My Werewolf System - Chapter 411.2: Lock me Up (part 2)

Chapter 411.2: Lock me Up (part 2)

Once again, Stark pivoted his foot, changing position and making Sty miss. Sty, while flying up in the air, started to fire out more of the strange green liquid, hoping to hit him somehow, but each one of these were avoided with swift minimal movements.

Sty has gotten faster than before, but still he cant do anything against that other guy, Numba commented from the side.

It's because hes also just reacting, Izzy replied. That Stark guy has managed to completely minimise his movements, just using his toes to pivot and swivel. Against someone like Sty who starts his attacks from a distance, it's easier for him to see everything coming.

Easy? Numba replied. Trust me, Sty is able to change direction in a split second, this is why I could never really hit him.

I said it was easier. Nothing easy about this, to move your body, to not blink or get scared and to focus without losing sight of a flying opponent. The most impressive thing it that he's doing all of this without having transformed into his Altered form. Izzy explained.

For a while now Sty had been on the attack and hadn't managed to land a single hit. He was getting frustrated and tired, so instead of hoping for a lucky hit, he decided to take a risk. He flew up directly above where Stark was, and immediately started to dive down.

While doing this, Sty started to spin his body and had his hands held out, ready to hit Stark at the right time. The attack was faster than anything Sty had done before. Seeing this, Stark spread his legs out wide somewhat similar to a sumo wrestling match.

As the Fly Altered approached, he lent back avoiding the punch and reached out his arms grabbing Sty by his shoulders, and threw him right into the ground. The others could hear the sound of his body breaking when his head was slammed into the canvas of the ground.

It bounced a bit as the material was flexible, but it was designed for Altered fights. Sty's own body had blood spilt out from his nose and mouth. When he landed on the canvas again, he didnt get up.

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F*ck! Is he dead?! Ian shouted out. Damn, I hate the guy, but it seems like he is always getting beaten badly these days.

Stark knew the fight was over, so he went over and picked up his opponent's body from the ground taking him out of the cage. There were a few teachers who seemingly appeared out of nowhere to collect Sty and take him away.

Don't worry, guys, it takes a lot to actually kill an Altered. All of you should know that. Eddy laughed.

However, it didn't seem like a laughing matter to the others. For Izzy, Ian and Numba, Sty was someone that was next to impossible to beat. So how would they fare against the rest? Before Stark headed back to the other group, he looked at all of those on the bench.

You guys arent as good as the last guys, it looks like it's going to be a boring day, Stark commented before walking off.

He must mean Apollo and his friends I wonder how they did. Izzy thought. It was hard to tell, because they had just witnessed Sty, who was originally part of Apollo's top five gang, get beaten without putting up much of a fight at all.

On the other hand, Ryan couldn't stop laughing.

Come on, Shingi! Is this supposed to be the fighting group that I need to be so scared off? You have to be pulling my leg. If their number three guy couldnt even get Stark to transform, how strong could Greeny be?

Shigni didn't reply. Getting mocked by Ryan was just annoying him, especially since he had shared that information because he had worried for him. Now, he was starting to think that it would be for the best if Xins boyfriend could teach him a lesson. The only problem was, if what he had seen was true, then Ryan wouldn't just get taught a lesson, he would never be able to walk again.

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His leg shaking nervously, Shingi himself didn't know what to do.

So, what do you think about Xin? It looks like your friend has come with quite a weak group. Although maybe their rank 1 will give you a run for your money. That Apollo guy sure as hell had you sweating last time.

Xin looked at Numba. She didnt like judging a book by its cover, but he also lacked a certain aura that rank 1s usually had. Unless he was an actor worthy of an award, he seemed to be really nervous about their fight.

If Gary has continued to improve from the last time I met him, I would not underestimate him. Least of all now, that he has become an Altered who has managed to get to his position in record time. Which means I shouldn't underestimate their current rank 1, either. You should never judge a book by its cover. Xin commented, being serious about everything as always.

It seems like she was the only one in a fighting mood, and had been the only one that had warmed up beforehand.

Gary, what did you think? Numba eventually asked. He already knew what he and the others thought, but Gary was someone beyond all of them, just like the people in front of them.

Honestly, having Sty lose like that was embarrassing, and Numba felt like there would be more embarrassment on the way, but there was one person that could perhaps change that, the one right next to him.

I Gary finally said. Ithurts so much I just want to make it stop cant this day end quicker please

The mumbles of Gary were only heard by Numba, but he was unable to make sense of it, leaning in closer, though it looked like Gary had something to say.

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Numbafavour. Pleaseafter the fightlock me uphold me back. Make sure Im far away from anyone Gary mumbled again.

Numba wanted to ask what he meant, but could tell he was struggling just to get these words out for some reason.

Sure, Ill help you with whatever you need after this, Gary. Numba just said back, no longer caring so much about the outcome of the fight, but instead worried about the person who was by his side.

What is happening to you, right now? I don't think you're just sick any more, Gary, you've been acting strangely for these last few days I wonder if there is anyone that would know how to help?

Looking at the other side, the Goat Altered looked at Xin, thinking she might know the answers.

Alright everyone, stop thinking about the last match and get ready for the next one. Remember, just show us the best you can do. Eddie continued to smile and pressed the button on his phone. Finally, it stopped at the number 4.

Ah, Sh*t! I was hoping to go last! Ian said standing up, his legs were shaking as he walked towards the octagon, but strangely he saw that his opponent seemed to be a bit absent-minded.

Shingi wasn't looking at Ian, but instead looking at Gary, who was sitting down on the other side.

How do you think he will do? Numba asked.

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Well, these guys are strong, no one can deny that, but Ian is someone who was able to get through the facility without using his Altered form, and now that he can, I think they might be in for a surprise. Izzy answered with a smile.