My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires - Chapter 664 664: A Destined Confrontation. 3

Chapter 664 664: A Destined Confrontation. 3

Chapter 664 664: A Destined Confrontation. 3

Chapter 664: A Destined Confrontation. 3

"... Am I dreaming...?" Helena asked in disbelief.

Maybe, she woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Perhaps, the fact that her father died, and she doesn't know how, is why she thinks some Progenitor [A ridiculously handsome one who looks like a male version of Aphrodite ] entered her life and recognized her as Helena, not a Gremory. But it is actually a lie.

Helena was really doubting reality now. She knew that man was strong.

After all, he killed and conquered several pillar demon territories, and something like that cannot be done by someone weak.

But... She didn't know he was THAT strong.


"No, you aren't " Vine replied with uncertainty in her voice. In her defense, she was also feeling disbelief.

"... He's treating the hors.e.m.e.n of the apocalypse as if they were children One horseman has even already died... Permanently." Vepar spoke in disbelief as she watched Victor wielding a Glaive and attacking the three knights.

'Is he proficient with a Glaive as well? Wrong, the correct question would be, how many martial arts is he proficient at?' Vepar thought.

Since the knight of Famine died, his weapon had been absorbed by Victor's weapon.

The remaining three knights attacked Victor with a maddened fervor. They matched perfectly, demonstrating teamwork that could be lethal to any being.

Yes, the correct word here is: could.

The reason for this is that since the knights started attacking him, no attack has come close to scratching Victor's armor again.

The knights attacked with the fury and hatred of someone who had lost a loved one, no force was being constrained, and even so, no attack reached Victor.

Demonstrating unrealistic proficiency in martial arts, he dodged everything, defended everything, and at the same time, counterattacked whenever the opportunity presented itself.


Death's scythe and Victor's Glaive clashed, and soon Death was knocked back by Victor's superior strength.

Death stabilized his center of gravity and shouted:

"This is impossible! This way of using the Glaive is clearly our brother's! What have you done, Alucard!?"

Victor spun the Glaive around and held it behind him with the blade down, " Horseman... What am I?"

Rather than wait for Death to respond, Victor continued:

"I am a f.u.c.king Progenitor."

"The being who decides the worth of souls is in front of you."

"..." Death, War, and Pestilence opened their eyes wide.

"Don't tell me Have you completely absorbed the existence of Famine?"

"His existence wasn't that worthy" Victor didn't want to do the same thing he did with Adonis, "I just put an average value on his soul, and that was enough to learn all of his martial art and this..."

Victor's smile grew, "Tell me, Hors.e.m.e.n, have you ever been hungry?"

"!!!" The three knights opened their eyes wide and tried to counter Famines' authority with their own, but it was too late.

Death was the first to go down with his hand on his stomach, followed by War and Pestilence.

Victor couldn't let such an opportunity pa.s.s, and with a thrust of his arms, he threw Junketsu at... Death.


The knight raised his head, but it was too late. His heart was already pierced by the Glaive, and in the next second, he was already in Victor's hands.

In a high level fight like this, any second can change the situation.

And Victor knew it. Even though he was having fun with the fight, his priority was still finis.h.i.+ng the fight, so he would take out the most annoying knight as quickly as possible.

"Tell me, Death. Can you be afraid of your own death?" Victor grinned widely as his entire face distorted into a s.a.d.i.s.tic grin.

Death's body shook visibly, and slowly, he began to feel the end of his own existence at this man's hands.

" b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" War gave a war cry, his existence was covered by the power of h.e.l.lfire, and he jumped toward Victor.

Pestilence followed close behind War, but once they got close enough, a gigantic ice structure was created in front of them.

" What!?"

"This won't stop me!" War swung his greatsword, and with a crash that reverberated across the entire battlefield, he managed to break the ice structure and pa.s.s through it, but it was too late...

All they saw upon arriving at the scene was Victor standing there with a big smile on his face looking at an empty s.p.a.ce, Death was nowhere to be seen, and Victor's Glaive was feeding on Death's scythes on the ground.

"You took too long..." Victor turned to War and Pestilence.

His healthy skin became much paler, as if he was dead, and his long black hair was releasing some kind of dark miasma.

Just like before, Junketsu changed to two small scythes that could connect into a larger scythe.

