Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - Chapter 4732 Succeeding

Chapter 4732 Succeeding

Chapter 4732 Succeeding

This giant boulder resembled a crane egg and was covered in multicolored marks. Upon closer inspection, it became clear that those marks had six different colors, each giving off an ancient and mysterious aura.

Long Chen wasnt the only one baffled here. Even the divine emissary and the rest of the Lifehunter race stood in silence, having never seen this thing before.

This palace housed their treasury, and it had two keys: one to open it and the other to destroy it.

This was the Lifehunter races custom, and it was also something most major factions chose to do. If their sect was on the brink of destruction, they would rather destroy their treasury than let their enemies profit off of them.

However, when the palace exploded, this strange six-colored boulder came flying out of it. None of them knew what was going on.

Dont be so surprised. The old thing disguised its aura. Hmph, how unnecessary, snorted Evilmoon.

Hearing that, Long Chen realized that the Earth Cauldron had vanished from his spiritual s.p.a.ce, and the six-colored boulder before them was the Earth Cauldrons disguise. After all, it rather cared about its face and preferred not to be a.s.sociated with its misdeeds.

The Earth Cauldron refused to show its true body and was only in charge of protecting the treasury. Long Chen immediately waved his hand when he realized this. Brothers, dont worry about anything other than killing them. I want this battle done before half an incense stick finishes burning.


At this moment, the Dragonblood Legion had fully sealed this minor world. With nothing else to worry about, they started a ma.s.sacre.

Aware of the Lifehunter experts skill in concealment, Xia Chen triggered a blood-colored talisman upon his arrival, forcing their translucent figures to appear throughout the void.

This was a special talisman made just to counter the Lifehunter races concealing arts. Before coming in, Xia Chen had also used tens of thousands of concealing talismans that locked down the entire Cloud Rubbing Fantasy Sea, expending a lot just to kill all their sentries silently.

Amidst the chaos, Yue Zifengs sword fell, cleaving through the divine emissarys arm. Even with the Lifehunter races special sword, the divine emissary couldnt block Yue Zifengs sword attacks.

Zifeng, leave him alive! I want to ask him some questions, instructed Long Chen.

Go to h.e.l.l! The divine emissary spat out, resigned to his fate upon losing his sword arm. He directed his curses at Long Chen. You little ingrate, youre just like your stupid father! Just you wait, the Lifehunter race will tear you to pieces sooner or later!


The divine emissarys aura suddenly started to grow explosively, prompting Yue Zifeng to hastily retreat before his self-detonation.

The self-detonation of a Sage King held the power to destroy heaven and earth, but it couldnt harm Yue Zifeng in the slightest. However, he did drag down many experts of the Lifehunter race with him.

Aiya! Long Chen slapped his leg, having forgotten about Qian Feng until now. He was someone afraid of death, so perhaps Long Chen could obtain some information from his mouth.

However, when Long Chen looked around, he found that Qian Fengs aura was already gone. This minor world was already sealed, and not even a fly could get out. In other words, he had probably been killed by someone.

In a short while, the battle was over. However, the minor world was falling to pieces, almost destroyed in this battle.

When Long Chen and the others left this minor world, Long Chen tossed a World Extermination Flame Lotus into it. That way, there was no need to worry about any fish slipping through their net.

As according to plan, well guard the tree stump in wait for the rabbits to show up[1]. Long Chen gave the order, and they all vanished.

However, even after waiting for so long, they didnt see the slightest disturbance in the surroundings. Guo Ran and the others then looked at each other.

This isnt what we predicted. Do they really not have any reinforcements?

Lets leave it here. It seems like they wont fall for it, sighed Long Chen.

The Lifehunter races people were as sly as foxes, so they definitely had their own secret methods to send distress signals and request reinforcements. It was likely that the Blood Hall had received word of the a.s.sault.

However, they never showed up. Alert to the possibility of a trap, they refrained from intervening, perhaps already aware of the situation unfolding.

Long Chen then told everyone how he had muddled his way in. Hearing how cautious the Lifehunter race was, Guo Ran couldnt help but say, The Lifehunter race really is crafty! Theyre hard to deal with.

Guo Ran, you should be interested in this. Yue Zifeng handed Guo Ran a giant crossbow.

Taking it in his hands, Guo Ran felt its icy-cold surface and its astonis.h.i.+ng weight. Even after absorbing the hidden dragons essence blood, Guo Ran was unable to carry this crossbow. Even supporting just one end of it caused his arms to tremble uncontrollably.

Thats from that old fellow. When he aimed it at me, my hair stood on end. Its definitely very dangerous, stated Yue Zifeng.

When Yue Zifeng fought the divine emissary, the latter tried to use the crossbow to attack him. However, Yue Zifeng attacked first, slicing off his wrist and making him let go of the crossbow.

d.a.m.n, how can it be so heavy?! That old fellow didnt look that strong! exclaimed Guo Ran in shock.

Long Chen explained, This is the Lifehunter Divine Crossbow, one of the Lifehunter races killing tools. I was shot by it. To tell the truth, it was hard to block. It has specific Blood Qi fluctuations. Most likely, it can only be activated and used by people of their bloodline.

Using bloodline power to activate it?

Guo Rans eyes suddenly lit up, and he exchanged a look with Xia Chen. The two of them had clearly thought of something.

Boss, the treasury... probed Guo Ran.

The moment he said this, s.p.a.ce twisted, revealing a thirty-meter chest carved out of stone instead of metal or wood.

d.a.m.n, what a huge worldstone! Guo Ran and the others jumped in shock when they saw it.

After all, a worldstone was an incredibly precious material. While Long Chen and the others had some, theirs were only the size of a palm. It was their first time seeing such a huge worldstone.

This is the Lifehunter races treasury, and it has the Lifehunter races seal on it. If you try to open it without knowing the correct method, it will immediately destroy itself, said Long Chen.

Thats nothing to me. Xia Chen smiled and examined the seal. After a while, he took out a piece of paper and inscribed a talisman right on the spot.

When he placed the talisman on the worldstone, it quivered, and a door appeared on top of it. Xia Chen pushed open the door, revealing a scene that made everyone gasp.

1. (Shu zh di t) Basically, it means to wait idly for opportunities to come. Theres a story behind this idiom though and you guys can read it here /chinese/shou-zhu-dai-tu/