My Girlfriend is a Zombie - Chapter 644 – Come, Let Us Merge as One!

Chapter 644 – Come, Let Us Merge as One!

Chapter 644 Come, Let Us Merge as One!

Capable of withstanding mental attacks as well as dodging physical tentacles, this truly is a fusion of mental ability and enhancement ability!

It was a.s.sumed that after Ai Feng became a receptacle, he would lose his own function, but the situation turned out to be quite unexpected

Hehehe Ai Fengs laughter kept ringing out, causing Ling Mo considerable irritation and confusion.

As Ling Mo composed himself, he suddenly saw a blur before his eyesit was Ai Feng charging towards him.

Flitting around like an afterimage, Ai Feng closed in amidst the tentacles, and with a fierce punch, aimed straight for Ling Mos front.

Such speed!

Ling Mos eyes narrowed, and instinctively he spread out his mental Tentacles in defense while stepping back.

But the moment the fist made contact with the Tentacles, a glint of cruel coldness flashed across Ai Fengs eyes.

With a sudden twist of his body, Ai Feng lifted his leg and delivered a kick towards Ling Mos waist, while a powerful surge of mental energy simultaneously barreled towards him.

Ling Mos focus was on the physical a.s.sault, and despite noticing the incoming mental shock in time, his reaction was still a beat too slow.

Evading the kick, his mental Tentacles instantly felt a tremendous pressure.

Ah Ling Mo staggered, retreating several steps, unable to suppress a groan.

But before he could regain his footing, Ai Feng was on him again, relentless, launching another kick at Ling Mo.


The sound of tearing through the air was intense; receiving that kick head-on was like being upended by a bull.

The strength of an enhancement ability user should not be underestimated, especially not a Niepan member of Ai Fengs caliber.

When Ling Mo had previously turned the tables with his fis.h.i.+ng plan, Ai Feng seemed like a brute force without an outlet.

Now, with the help of Number 0, not only did he get the opportunity for a head-on confrontation with Ling Mo, but he could also fully demonstrate his own strength.

Ling Mo, in disarray, stumbled back, but his speed was no match for Ai Feng. He could only spread his Tentacles once more.

However, Ai Fengs response this time was much more intense. He no longer adjusted his movements but instead kicked directly onto the tentacle.


The collision of two different energies even caused the surrounding furniture to tremble and shake.

As the tentacle gradually dissipated while resisting the impact, another even more fierce mental shock came straight at Ling Mo.

Do you still think I am a machine? Ai Fengs unpleasant laughter sounded as if it directly drilled into Ling Mos brain, even producing an echo.

Ling Mo couldnt help but become distracted, and suddenly felt a buzz in his head, as if his whole person had fallen into water, with strange noises filling his ears.

The mental shock pa.s.sed in a flash, but for Ling Mo, it felt as though time had come to a standstill.

All he could see was the tilting wooden coat rack and Ai Fengs face, along with his strangely intoned voice echoing from the depths:

From the first time I made contact with you, I knew that someone like you would be my perfect receptacle. No not just a receptacle, but a part of me! Im sick of being used as a tool, and I hate this label I am not a machine!

I am not a machine!


Ling Mo suddenly snapped back to reality, his Mental power immediately focusing to ward off Ai Fengs mental shock while he took several steps back.


The wooden coat rack completely fell to the ground, and Ling Mo retreated several meters away, panting heavily while staring at Ai Feng in horror.

In the dim light, Ai Feng, not far away, seemed to have a deeply strange and eerie look in his eyes

To be used as a receptacle?

Were those words just now forcefully injected into his mind through a mental attack by Number 0?

Ling Mo subconsciously touched his temple, then his expression suddenly became serious as he slowly moved his fingers toward his nostrils.

A warm liquid touched Ling Mos fingertips.

In the light from outside, Ling Mo was momentarily stunned.

It was blood from his nose

The mental attack he had experienced in that instant had put so much pressure on him

Ling Mo suddenly realized that he had underestimated Niepan.

Perhaps this branch is a minor part of Niepan, but the core that supports this part is definitely not easily eradicated.

On the contrary, it was he who was completely suppressed.

All along, Ling Mo has been continuously training his Mental power and never neglected to improve his physical fitness. He even resorted to forcibly modifying his body by taking virus potions to compensate for the fatal weaknesses of mental ability users. This became one of his advantages when facing many ability users.

But now, in front of the hybrid of Ai Feng and Number 0, Ling Mos advantage had disappeared.

The opponents mental strength was on par with his, and their body belonged to a powerful enhancement ability user

So youre saying that you let yourself get hurt by me on purpose Ling Mo looked up and asked.

