My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires - Chapter 485: A Battle For 'D'ominance

Chapter 485: A Battle For 'D'ominance

Chapter 485: A Battle For 'D'ominance

"I've changed my mind It won't be more training, I'll destroy you." She spoke in a vicious tone that sent s.h.i.+vers down the spines of everyone present.

Everyone wondered what kind of training/torture Victor would undergo.

'Now, I understand how he got so strong.' Liena, Edward, Leona, Fred, and Andrew thought at the same time.

Only Aphrodite, Ruby, Anna, and Natalia knew what was going on.

Aphrodite was the G.o.ddess of s.e.x, and she could smell Scathach's l.u.s.t from miles away. She was also the G.o.ddess of Love, so she could see Scathach's love burning like the sun itself.

Ruby, on the other hand, had seen this situation thousands of times with Violet, Sasha, and herself. The girls always had an 'excuse' to pull Victor into a room... Even though they knew they didn't need excuses. Not with Victor. He knew right away what they wanted, and they all knew he held himself back so he wouldn't attack them every day.

But it was more interesting that way, right? The better the game, the better the excuse, the better they could 'act' in that role and practice the act of training in the bedroom.

'...To think that I wouldn't feel anything when my mother progressed with Victor... I think it's because I've unconsciously accepted this outcome ever since the time my husband came back from training with her'

'I just hope she doesn't get pregnant...'

Anna, Victor's mother, had her motherly instincts, and her instincts were screaming:

'Oh, my son is about to be eaten.'

And what did she do to interfere with it?


She was too busy stroking Ophis's head to do anything.

And Natalia was the same case as Ruby.

'Should I spy on them?' Honestly, she was very curious, but she decided that it wasn't a smart idea to do so. h.o.r.n.y or not, Scathach was still Scathach, and she would most likely sense Natalia's presence.

Victor's smile grew wide when he saw Scathach's obsessive eyes. Her l.u.s.tful gaze was much like Ruby's, and he never thought he'd see those eyes on his teacher's face.

"Ruby, where are the two fools?"

"On a mission."

"Call them back as soon as possible, I need them in the near future."

"Okay~" Ruby wasn't against it. She was just curious about what Victor was planning. She would've liked to ask now, but the way Victor was looking at her mother, she knew she wouldn't get any answers from him now.

"Ophis, Nero, I'll be back soon."

"Take care, Father." Nero spoke in a gentle tone.

"Mm." Ophis just nodded.

Wasting no more time, Scathach held Victor and disappeared.

The very next moment, she appeared in a room.

The entire room was then covered in hardened ice made by Scathach herself, but when she went to throw Victor on the bed, she found herself in bed instead of him.

"Vic-" She didn't have time to say anything. Victor kissed her while holding her body tightly.

Her eyes fluttered open, and she quickly hugged him.

With her heart beating faster and her arousal rising to uncontrolled levels, the woman pushed Victor onto the bed and flashed a large, predatory smile.

Victor, with the same smile as her, lightly touched her belly in the area above the uterus, and sent forth a harmless electrical discharge.

"Ugh~." She squirmed a little and lost the strength of her arms. He took advantage of this moment and climbed on top of her.

He smiled victoriously and kissed Scathach harder.

Scathach's legs twitched, and something wet began to stain her underwear.

Her eyes glowed blood red, and she pushed Victor back across the bed, held his arms, and licked his neck.

"Ughh." Victor groaned lightly when he felt Scathach's tongue attack his neck, but when she would open her mouth to bite Victor's neck,

Victor smiled, gripping both of her a.s.scheeks, and caressed them with his ma.s.sage.

She bit her lip to keep from moaning and lifted her torso up: "Hmmmm~."

For a moment, her eyes were intoxicated with pleasure, and Victor didn't miss the chance.

He pushed her onto the bed again, getting her under him.

A war for domination had begun.

Scathach was stronger than Victor physically in his base form, but Victor knew all the weaknesses of women, and those weaknesses didn't differ much from woman to woman. Of course, Scathach herself had her weaknesses, thus, like a warrior trying to breach his opponent's defenses, he relentlessly attacked Scathach, and because of that, the woman couldn't maintain her strength for long.


She found herself trapped beneath him.

"On the battlefield, you're invincible But in this kind of war, I'm better than you." He smiled.

It wasn't arrogance, it was pure confidence in his prowess.

With sneaky fingers, he completely removed her armor, and before she knew it, she was only in her bra and panties, a bra that barely contained her ample a.s.sets.

'... Huh? How did he take my clothes off?' For a moment, in her spasms, Scathach herself didn't understand what had happened. At some point, she was left with only her underwear.

"Hmm~." She moaned lightly as he caressed the tips of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and licked her neck and ears.