Victor raised the two scythes with an obvious familiarity and started to spin around. In the middle of this 'show', the two scythes were connected with each other forming a large black scythe with red details and the power of miasma covering the blade.

"Death too" Pestilence s.h.i.+vered.

Victor spoke sympathetically, "Don't cry. Soon you will join him." His tone was like he had nothing to do with what was going on.

" Alucard... Son of a b.i.t.c.h! I will make you pay for this!" Pestilence roared.

Meanwhile, Victor ignored the two knights and looked to the side in confusion, " Hmm?"

"Oh? Did I win you too?"

"Let's see Death didn't give you a name, did he? Since I now have the authority of death, it is only natural to call you by the same name that beings feel when they are about to die."

" Despair."

A horse's neigh was heard, and a shadow grew on the ground. Soon the same horse that Death was riding emerged from the ground with an entirely new appearance.

The horse was bigger, more muscular, and healthier.

The horse's color was still black as darkness itself, and its eyes, tail, and hoof were still ablaze, flames with a green tint.

"...Even the horse..." Vine tried not to feel disbelieving, but it was impossible. Was this the same horse she had seen before?

Didn't he grow up and become exceptionally muscular? He looks like a horse made for war now.

" My Lord won" Vepar spoke in acceptance and a growing fanaticism.

"He won against the four hors.e.m.e.n of the apocalypse, single-handedly."

"Isn't it too early to count victory?" Helena spoke.

"..." Vine and Vepar looked at Helena with dry looks.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm not rooting for the knights... It's just that the fight isn't over, and letting your guard down and counting on victory is a flaw that all powerful demons have. "

"..." The two former pillar rank demons could only remain silent at Helena's words because they knew the woman was correct.

" Despair, you can play around. I will call when needed." Victor spoke casually.

The horse neighed again and started walking towards Vine, Helena, and Vepar.

Victor picked up the scythe, and with a quick swing, he struck War's blade.

" Rushed, aren't you?"

" Silence, I will kill you!"

Victor casually dodged the attack as he pulled the handle of the scythe, and soon the great scythe split in two, and with the proficiency of someone who had always used a scythe to fight, he began to 'dance' with War.

Sounds of clas.h.i.+ng blades were heard, and the fight grew even more intense as the ground was being destroyed with each clash of blades, and War seemed to be getting stronger with each pa.s.sing second.

His armor began to change, and it became more demonic.

'The true form, huh.' As someone who had the memories of the demonic powers of two hors.e.m.e.n of the apocalypse, Victor knew what that was.

Every demon has its true form; Diablo is a perfect example. The demon king walked around in his true form for all to see.

As the highest level demons, the hors.e.m.e.n of the apocalypse also had their true form.

But they didn't use them; the reason for that isn't because the true form was stronger or anything like that.

It was because the human and more compact form allowed the most extensive use of their powers. It could be said that the compact form of the knights was their strongest.

But to every rule, there is an exception, and War was that exception.

His humanoid form was just to contain his fury.

Victor took a step back, pulled away, and looked straight ahead.

With steam coming out of the mouth, long flaming horns, tails, and sharp claws that were holding the Greatsword, which also changed to become even more demonic

War glared at Victor.

The pressure in the area was incredible, and everyone except Victor felt suffocated; the heat didn't lose to the pressure either.

Everyone felt like they were in the flaming h.e.l.l, the place where War was born.

"The strongest horseman of the apocalypse, War. The demon born in the flaming h.e.l.l that tortures the souls of sinners." Victor snapped his neck and joined the two scythes into a larger scythe.

He placed the scythe on his shoulder and smiled:

"A worthy challenger, is he?"


A pillar of blue energy soared into the heavens.

The surrounding atmosphere began to grow colder, as if freezing h.e.l.l had descended on the battlefield, and Victor appeared with a changed appearance.

The vampire count form of Clan Scarlett.

The scythe that was in Victor's hand changed back to the Glaive, and the blade was covered by ice and blood.

"On stages where the strong fight, the weak have no right to interfere." Victor's cold, emotionless voice was heard all around, then he vanished and appeared in front of Pestilence.

" What -" Before Pestilence could say anything, he felt something piercing his heart.

"Absolute Zero."

In the next instant, he turned into an ice sculpture, and soon this ice sculpture started to be covered by blood.

