Myriad Paths Of The Dragon Emperor - Chapter 2428: Law system, breaking through to great emperor

Chapter 2428: Law system, breaking through to great emperor

Chapter 2428: Law system, breaking through to great emperor

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In an instant, Lu Ming and ao Jing had exchanged dozens of moves. Satisfying, satisfying!

The more Lu Ming fought, the more excited he became. His fighting spirit soared.

He was at a disadvantage, suppressed by ao Jing, but it would not be easy for ao Jing to defeat him.

Lu Ming could unleash all his power when he fought with the celestial Thearch. Moreover, the other party could constantly exert great pressure on him, allowing him to master the laws more proficiently and have a deeper understanding.


In the great battle, Lu Ming evolved all kinds of laws to the extreme and blasted out all kinds of divine powers.

Good, good,good!

Below the fighting stage, duo Lei said good three times.

He was cultivating a combat technique that required the absorption of battle Qi. He realized that Lu Mings fighting spirit was extremely strong when he was fighting with others. It allowed him to absorb more battle Qi.

He was already planning to let Lu Ming play more in the future.

What shocking battle strength!

The others were also shocked by Lu Mings ability.

Lu Mings abilities were already close to the heavenly Emperor realm.

A great emperor would not be able to withstand a single blow from Lu Ming. This battle lasted for hundreds of moves.

After such a long battle, Lu Ming was finally defeated. He was sent flying by ao Jing and hit the light curtain, spitting blood.

He had lost, but his eyes were filled with excitement.

The battle just now had deepened his understanding of the various laws.

Senior is formidable, junior is no match!

Lu Ming cupped his fists and said.

youre the one whos powerful. If I didnt have a high cultivation level, how could I be your opponent?

Ao Jing exclaimed.

Indeed, if he were to fight Lu Ming at the same level, he would not be able to withstand even one move from Lu Ming.

Then, the two of them left the fighting ring.

Duo Lei then called the others to fight.

One day later, duo Lei seemed to be satisfied. He dismissed everyone and let them return to their secret chambers.

Dont draw Lu Mings blood. Its useful to me!

After the crowd dispersed, duo Lei ordered his subordinates.

After drawing blood, the person would definitely be weak and would not be able to fight for a period of time.

He wanted to keep Lu Ming alive to fight with others so that he could absorb battle Qi.

The others had been locked up here for too long and were already numb to it. Even if they went all out in battle, they could not activate too much battle Qi. However, when Lu Ming was fighting, his fighting spirit was high and the battle Qi He triggered was extremely strong, which made him happy.


The other alien races obeyed.

After Lu Ming returned to the stone room, he continued to cultivate. He recalled the battle in detail and gradually deepened his use of the law.

In the blink of an eye, a few months had pa.s.sed.

A few months later, duo Lei gathered them again and asked them to fight. This time, duo Lei called Lu Ming to fight another one-star heavenly Emperor. In this battle, Lu Ming was still at a disadvantage. However, after exchanging a few hundred moves, Lu Ming was finally defeated.

Just like that, Lu Ming had to fight once every few months. He had gained a lot. He was getting more and more comfortable with the use of various laws.

The divine arts he comprehended were also increasing.

Moreover, no one came to extract Lu Mings blood.

Time flew by. In the blink of an eye, Lu Ming had been in the eternal cage for ten years.

After ten years, Lu Ming was very familiar with the people here.

He had become familiar with many people.

In the past ten years, Lu Ming had been focused on comprehending various laws and had made amazing progress.

He could finally interweave the 81 laws together to form a divine power. The 81 types of laws were intertwined and transformed into a long spear. Its power was shocking. This increased Lu Mings combat strength by a little. He could really fight to a draw with a one-star celestial Thearch.

He had created a miracle that no one had been able to create since ancient times.

Ive finally perfected the 81 laws into one. I can finally break through to the great emperor realm now!

Lu Ming pondered, his eyes filled with antic.i.p.ation.

Lu Ming had experienced too many things along the way. Even in the face of adversity, he would not be discouraged.

He believed that as long as he grew stronger and stronger, he would eventually find a way out.

Now, he was planning to break through to the great emperor realm.

The eighty-one laws contained all the strongest laws and most of the king path laws. Once he successfully broke through to the great emperor realm, he didnt know how powerful he would be.

Lu Ming was very much looking forward to it.

I should enter the mountain and river diagram. Otherwise, the commotion caused by the breakthrough will be too big!

Lu Mings heart skipped a beat. He then entered the mountain and river diagram.

Fortunately, his cultivation base was low, so the alien race didnt care about him. They didnt chain him or make him wear armor. Otherwise, it would be troublesome for him to cultivate.

After entering the river portrait, Lu Ming took out a large number of stones of chaos and Supreme-grade raw gemstones and placed them around him. He then sat cross-legged and began to cultivate.

Three days later, Lu Mings state of mind was adjusted to the maximum.


Lu Ming muttered. At this moment, the world core in his small world emitted a dazzling radiance.

The world-core, which had fused with 81 types of nomological laws, was now undergoing a shocking transformation.

The 81 nomological laws had completely converged, intertwined, and fused together.

A quant.i.tative change would lead to a qualitative change. The 81 nomological laws would slowly transform and finally transform into a higher level, which was the great Dao.

This was the process of ordinary peoples cultivation.

This process could not be completed overnight. It required time.

Time pa.s.sed day by day.

In the blink of an eye, two months had pa.s.sed.

At this moment, the 81 nomological laws in the world core could no longer be seen. There was only chaos and a gray blur, like the light of chaos, but there were differences.


At this moment, a violent explosion came from Lu Mings body.

A mysterious aura emanated from Lu Mings body.

At this moment, the color of Lu Mings world core turned from gray to purple- gold. In an instant, it completely turned purple-gold.

It was filled with a n.o.ble aura, high and mighty, dominating the world.

Lu Mings body also emitted a purple-gold light, making him look sacred and inviolable, like a G.o.d who ruled the world.

He had broken through!

Lu Ming knew that he had made a breakthrough. He was now in the great emperor realm.


Lu Mings heart skipped a beat. His body was Hke a black hole, crazily devouring the energy around him.

Bang! Bang!

Piles and piles of Supreme-grade raw gemstones exploded and turned into an extremely rich tide of essential Qi. It surged into Lu Mings body and into his small world.

At the same time, pieces of chaos gems exploded and wisps of chaos Qi were absorbed and refined by Lu Ming, entering his small world.

Lu Mings small world expanded rapidly.

Originally, when Lu Ming was at the peak true Emperor stage, the area of his small world was seven hundred thousand miles.

At this moment, it was expanding rapidly. As the energy refined by Lu Ming entered, it expanded wildly.

75O,ooo miles, 800000 miles, 900000 miles

Very soon, Lu Mings small world had expanded to a radius of one million miles.

However, it did not stop. Lu Mings small world was still expanding.