'Vic~.' She wrapped her legs around his waist and squeezed the man's body even tighter. If he were too weak, his whole body would've snapped in multiple places right now.

But despite not being strong, Victor's body was tough and robust. Couple that with his regeneration, and even if he took damage, he wouldn't feel it.

"Haaah." Hot air came out of Scathach's mouth, and her eyes glowed blood red. She would not allow herself to be dominated in any war, thus, a red aura slowly began to cover her body.

She shoved Victor up with a force so great that he hit the ceiling of the room. Then, before he could succ.u.mb to gravity, she mounted herself on his waist against the ceiling, and with her own strength, she ripped off his suit.

"Strong? Hahaha~"

"This is what we're going to see~."

Feeling challenged, Victor's body began to be covered in a dark aura as he released his restraints until level 2 and attacked the woman.



"d.a.m.n, that training must be ridiculous... We can hear the effects from here." Andrew commented when he felt the entire bas.e.m.e.nt shake.

"...." Those who understood what was happening couldn't help but roll their eyes.

"He didn't get strong without making sacrifices, you know?" Aphrodite, who was still in Renata's form, said, laughing.

"... He has a lot of willpower. Training with that woman is not easy at all." Liena commented, impressed.

"Indeed, he is very strong-willed. His will is so big and long and robust that even Scathach was impressed."

Anna, Ruby, and Natalia couldn't help but have their little smiles tremble at this conversation.

"No wonder he is her favorite disciple."

"Favorite disciple, huh..."


More tremors were heard, and Liena couldn't help but comment:

"In fact, someone who can handle that woman and even enjoy spending time with her is an amazing person."

"You have no idea~." Renata laughed.

Edward, Leona, Andrew, and Fred narrowed their eyes. They got the feeling that this woman and Liena weren't talking about the same subject.


Ruby coughed lightly and said:

"Don't you guys have to go somewhere?"

"...?" The visiting group looked at Ruby, confused.

"...Really? Did you forget the conversation?"

"Oh..." They all spoke at once.

"I'll go get our things." Leona spoke as she got up from the couch.

"I will too." Edward spoke.

"I will help you." Andrew spoke.

"Wait, should I bring my parents? I don't think they are prepared for the Supernatural World I intended to introduce them to it slowly"

"...We can a.s.sign someone to protect them. What do you think?" Ruby spoke.

"Sounds good." Fred nodded, then continued when he noticed something:

"...Wait, one more question. In the place where we will be taking shelter, will my father have contact with the supernatural?"

'...Since they're staying here, I think I can tell them...' Ruby thought.

"...Nightingale is building a city that will house both humans who have connections with Nightingale as well as Supernatural Beings. The city will be completed before the Demons invade. While your parents can stay in the humans' area, it's not 100% guaranteed that they won't know about our world, but the chances are slim."

"You're building a city?" Andrew opened his eyes wide.

Are they that efficient? Isn't this Demon invasion thing recent? How did they build a city?

"Andrew, my son." Liena could easily tell what Andrew was thinking.


"They used Magic. Remember, there are Witches in this world."

"Oh..." was all Andrew could say.

"Since you are a part of this world now, my friend, you need to learn how it works and understand that this sort of thing is quite common."

"...Take it easy on me. I'm not a freak like Fred, who takes everything with his legs open."

"Word choice! Word choice!" Fred grunted.

"But it's true, right?"

"I mean, my filter for bulls.h.i.+t is better than yours, so yes."

'I think it's because of my anime.'

"Hey, Hey! What is this tremor!? Is the world ending!?" Pepper and Lacus appeared again.

"Did something happen, Ruby?" Lacus was more direct.

"Scathach and my husband are training." She could only say it with a wry smile, completely hiding the fact that her sisters had just gained a new father.

"...Oh..." They spoke at the same time, and now they could understand the earth-shaking.

"Anyway, let's go back! We were in the middle of something!" Pepper spoke, and soon she pulled Lacus too.

"Ugh, this girl keeps dragging me around like a doll." She grunted but didn't make the slightest effort to get out of her grip.

"Let's go, Ed?" Leona caught her brother's attention.

"Sure." Edward spoke.

"Will I move too?" Liena spoke.

"Only if you want to." Ruby replied while drinking a red tea.

"...Hmm, okay, I'll go get my stuff." Liena spoke as she got up.

When all of the visiting group had departed from the bas.e.m.e.nt, Ruby took out a communicator and put it to her ear:

"Follow the groups that have just left, and notify me if anything happens. Only intervene if their lives are in danger."

"Yes, Lady Ruby!"

Ruby smiled with satisfaction and put the communicator back in her pocket.


"F-... d.a.m.n, I'm jealous." Aphrodite, still disguised as Renata, was going to say a bad word but stopped because of Ophis and Nero.

"Whoaa look for this bit-... Woman, aren't you too h.o.r.n.y?"

