Myriad Paths Of The Dragon Emperor - Chapter 2396: Celestial Emperor takes action

Chapter 2396: Celestial Emperor takes action

Chapter 2396: Chapter 2396-Celestial Emperor takes action

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Lu Ming felt a terrifying sense of danger approaching. This sense of danger came from deep in the sky.


At this moment, a beam of sword light shone from the depths of the sky. The sword light was dozens of times brighter than the sun. It illuminated the world and the pressure of the heavenly Dao filled the world. Everyone felt a great fear.

Heavenly Emperor, theres indeed a heavenly Emperor behind this. Who is it? Lu Mings mind was spinning rapidly.

Just now, after he had destroyed the MU family, he had thought that it was the MU family, the Heng family, the he family, and the Daluo heaven sect behind the scenes. He had thought that it was over.

However, as soon as the sword gleam was released, Lu Ming knew that the matter was not over yet.

There was also a heavenly Emperor realm powerhouse who had been hiding behind and only made a move at the last moment.


The celestial Thearch was extremely cautious. Even when he made his last move, he did it from a distance.

Dont even think about it!

At this moment, dandan yelled out. Countless symbols began to spread out from her body, and the formation around the MU family reappeared, forming a light that enveloped the world.

Then, dandan waved her hand and pieces of turtle appeared out of thin air, blocking the sword radiance that was aimed at Lu Ming.

The great desolation spear also appeared in Lu Mings hands!


At this moment, the sword light had already arrived.

The defensive power of the formation set up by dandan was extremely amazing, but when the sword light stabbed the light curtain, the light curtain trembled violently and then was pierced through.

The sword beam pa.s.sed through the light curtain, its speed did not stop, and it bombarded the heavy turtle sh.e.l.l that dandan had set up.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The tortoisesh.e.l.l that dandan had set up exploded one after another, and the terrifying force swept in all directions.

In the end, dandan let out a m.u.f.fled groan and her body flew far away, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

However, after dandans continuous obstruction, the power of the sword gleam had been weakened a lot. But it still did not stop and continued to attack Lu Ming.

Block it!

die! Lu Ming roared with a crazed look on his face. Seventeen types of laws burst forth and covered the great desolation spear. Then, Lu Ming stabbed it with all his might.

This was Lu Mings strongest attack. All his strength was unleashed at this moment.


The great desolation spear and the sword radiance collided. Lu Ming immediately felt a terrifying force flowing along the great desolation spear and charging towards him.


The great desolation spear trembled non-stop and Lu Mings body retreated rapidly. His arms and body were covered with sword marks as if he had been slashed hundreds of times in an instant.

But in the end, he blocked it!

Lu Ming circulated the indestructible ancient scroll with all his might. The injuries on his body were healing rapidly.

In the depths of the sky!

It seems like there really arent any other celestial emperors here. Lu Ming, everything you have will be mine today. Disciple, lets go!

The nine demon Celestial Emperors face revealed a look of wild joy. Then, he swept up the eternal Star River and brought it down.

He had only been testing the waters with that sword strike.

If ttie celestial Thearch had made a move just now, he would have immediately

However, looking at Lu Ming and dandans desperate resistance, he concluded that the celestial Thearch was not with Lu Ming.

Not far in front of Lu Ming, there was a flash of light and two figures appeared out of thin air.

Star River, nine demon celestial emperors, its you!

Lu Ming narrowed his eyes at the sight of the Galaxy and the nine demon celestial emperors. His eyes gleamed coldly.

It seemed that the person behind the scenes was the nine demon celestial emperors.

He didnt let Earth One and Thunder one out just now because he wanted to lure the other party out.

Lu Ming, youve killed innocents. Today, my master will carry out justice on behalf of the heavens!

Xing Chen shouted.

hehe, youre just enforcing justice on behalf of the heavens. Dont make it sound so high and mighty. Heng Xinghe, Ive underestimated you in the past. Youre really inhumane. You even want to use the Heng family and watch them be destroyed without doing anything!

Lu Ming sneered.

Lu Ming, youre a smart man. Hand over everything you have. Remember, everything. Hand it over and Ill give you a quick and painless death! The nine demon Celestial Emperor spoke, and his aura emanated.

The heavenly Emperor realm could borrow the power of the heavenly path. That aura was too terrifying. It was as if the heavenly path was pressing down on ones body. Everyone in Aeon city had a huge change in expression as they felt the terrifying pressure.

the heavenly Emperor! Oh my G.o.d! Its the heavenly Emperor!

theres actually a celestial Thearch behind this. Lu Ming is finished. He has offended a celestial Thearch!

Many people were screaming in fear, but they didnt dare to say anything for fear of offending the celestial Thearch.

In the eyes of everyone in Aeon city, the heavenly Emperor realm was a

Supreme existence. With just a thought, millions of corpses could be buried and blood would flow like a river.

Now, there was a celestial Thearch who wanted to kill Lu Ming. Lu Ming was dead for sure.

nine demon celestial emperors, it seems like youre after my treasures. Its easy for you to kill me, but if this matter gets out, you wont have a place to stay!

Lu Ming said with a calm expression.

Hahaha, the world is so big. Who can find me if I just hide?

The nine demon celestial emperors laughed and looked at the great desolation spear in Lu Mings hands. It was filled with burning flames and greed, if you want my treasure, come and take it yourself. Its impossible for me to hand it over!

Lu Ming said,intentionally retreating slowly.

Putting up a stubborn resistance, struggling to survive!

The nine demon Celestial Emperor said coldly. His body swayed and he pounced toward Lu Ming.

Fast, it was too fast!

The celestial Thearchs speed was unbelievably fast. Before anyone could react he had already arrived in front of Lu Ming. His claw was like a hook as he clawed at Lu Mings glabella.

At such a fast speed, Lu Ming could not avoid it even if he wanted to.

However, Lu Ming had no intention of avoiding it.

Lu Ming just stood there calmly, letting the other partys claws grab at him.

Lu Ming is dead!

Many people had the same thought.

However, at this moment, an extra arm suddenly appeared on Lu Mings body It was a khaki-colored arm that blasted out directly from Lu Mings body and blasted toward the nine demon celestial emperors claw.

It really looked like Lu Ming had an extra arm out of thin air.


With a deafening boom, the nine demon Celestial Emperors body trembled, and he couldnt help but retreat. He was sent flying a hundred miles.

A figure appeared on Lu Mings body. It was a khaki-colored figure with a burly figure and a mountain-like aura.

It was Earth One!

Primal Chaos Hall, tu Yi!

The nine demon Celestial Emperors expression was extremely unsightly.

nine devil, it seems like youre tired of living. How dare you have ideas about my Primal Chaos Halls young master!

Earth One spoke coldly, his eyes somewhat malevolent.

the surrounding people were all dumbstruck.

This sudden change was beyond everyones expectations.

He had thought that Lu Ming was dead for sure. He did not expect that a figure would suddenly appear on Lu Mings body. Furthermore, this figure was clearly a heavenly Emperor.

Lu Ming also had a heavenly Emperor-level powerhouse behind him.

Moreover, it seemed that the celestial Thearch addressed Lu Ming as young master and took orders from him.

The nine demon celestial emperors expressions were extremely unsightly.

However, Xinghes expression was even uglier.

d.a.m.n it, how is this possible?

The Galaxy roared in its heart.

They had already tested him several times and were almost certain that the celestial Thearch was not with Lu Ming. They did not expect that he still had the celestial Thearch with him.

Furthermore, they had hidden themselves so deeply. When they were in life threatening danger, they didnt even let the celestial Thearch come out.