Victor opened his mouth, and all that blood rushed into him.

Just like before, Junketsu followed in Victor's footsteps and ate Pestilence's whip.

Pestilence's authority.

'I see... That's why they were so confident, but they underestimated me. My speed is not my main power.'

Pestilence's power was simple: through disease, he could 'harm' someone by using something he knew. This effect was also poisonous, slowly killing the victim's body.

The second effect was being negated by the pure energy of Roxanne in Victor's body; because of that, he didn't feel anything.

It was pretty obvious that Pestilence and Famines were support for Death and War who were direct combatants. Together the brothers were unstoppable because of the aforementioned abilities that directly attacked the most basic form of a being.

Hunger that drained them of all strength and incapacitation due to illness.

'He was the most dangerous one, huh.' In a fight of attrition, Pestilence would definitely win if it was with someone normal because the more time, the more the 'disease' acc.u.mulates and multiplies causing various kinds of disabilities in the enemy's body.

If Victor hadn't had Roxanne to keep his body in the best possible shape, things would have gotten dangerous.

This whole thought process happened in less than a few seconds, and Victor turned his gaze to War, who looked even angrier if the flames indicated anything.

Screaming in a very demonic way, War, driven by his new state, practically warped from where he was and appeared in front of Victor.

Victor kicked War away, and in the next moment, the Glaive changed into Junketsu 's original form, which was a Katana with a blade too large to be called a Katana.

War didn't lose momentum with this, as he quickly adjusted his center of gravity and jumped towards Victor brandis.h.i.+ng the Greatsword.

Blades clash.

Fire and ice collide.

The surrounding terrain began to be completely destroyed.

But the two warriors weren't worried.

Eventually, without realizing it, the fight was taken to the skies.

Power rumbles were heard throughout the demon's territory, alerting the area demon, who was already watching everything from a distance. It was hard to ignore the bursts of power from higher demons.

Victor sent War flying to the ground, and the knight got up even angrier.

"AHHHHH!" With an even louder scream of rage and hatred, the fires of h.e.l.l grew exponentially.

Anger and hatred were fueling the crazed knight.

h.e.l.lfire came out of War's mouth and, like a dragon's breath, flew toward Victor.

Seeing this, Victor's smile only grew.

His ice wings grew exponentially, and in front of his wings, thousands of weapons of different types began to be created.

Victor pointed his finger at the fire and said, "Go."

Sonic boom sounds were heard each time a weapon was sent toward the fire, proving that each throw easily broke the sound barrier.

Faced with a swarm of thousands of ice weapons, the breath lost power, and the ice weapons pierced War's body.

War roared more angrily, and the ice began to melt.

Pure magma began to be created with just War's heat.

Victor kicked off the air toward War.

War did the same and kicked off the ground toward Victor.

When the two warriors' blades collide in mid-air

A ma.s.sive boom was created, and it evaporated the entire battleground.

The entire topography of the terrain was being changed with each confrontation.

"... Is this... Is this how the strongest beings fight...?" Helena opened her eyes in disbelief at such a disaster. She had already heard stories.

Stories that when higher-level beings fight, the surrounding topography changes with each encounter, but... Reading this in a book, or hearing it from other people, is different than seeing it in person.

Not to mention that it's one thing for you to use your power to change the topography like Vine, Vepar, or herself can do.

It was another thing to change the entire topography with just the clash of two blades.

The level was completely different.

"ALUCARRRRD!" With an even more furious roar, a pillar of flame shot out from the strongest apocalypse knight, wings began to sprout behind him, and he became even more demonic.

"HAHAHAHAHA~, That's what I'm talking about!"

Tink! Tink!

Sounds of clas.h.i.+ng blades, sounds of destruction, followed by the strongest knight's grunt and Victor's excited comments:

"We will fight, we will bleed, we will be cut! Let's dance more!" Victor's ice wings began to dissolve and turn into wings of pure water.

Victor used his wings as a s.h.i.+eld.

Fire met water, and the fire was negated for a few seconds.

Enough seconds for Victor to seize the moment and slash War toward the ground.


War fell into the magma and quickly got back up with even more fury.

Victor pointed his hand at War and said the name of a technique, a technique that Sitri never had the opportunity to use on Victor.

" Cocytus!"


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