"Girls, I think you guys missed the moment to not speak bad words." Natalia spoke.

"...I mean, just because Victor spoke to them before doesn't mean we're obligated to do the same, right~?" Renata spoke.

"Indeed, indeed. We must set an example."

'You are the worst examples to follow.' Natalia spoke internally but didn't dare voice her thoughtsit would be too rude.

'Only at times like these that these two are synchronized as if they were sisters' Ruby rolled her eyes as she felt the tremors intensify.

Five hours after the fight between the two lovers.

"Haah, Haah." Breathing sounds were heard.

Currently, Victor was on top of Scathach with a very heavy breath. They weren't labored breaths of tiredness; it needed a lot more than that for Victor to get tired.

They were panting breaths of excitement.

The woman below him just laughed lightly at the sight. Sweat was pouring from her curvy and mature body, her breathing was heavy too, but she was able to control her breathing better due to her years of training.

The two had already lost their clothes a long time ago.

She could feel something hard and robust near her most precious entrance that hadn't been invaded since Ruby was born. She could feel her fluids oozing and lubricating the tip of the st.u.r.dy thing as if it were begging for the c.o.c.k to come in and for her to devour it.

Her insides were twitching. She wanted to scream for him to just shove it in and end her misery, but she wouldn't beg. It wasn't her style, she would dominate!

Her red eyes intensified again, and her smile grew.

"Are you getting tired already?" The red aura of her body started to get more intense.

Victor looked at the woman beneath him. The woman was many things to him, his teacher, his target, his goal, his mother-in-law.

'And even though I'd seen her naked many times in the past, even though I'd seen her beauty over and over again, for some reason'

'... For some reason, today, she is even more stunning.' Victor thought.

"You know me" Victor's smile grew wider just as hers did, while the aura of his body started to get more intense.

"I can do this all day, as many times as it takes, for years!"

"Fufufufu~, this is what we're going to find out-... Hufff?" Before she could continue, she felt a stimulating electric shock run through her body. It wasn't an electric shock coming from an attack but an electric shock of pleasure.

Scathach opened her eyes wide and looked down. There, she saw that her intimacy was invaded. Even her stomach, with a six-pack of defined abs, was a little deformed with the foreign object inside her.

Victor took advantage of when she was about to speak, he cupped her curvy a.s.s, and with one motion, he thrust himself fully inside her.

"...You said it yourself, the best strategy in a war has always been attacking, and I should never miss a chance to attack an unsuspecting enemy~." Victor stroked the two happy mounds of Scathach.

"Ahh~." The woman moaned with a sensual moan and quickly put her hand over her mouth.

"As your favorite disciple, I wouldn't miss a chance like this." Victor's smile grew.


Due to having spent 21 years without her insides being filled, she was very sensitive.

Unconsciously, she wrapped her legs around Victor's waist and leaned against his neck.

Victor used her a.s.s for support and started slowly pulling out his member from inside her.

"Victor, just wait-."

"..." Victor just smiled, "NO." and gave a boost.


All the furniture behind her was destroyed, then he heard the sweet moan of the woman in his arms.


Her entire insides shuddered.

For a moment, she swore she went to another world and came back. She squirmed even more, and it felt like something was coming out of her.

She felt her womb descend, fully accepting her lover's c.o.c.k. Like a hungry animal, she completely held Victor's c.o.c.k inside her.

Her eyes were clouded with l.u.s.t, love, and various heavy feelings.

She squeezed Victor's body. Unconsciously, she sought his neck, and as a natural gesture of her race, she bit into it and sucked his blood.

"Ugh~." Victor, in that moment, felt like he'd entered Heaven and h.e.l.l at the same time. The pain of having his bones shattered by Scathach's grip, plus the pleasure of his c.o.c.k trapped inside her extremely tight interior that he'd always craved.

And now his blood began to be sucked Everything was an indescribable sensation for him.

Acting on instinct, he also bit her neck.

'She is mine. I want her for myself. I want her completely.' His possessiveness came out at that moment and smothered Scathach's senses.

She could feel his love and his desire, his blood said it all.

"!!!" At that moment, Scathach stopped drinking his blood and shuddered. Her whole body squirmed, and liquid poured out of her entrance.

'W-Why am I so sensitive?' She couldn't understand it.

Suddenly, she felt something filling her insides, something hot and viscous, something that sent another electric shock wave of pleasure through her body.

'That is...!' Her eyes widened, and she squeezed Victor's body even tighter.

Sounds of bones breaking were heard, but she didn't care. She was too absorbed in this feeling to care! Something big was coming!

Her blood-red eyes seemed to focus on something nonexistent in the air before something came rus.h.i.+ng out of her.

She tried to hold it back but couldn't.

"Ughhh~, Ahnnn~"

She squirted.


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