My Wife Is A Transmigrated Master Cultivator - Chapter 1295 - 1295 Angered and Fallen Out

Chapter 1295 - 1295 Angered and Fallen Out

Chapter 1295 - 1295 Angered and Fallen Out

1295 Angered and Fallen Out

Young Young Master, are you alright?

The Lin brothers dragged their seriously injured bodies and slowly crawled in front of Sun Ding. Coincidentally, they met Sun Dings vicious gaze and couldnt help being startled.

Thinking of how the Lin brothers persuaded him to leave just then, Sun Ding didnt make things difficult for the two of them for once, but his expression still wasnt good.

On Cao Feiers side, two more quick-witted Silver Moon Sect disciples who wanted to please Cao Feier endured the waves of pain in their bodies and helped her up as they staggered towards Sun Ding.

Young Master Ding


With the help of two disciples, Cao Feier slowly sat down in front of Sun Ding. However, before she sat down completely, Sun Ding slapped her hard.

Ah! Ah!

The two disciples who were supporting Cao Feier were seriously injured. They were already at their limit when they helped her over. When Cao Feier fell to the side, the two of them also fell to the ground.

It affected the injuries on their bodies. The two disciples were in so much pain that their faces were twisted and ferocious.

At the same time, they felt frustrated with Cao Feier. They had helped her over out of kindness, but they were implicated innocently. They were extremely angry.

However, the two of them had completely forgotten that their initial intention was to get benefits from Cao Feier. It wasnt considered kindness.

Young Master Ding?

Cao Feier lay on the ground in a sorry state and turned to look at Sun Ding, who was staring at her fiercely, in disbelief.

Is that woman just now an alchemist? Sun Dings chest heaved violently, as if he was suppressing something.

Cao Feiers expression froze and she put away her hand on the ground unconsciously. Yes, Lu Zijia is an alchemist, but shes from the Lower Martial Arts World.

What it meant was that the cultivation talent of the people of the Lower Martial Arts Realm was much worse than that of the people of the Upper Martial Arts Realm, let alone alchemy.

So, Cao Feier was hinting that Sun Ding didnt have to take it to heart about an alchemist from the Lower Martial Arts World.

However, Sun Dings focus wasnt on this, but

Then, you know that shes a level-eight martial artist?

Cao Feiers face was turned to the side from the slap, and a trace of blood flowed from the corner of her mouth.

At this moment, Cao Feier couldnt care less about being slapped again and again. Instead, she was shocked that Sun Ding knew about Lu Zijias situation!

Suddenly, Cao Feier remembered that Lu Zijia seemed to have told her before to bet with her.

Lets bet how much weight you have in Sun Dings heart

Cao Feier, who suddenly thought it through, was both resentful and panicked.

Young Master, no, its not what you think. I didnt know that shes already a level-eight martial artist. The last time I saw her, she was only a level-seven martial artist. I didnt know her cultivation level would increase so quickly. Young Master Ding, you have to believe me. I really have no reason to harm you. What Lu Zijia said to you was just to sow discord between us. Young Master Ding, dont be deceived by her. Cao Feier said as she cried silently. The way she looked at Sun Ding was as affectionate as possible. She didnt look like she was lying at all.

However, Sun Ding wasnt fooled by her words this time.

Heh! You dont know? Cao Feier, good job. You want to coax me like Im a fool, right? Just you wait. I wont let this go just like that!