My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 2066 - Head Against the Ground

Chapter 2066 - Head Against the Ground

Chapter 2066: Head Against the Ground


EndlessFantasy Translation


EndlessFantasy Translation

I asked them why they wanted me to kill someone, especially because I didnt know Sze Lingyun when they showed me her photo. They told me that my father-in-law had taken a fancy to this woman and that he was going to go to this womans house to ask for her hand in marriage.

They used me because I was pregnant with a child. If anything happened in the future, I could use the reasoning that I was afraid that Sze Lingyun would give birth to a son and fight with me for family property, so I took action in advance. They promised to give me 30 million yuan. Before I even did anything, they would give me 10 million yuan upfront. After that, they would give me the rest of the money.

I thought if I had 30 million yuan, I could divorce Li Detian and leave him for my boyfriend. I really love my boyfriend. They told me that as long as everything went to plan, it would just be a normal traffic accident on the highway. Even if the driver got caught, I could just give them some extra benefits and things would be fine. The driver would rather go to jail than escalate this traffic accident into a murder case. And Sze Lingyun was just a poor student whose parents did not love her. As long as her family was settled, her parents would definitely not say anything. Even if the police found something, these people could use their connections to apply for medical parole on the grounds that I was pregnant. They were acting very generous. After I agreed, they gave me 10 million. At the time, I really wanted to leave Li Detian. I wanted my child to be with his real father in the future. I found out was that Sze Lingyuns mother was called Zhou Menglu, her father was called Sze Dafa, and her brother was called Sze Junyan. They were all common people. S-so I took the risk.

To be extra careful, I told Li Detian about this. Li Detian is a ruthless man. He was also afraid that his father would hand the company over to his own future son one day. Knowing his fears, I asked Li Detian to do this. It was him who went to find the driver that the other party had been keeping an eye on for a long time. It was also him who went to the companys finance department to collect the money and asked a confidant to do this.

I-Im just a messenger. T-this has nothing to do with me. Li Detian was the one who paid for the murder! Im still pregnant! This has nothing to do with me. Please spare me on account that Im pregnant with a baby! I really wont do it again. I-Ill kowtow to you!

With that, Lai Meiling crawled to the ground and kowtowed to Wu Jingzhong and Sze Lingyun.

No matter how loudly she kowtowed her head against the ground, it could not stop Wu Jingzhong from trying to kill her.

If his daughter had not been lucky enough to meet Chi Yang and Nangong Nuannuan, if Nangong Nuannuan had not brought them together as father and daughter, her daughter would probably have died silently just like his wife.

Li Detian and Li Qiongan were stunned by Lai Meilings words.

Li Qiongan pointed at Li Detian, so angry that he could not say a word.

His son had been spoiled by him ever since he was young. All he knew how to do was waste money.

Even though he was useless, he was still mostly a decent son.

However, not only did he know now that his son would not be able to support him in the future, but he also knew that his son was arrogant. He loved to pick fights, unlike his father who tried to make friends wherever he went.