Necropolis Immortal - Chapter 1780.1: None of Them Are Anything Good

Chapter 1780.1: None of Them Are Anything Good

“The Corpse Refiners? Again?” Lu Yun’s head ached when he heard the name.

He hadn’t thought of them as real opponents when he first met them, and even fantasized about working together one day to excavate all of the tombs in the world of immortals. Who would’ve thought that they’d be his greatest enemy now?

Hongjun nodded with some resignation. “This sect is very uncanny. It’s extremely old and a constant presence in existence. They were there when the Moran Clan and dragons rose to prominence, and while the latter two have become the main voices of the chief worlds, the Corpse Refiners remain the same as they always were.”

“So… I have a question.” Lu Yun took a careful look at Hongjun before asking,...