Ai Feng twisted his neck and smiled with a grin: No you caught me off guard

Heh. Ling Mo gave a cold laugh.

Putting aside the truth of the opponents words for the moment, Ling Mo was indeed at a disadvantage facing him.

Mu Chen, carrying two people, had gained the upper hand by a surprise attack, but with injuries on his body, he couldnt be relied upon for the time being.

Instead, there was still the mental seed of Number 0 in his head, something that must be guarded against.

Ye Lian and Li Ya Lin were still inside the building, clearing out those search team members. Although Ling Mo could call them back with a thought,

He clenched one fist tightly, while the other hand wiped away the blood from his nose.

Behind Ai Feng (Number 0) was the Niepan headquarters, and with his Mental power, he could definitely tell there was something wrong with Ye Lian and the others

And if Niepan could create monsters like Number 0 and Number 1, how could they not be interested in special zombies like Ye Lian and the others?

Even if there was only a one percent chance, he couldnt put them in danger

Most importantly, Ling Mo was not confident that he could kill Number 0 before he could send a signal.

Facing such a powerful opponent similar to himself for the first time, Ling Mo also felt unprecedented pressure.

No, cant stay here any longer

Ling Mo slowly backed away, while his peripheral vision glanced towards the French window behind him.

Reinforcements would soon arrive; with such a formidable opponent present, Ling Mo would inevitably be dragged into an encirclement. He needed to think of another way out

Ai Feng, having just unleashed a fierce attack, didnt rush to charge again. Instead, he seemed quite interested in Ling Mos reactions.

You know what? There are many different voices in my head, and every day I hear a lot of different sounds, he said, shaking his head slowly. But your voice Im more curious about it.

Is that so? Ling Mo replied, retreating slowly without showing any alarm. d.a.m.n, his curiosity was far from innocent. It was clear he wanted to incorporate Ling Mos Mental Sphere into that amalgam!

Yet what exactly was Number 0? After such a transformation, could he even be considered human anymore?

While Ling Mos consumption couldnt fully absorb the target, it did integrate the pure mental energy into himself without affecting his own mental state.

It seemed that even if such interference from outside could create a powerful being, countless individuals must have been destroyed in the process

And now this monster wanted to make Ling Mo a part of itself.

But then, wasnt Ling Mo also looking to consume the opponents Mental power?

Lets become one, hee hee hee Ai Fengs voice suddenly changed into a womans, laced with a seductive laugh.

d.a.m.n! You freak! Ling Mo s.h.i.+vered with disgust, but at that moment he suddenly leaped backward. If youve got the guts, come after me!

Ai Fengs face froze for an instant before he lunged forward.

But as his hand reached toward Ling Mo, Ling Mo was also about to make contact with the gla.s.s window.

Before he collided, however, a sharp bang sounded, and shards of gla.s.s sprayed everywhere.

Ling Mo had used a solidified tentacle to shatter the window and flew straight out.

Ai Fengs hand hovered futilely in mid-air, and he was then scored with cuts by the flying gla.s.s debris.

He looked down at his own arm, and a vicious glint flashed in his eyes: You wont get away Never! Aaaah! His final scream s.h.i.+fted in pitch, alternating between male and female voices, sounding incredibly creepy. And while screaming, he craned his neck to look down, then immediately sprinted towards the door and burst into the stairwell.

Ling Mo, now outside the building and in mid-air, was surrounded by the whoos.h.i.+ng wind.

As he fell, he reached out and grasped at thin air in front of him.

Instantly, a mental Tentacle wrapped around a protruding sign and swung him fiercely towards the gla.s.s window.


Before he made intimate contact with the window, it shattered in advance, and the Tentacle enveloped him, allowing him to land safely inside.

He quickly looked around and then towards the door, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and immediately took off his backpack, unzipping it.

He pulled out something tightly wrapped in Plastic Wrap, and as soon as he opened it, a strange odor immediately wafted out.

Its not very effective, but its better than nothing.

After attaching the secretion produced by the watery corpses to his waist, Ling Mo took out another object.

That jellyfish-like thing

Since acquiring it, Ling Mo had also quietly studied it a few times.

He had originally thought it was just a sort of pacifier for the juvenile infection source, but to his surprise, once separated from the main body, it became an independent ent.i.ty.

Although he didnt figure out much, Ling Mo discovered an interesting use for it.

It couldnt be used in front of Mu Chen, but it had proven useful when he had ambushed Luo Yulong just a moment ago.

Now, as Ling Mo took it out, it seemed no different from usual, but if one used Mental power to observe, they could see that inside the jellyfish were specks of white light