My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 2282

Chapter 2282

2282 Advancing in Proficiency

What the h.e.l.l was this Golden Talisman Jade Tome up to again? It had suddenly gotten so excited, and the lights were making her dizzy!

Qiao Mu wanted to sit up, yet she found out that she could not even move a single finger.

The Golden Talisman Jade Tome was up to its shenanigans again. Qiao Mu lay on the bed helplessly and mustered up a thread of spiritual conscious, controlling her spiritual conscious apparition into her conscious pool to investigate.

She saw one of the 12 jade slips fly out and transform into a glowing golden tome.

Qiao Mus heart leaped, and she rushed up excitedly. She had thought that the Golden Talisman Jade Tome was going to give her another advancement so that she could learn earth-rank talismans


However, it was the previous eighth jade slip that had come flying out.

Qiao Mu couldnt help but roll her eyes.

She had already perused through this eighth jade slip from beginning to end. She even remembered the words in the corners, so why was it flying out now and forcing her to look it over?

Eh? Could it be that after she improved her proficiency in these talismans, it triggered some kind of hidden talisman learning?

Qiao Mu doubtfully manipulated her spiritual conscious apparition and made it climb onto the tome to see.

This small spiritual conscious apparition was only seven inches tall. She put her hands on her hips and stomped to and fro to examine the tome. She suddenly brushed her finger in the air, and a string of trembling gold runes surfaced in front of her eyes, forming large characters.

Flying talisman!

Black-rank talisman, flying talisman. Effect: a.s.sist in flying. Time length: one hour.

A string of words jumped out at the bottom: The flying talisman is the only black-rank talisman that does not require injecting mystic energy nor spiritual energy for activation and use.

With flying talismans, it is no longer a dream for normal people to fly.

Do you want to soar the skies? Do you want an invisible pair of wings? Come craft flying talismans then!

Qiao Mu:

She didnt expect the Golden Talisman Jade Tome to have such a sense of humor, but are you sure the fine print wasnt toying with her?

Qiao Mu manipulated her spiritual conscious apparition and sat down cross-legged on the golden tome. She held the gold-beaded talisman pen and drew the flying talisman over and over again.

Nearly an hour had pa.s.sed.

The golden tome slowly dissipated and reverted into the form of a jade slip.

Qiao Mu silently opened her eyes. She moved her finger, and a flying talisman appeared in her palm.

She had reached the perfected rank as a black-level talisman pract.i.tioner. Her drawing speed had also gotten faster.

With a thought, the little fellow appeared on her Fish Orchid Planet.

After sensing Mo Lians location, Qiao Mus body promptly appeared beside him.

She looked and saw the crown prince sitting upright with closed eyes in a corner of the beach.

A small bronze cauldron floated in front of him, and a flow of energy surrounded it as it bobbed up and down.

The man had exquisite eyes and long flowing hair. Even closing his eyes could not hide his beauty and elegance.

Qiao Mu ran around her dear hubby and reached out to probe the faint black fire boundary surrounding him.

A thread of black fire promptly sucked her finger instead. She could feel his slightly chilly face.

The little fellow pulled back her hand guiltily. She peeked at him, but seeing that he wasnt responding at all, she squatted in front of him while propping up her chin.

Her gaze wandered as she watched him through the faint fire boundary.

Was sacred fire this cold?

Miss Qiao blinked her eyes. She decided to poke her head in and climbed into the fire boundary.

Once she got close to him, her heart started thumping uncontrollably.

So handsome!

The little fellow curved her eyes and couldnt help herself from giving his thin lips a smooch.