, who was frozen in place, disappeared in a blink of an eye!

A green teletubie walked on the small road in a daze!

The world view that collapsed again was still in the process of restructuring!

Sometimes, the dream was broken so suddenly!

At this point, all the extremely fast small slippers were recycled, of course, except for the 14 pairs that had been worn and ran away!

The Night Devil had been completely wiped out, and Jiang Nan couldnt help but cry!

My Zhong Yingxue and Xia Yao are still the best!

This group of senior sisters were too terrifying. At this moment, Jiang Nan couldnt wait to teleport back!

He had just arrived outside the Maple Forest Villa!

Through the gla.s.s room on the side, he saw that more than twenty beautiful young girls had already changed into swimsuits!

Many of them were already standing on the swimming platform!

At this moment, Xia Yao was wearing a white swimsuit and holding a fan in her hand. She had a sweet smile!

Are the sisters ready?

Hehe! Im ready!

I told you not to use your ability!

Dont worry! I will definitely surpa.s.s you even if I dont use my ability!

Jiang Nan smiled happily!

Wow! Are you all so energetic?

You even hold a swimming compet.i.tion in the middle of the night?

How can you not invite me to such a good thing?

Swimming Wait!


Xia Yao screamed, Begin!

Jiang Nans face was deathly pale.