One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 4471 - 4471 The Other Side 440

Chapter 4471 - 4471 The Other Side 440

Chapter 4471 - 4471 The Other Side 440

4471 The Other Side 440

Hua Jin lowered his head and looked at this man. Even though he was in such a sorry state, it could not hide that spirited air that he possessed.

He was so obsessed with cleanliness that not bathing for two days was probably his limit. What made it difficult for him to calm down was It seemed that no one had ever risked their lives for him like this.

He initially thought that Gong Jie would give up on him. After all, the crossfires around them were escalating. East Africa had completely fallen into the vortex of war. If Gong Jie had come alone to save him, they could have ended up dead together.

He came, nevertheless. Hua Jin was inevitably touched.

Although it was the grudge between the Hurricane Group and the Sacred Temple that triggered this situation, he was also a victim and was implicated.

There was no need for the man to save him. And yet here he was. This proud man had fallen into such a sorry state in order to save him. He was stunned beyond words by this.

Hua Jin carefully adjusted his position while protecting Gong Jies head, then he closed his eyes and fell asleep again.

Vermilion Bird successfully arrived at the port with Alice and Natalia.

The car had exploded. Although they had jumped out of the car in time, Alice was slightly injured from trying to protect Natalia. Because of the explosion at close range, Vermilion Birds eardrums were somewhat pierced and bleeding. Alice checked it and found that fortunately, it was nothing serious. Her eardrum was not seriously perforated, hence if she recuperated well, it would not affect her hearing.

Vermilion Bird was most proud of her eagle-like vision and excellent hearing. If her hearing had been impaired, she would fall into depression for sure.

The car was blown up, and everything was gone with the explosion.

Fortunately, Vermilion Bird still had some equipment on her. She hijacked a car on the way, drove through a rain of bullets, crossed the war zone, and finally arrived at the port smoothly.

Vermilion Bird got out of the car and boarded the s.h.i.+p with Natalia and Alice, but she noted the absence of Gong Jie and Hua Jin.

Wheres Young Master Jie?

Hes not back yet.

Not back!?

Yes, he went to rescue the other hostage.

Still no news?

No, hes managed to get the hostages out successfully, but Leo and Bem were sacrificed.


When Vermilion Bird heard this, she frowned. Alice, who was next to her, felt extremely heavy-hearted at the news.

Alice said, Leo would have officially retired soon. How did this happen?

Its not hard to imagine. Vermilion Bird said sadly, Now, many areas in East Africa have already fallen. Leo and Bem have killed their way in and out. They must have suffered badly.

I heard that something happened last night. The people of the Sacred Temple committed ma.s.s suicide.


Vermilion Bird and Alice were shocked, How could that be!?

Well then Natalia asked worriedly, Where are the two of them? Have they fled safely?

According to the information I have so far, Young Master Jie and the actor have left safely. Moreover, theyre less than 40 kilometers away from the port. Theyre trying their best to get here as soon as possible.

The war zone has already fallen. Those martial troops are threatening to blow up the port. If we dont leave now, well be in danger.

We cant leave! Alice said firmly, We cant leave before the two of them arrive.

Of course not!

Vermilion Bird added, Even if the port is blown up, we cant leave. If theres really no other way, we can make an exception and get the headquarters to send a support vessel!