My Vampire System - Chapter 2466 No Witnesses

Chapter 2466 No Witnesses

Chapter 2466 No Witnesses

There was a part of Chris that thought perhaps he should turn back. He had eaten a few demons and with them now on high alert it could already cause the group serious problems.

Right now, there was a chance because it was only a few of them, that they wouldn't think much of it. However, the moment he had seen the larger Yak demon, Chris couldn't get it out of his mind just how much stronger he could get if he was to feast on that.

'They said that Quinn needed the general demon's blood to get stronger as well, not just the demon king's blood right?' Chris thought. 'Then this is something that I have to do.'

The group of around 7 Yak demons along with the larger demon general were still standing around the place looking at the blood, but after he said some words it looked like they had been asked to split up and look around.

The demons were now walking around in pairs, but they weren't straying from the outside the facility, they weren't heading into the forest, not yet anyway.

It didn't take them long to soon find the other areas that had blood spilt on the floor. They had called over the large Yak to have a look.

"Follow the blood traces, but don't venture too far out!" The general shouted.

Drops of blood could be found spread out in certain places, because it had been spilt when Chris was moving the bodies. Two of the Yaks had spotted it first and were inching closer and closer to the edge of the forest on their own.

'I've already committed to this much, so I just need to push it further.'

Dropping down from the branch above, and then creating a platform of Qi in the air, Chris pushed himself off with a bang. He used the platform of Qi instead of the branch so he wouldn't break anything or make any noise.

With his claws stretched out and laced in Qi, his hands hammered right through both of their heads, killing them on the spot. When he landed on the ground he had created a Qi platform just inches from the floor and used all the strength in his muscles to stop the two Yak bodies from slamming into the ground.

They were still stuck onto both of his arms which had gone through their heads.

"Alright that went better this time."

Chris hid the bodies behind the trees for now, there wasn't enough time to eat them, and he wanted to move to the next lot. Now that he had taken out the first pair, he had to take out the rest before another meeting would be called.

Transforming into his wolf form, Chris ran across to the area where the large s.h.i.+ps were, he had seen a couple head straight to the top and were on the deck of the s.h.i.+p. Running up the side of the s.h.i.+p, Chris managed to etch his claws just slightly into the hard material.

It was hard to do as the surface was slippery like a marble, and even though he was climbing up the side, no marks were still left on the thing. When he eventually reached the top, he wasted no time as he continued to run, and leapt up biting one of the two in the neck again, killing the first one he could see.

'Wait a moment, where's the other one, weren't they in pairs?' Chris thought. He had attacked one on sight, trying to deal with things quickly. Thinking that the other one would be nearby, when he turned to the scent his nose followed, he could see the other demon looking straight at him, standing on the other side, right by the edge.

"d.a.m.n it!" Chris ran across the flooring as fast as he could, and he hadn't even realised what he was going past. On the very top of the s.h.i.+p, it was filled with devices that looked like cannons, manned stations for fighting, and boxes of crystals were on the top of crystals that they hadn't seen before.

For Chris though, it was all a blur, as he saw the Yak opening its mouth ready to yell. In a desperate attempt to stop him, his body started to transform from wolf back to werewolf, with a claw-like hand he swiped the air and his attack had left his claws.

It flew through the air hitting the Yak right in the neck. The life in his eyes started to disappear, and as his legs gave in, his whole body had tipped over the edge.

Chris finally having transformed back into his werewolf form had reached the edge and peeking down, he could see the Yak's body splattered on the ground.

On top of that, down the side there was the general Yak along with the others, having just seen the dead body, they looked up and had made eye contact with Chris.

"Well, now I have no choice." Chris grinned, baring his sharp teeth.

He ran across the edge in his werewolf form, and when he was close enough, he leapt in the air. Heading straight for the general demon. Chris' claw was reaching for the same spot on the neck, the one hit kill placement, although this neck was fairly large. However, for the first time, the demon had thrown out a fist hitting Chris mid-air. The two collided and Chris stayed in the air for a bit.

"Haha, I don't know who you are, but you look like one of Unzoku's people?" the general said. "Has he finally gone mad, sending one of you to come take me on. He should know that it wouldn't be so easy!"

With a push of the fist, Chris was sent back in the air, and he flipped backwards before landing on the ground.

"This is what I needed." Chris said. "I needed someone strong to face you are going to be what allows me to get strong enough."

The fourth stage of Qi started to activate, the power flowing within him. His fur started to turn a shade of dark red, while it moved as if it was being blown in the wind.

Chris ran forward at a fast speed, yet the general Yak, even with its large size, could still keep up with him. He went to punch him at the right spot, that was until Chris had pounced off the air having created a Qi platform.

He had moved from one side to the other across the general while swinging his claw across the Yak's body leaving a big red b.l.o.o.d.y mark across its chest. Not slowing down, Chris had made another platform in the air and pounced off that, creating a slash in another direction.

Moving his eyes, the Yak was trying to keep up with Chris, but he was moving too fast and somehow he was able to move midway in the air.

Large cuts were being made, parts of the general's flesh were being cut off again and again. None of the other demon's could even approach because they had no clue what to do, and eventually the general Yak was unrecognisable. There was almost no skin left on its body and it was standing there in a pool of its own blood.

It fell to its knees, slamming on the ground, before continuing to fall flat on its face, the general Yak had been defeated, and Chris was standing there on top of its body.

The red fur was dying down, it was time to preserve his energy, but now around him nearly all of the Yak's looked to have awaked, and were in the area.

"I guess, I still have more work to do."

Chris had been gone for a few hours now, and the sun was set to rise in only a couple more. Edvard was starting to get a little worried, that was until Chris had appeared in the entrance.

He slowly walked in, his bare chest was covered in blood. It was dripping around his mouth and jaw.

"What what happend?" Hikel asked.

Chris didn't say anything as he continued to walk over to Quinn. He then with his hands opened Quinn's mouth, and proceeded to open his, blood dropped down, and fell right into Quinn's.

The sight was a gruesome one, even for the Skullys, who needed to look away for a brief moment.

"Sorry, I had nowhere to carry it." Chris answered. "I had a bit of a run in, and met with one of the demon generals, but don't worry we are safe for a little while longer, I left no witnesses."



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